Things To Know Before Replacing Jeep Windshield

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Having a chipped Jeep windscreen can be very scary, particularly if it turns into a crack and starts to spread across your field of vision. Some Jeepers prefer to act and repair their Jeep windscreen immediately after they spot a chip or a crack in their Jeep’s windscreen, which is easier and cheaper than replacing the Jeep Windshield.

We advise you to repair or replace Jeep Windshield immediately if you notice a chip or crack on your Jeep windshields, Your Jeeps windscreen is essential to the structural integrity of your Jeep and provides up to 45% of its total strength in case of a frontal collision, and up to 60% total strength in case of a rollover, these numbers decrease in case your Jeeps windshield is stretched, has cracks or chips in it for these reasons we recommend replacing your Jeep windshield.

Factors to Consider When Replacing Jeep Windshield.

Factors to consider when replacing a Jeep Windshield include your Jeep Warranty, Windshield type (OEM, OEE, Vs Jeep Gorilla Glass Windshield, Costs, Third party Insurance Coverage, and Availability, all of which will be discussed below:

An infographic showing Windshields available for Jeeps including OEM, Aftermarket, and Used Windshields. We have also added the pros and cons of the three type of Jeep windshield replacement options
Windshields available for Jeeps (Pros & Cons)

Gorilla Glass Jeep Windshield Warranty

Cracked Jeep windscreens are considered wear and tear and are not covered by Jeep’s basic limited warranty or extended Jeep Warranty. However, if you have proof that your cracked or chipped windscreen is due to manufacturer defect or poor craftsmanship the windshield is protected by a 2-year limited warranty.

OEM vs OEE (Aftermarket Windshields)

There are two types of windshields to consider when replacing Jeep windshields, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshields which are windshields produced by companies who have obtained a license from Stellantis to fabricate windshields according to their exact specifications, or Original Equipment’s Equivalents (OEE) windshields which are aftermarket windshields sold by third parties.

Compare OEM vs. OEE Jeep Windshields.

  • The quality of OEM Jeep gorilla glass is identical to that of the original windshield, as Stellentis gives licenses to interested and qualified manufacturers such as Mopar, who follow Stellentis specifications to manufacture Jeep gorilla glass windshields, OEE Jeep gorilla glass might not adhere to the same quality standards, or meet the department of transportation safety requirements.
  • The Cost of Replacing Jeep windshield with OEM Jeep gorilla glass is more expensive than Aftermarket alternatives, for the simple fact of the stamp of approval from Stellantis, if you are limited on budget, we recommend replacing Jeep windshield with OEE Jeep gorilla glass.
  • It’s also important to note that the availability of OEE Jeep windshields outnumbers OEM Jeep gorilla glass, it’s also very hard to get Used Jeeps OEM Jeep windshield replacements due to limited stocks.
  • On matters regarding insurance, it’s important to note that to maintain the full coverage of their Jeep Windshield they have to replace their Jeep Windshield with an OEM Jeep windshield, on the other hand, most third-party insurers we contacted regarding ensuring our OEM Jeep windshield don’t cover for the full cost of a Jeeps OEM Jeep windshield, and an OEE Jeep Windshields is your best option for such a scenario.
  • Jeep gorilla glass warranty falls under OEM and is covered by Jeep’s basic limited warranty or extended Jeep Warranty if the replacement is due to manufacturer defect or poor craftsmanship, cracks and chips are considered wear and tear, and such defects are not covered. If you will need to maintain your original Jeep Warranty you will have to replace your Jeep gorilla glass windshield with an OEM Jeep gorilla glass windshield, it’s also important to note that third-party insurers don’t cover the full costs of OEM Jeep gorilla glass windshield.

Jeep windshield replacement with OEM is always the better option, you will have the highest quality of windshield replacement, the perfect fit, and better insurance coverage. The average cost of OEM Jeep Windshield replacement will cost you upwards of $600.

Cost of Replacing Jeep Windshield in 2022

The cost of replacing Jeep windshield ranges between $300 To $1,000, with the low cost being OEE Jeep Windshields (Aftermarket), and the high prices being OEM Jeep gorilla glass windshields that cost $700- $1,000. The cost of replacing Jeep windshield is dependent on your Jeep model, year, OEM or OEE, choice of Jeep windshield replacement provider, and insurance coverage among others.

We contacted several Jeep windscreens repairs shops and Jeep parts dealers in Cleveland (OH), Baton Rouge (LA), Huntland (TN), Belleville (IL), Franksville (WI), Ogden (UT), Kalamazoo (MI), Phoenix (AZ), and Elon (NC). We requested a quote on replacing Jeep Windshield on different 2022 Jeep models, and the time it will take for Jeep windshield replacement, and these were the quotes:

2022 Jeep LineupWindshield Part NumberCost of Replacing Jeep WindshieldJeep Windshield Installation CostsThe time it takes to replace Jeep windshield
2022 Jeep Renegade68438875AA$600 to $1,000$2002 to 4 hours
2022 Jeep Compass55112754AE$500 to $900$2002 to 4 hours
2022 Jeep Cherokee68338080AC$700 to $1,000$2002 to 4 hours
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee68378329AE$700 to $1,000$2002 to 4 hours
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L68378327AE$500 to $850$2002 to 4 hours
2022 Jeep Wrangler68386743AD$550 to $850$2002 to 4 hours
2022 Jeep Gladiator68386743AD$550 to $850$2002 to 4 hours

We also asked what’s the cost difference between replacing Jeep Windscreens with Jeep Gorilla Glass and traditional Jeep windshields and the costs varied from 50% and more depending on the Windscreen repair shops.

Gorilla Glass Jeep Windshield Cost

Replacing Jeep Windshield with Jeep gorilla glass windshield

Most off-roaders and Overlanders will look forward to upgrading/ replacing Jeep windshields with corning Jeep Gorilla Glass for added off-road security since Jeep gorilla glass windshields are three times stronger than a normal windshield.

We inquired from certified Jeep OEM windshield dealers in Cleveland (OH), Baton Rouge (LA), Huntland (TN), Belleville (IL), Franksville (WI), Ogden (UT), Kalamazoo (MI), Phoenix (AZ), and Elon (NC) for 2019 to present Jeep Wrangler gorilla glass cost based on the following Jeep Wrangler Variants; Jeep Wrangler Willys, Jeep Wrangler Sahara, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392, Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe, and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe, and this were the Jeep Wrangler gorilla glass windshield costs:

Jeep Wrangler gorilla glass windshield costJeep Wrangler gorilla glass windshield part no:

We also inquired about a Jeep Gladiator gorilla glass windshield, we asked for the Jeep Gladiator Willys, Jeep Gladiator Overland, Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, and Mojave variants of Gladiator Jeep gorilla glass windshield costs, and these were a Jeep Gladiator gorilla glass windshield costs:

Jeep Gladiator gorilla glass windshield costJeep Gladiator gorilla glass windshield part no:
$800 to $1,00068522631AA

Aftermarket gorilla glass Jeep windshield costs

If you are looking for Aftermarket Gorilla Glass Jeep Windshield (OEE Jeep gorilla glass windshield) we recommend buying one from Hyper performance Glass Products, located in Michigan which is the leading manufacturer of Aftermarket Jeep gorilla glass windshields, they manufacture and sell Jeep gorilla glass windshields for the fourth generation Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator.

We inquired from Hyper performance Glass Products about the costs of the OEE Jeep gorilla glass windshield, and their costs were $700 with free shipping, two years guarantee, and no installation services.

Do Jeep Windshields Crack Easily?

Jeeps have been the go-to off-roader for Americans for decades, especially the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator, and the Jeep Cherokee. Factors such as wheel placements, and increased ground clearance makes Jeeps ideal for use on off-road trails.

Despite Jeeps having the best suspension systems, high ground clearance, and other off-road features that improve the handling of Jeeps when off-roading, there are certain preventive measures that Jeepers often neglect – measures to prevent Jeep windshields from cracking or chipping when off-roading.

Yes! Jeep windshields crack easily compared to other SUVs and Trucks because they are more upright than other vehicles, Jeeps are also used more often in off-road terrains, Jeep trails, and bumpy roads, and are also exposed to unpredicted weather when off-roading or Overlanding – all of which increase the chances of cracking and chipping of the Jeep windscreen.

Because Jeeps meant for off-roading are prone to windshield problems, Jeep Wranglers (2007 to date), and Jeep Gladiators (2020 to date) now feature gorilla glass Jeep windshields, which are stronger, thinner, and lighter. The Gorilla Glass on Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Gladiators are 3x more resistant to impacts from road debris compared to traditional windshields.

Why Do Jeep Windshields Crack So Easily?

While some Jeep windshields crack so easily due to bad luck, the majority of Jeep windscreens crack due to the conditions they are subjected to, on the other hand, some Jeep models such as the Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Gladiator have nearly flat windshields which are easily chipped or cracked by the smallest impact

Considering the two models (Jeep Gladiator and the Jeep Wrangler) are often used for off-roading and Overlanding in unpaved surfaces such as rocks, sand, gravel, and loose, wet, or slippery terrain conditions. Small and hard road debris from unpaved surfaces propelled fast enough can impact the windshield and can cause the Jeep Windshield to weaken, crack, or chip.

Jeepers who are often in clubs and go off-roading in groups often trail each other, off-roading Jeeps have big tires with large grooves that get road debris stuck and ejected as the Jeep moves, when driving behind an off-road Jeep with such tires, there is a higher chance of road debris falling onto your Jeeps windshield, weakening the glass, cracking or chipping it.

Jeep Off-roading and Overlanding also mean encountering mountainous terrains and high altitudes, shifting from high to low pressure and vice versa can pressurize your Jeeps windscreen causing it to crack, also traveling at high speeds puts pressure on the windshield resulting in stress cracks.

How Do I Protect My Jeep Windshield?

It’s important to protect yourself from the shattered windscreen and also protect your Jeep windshields from road debris, chemicals, and weather elements.

We recommend tinting your Jeep to protect and maintain your Jeep windshield after replacing the Jeep windshield, you can also protect your Jeep Windshield by ceramic coating, installing protection films, and making sure your windscreen is free from dirt.

Since Jeeps have a high chance of windscreens cracks and chips due to their exposure to road debris, we recommend tinting your Jeeps to prevent your Jeep Windshield glass from shattering and harming you, your passengers, and your belongings in case of an accident. The tint in your Jeep will hold the shattered glasses in place and protect you from frying shattered glass shards.

Apply Ceramic Coating on Jeep Windshield.

On our off-roading and Overlanding Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator we have applied ceramic coating on our windows and Windshield, we specifically use Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating on our Jeep windshield, windows, and moon roofs.

Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating binds itself perfectly with the windscreen, basically liquid protection that will protect and prevent premature degradation of your Jeep windscreen due to elements such as chemicals from bird droppings and car wash detergents, road debris abrasion, and weather elements.

Since our application of Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating on our Jeep windshield we have observed that it repels water, dirt, and grime off the windshield, which reduces our use of wiper blades extending the lifetime of our Jeep wiper blades and windshield.

We recommend getting yourself Invisible Glass Ceramic Glass Coating before it’s too late and start enjoying the long-lasting hydrophobic effect of the bestselling windshield ceramic coatings.

Use a Windshield protection film

One of the best solutions that we recommend is to protect your Jeep windshield us using a Windshield protection film, it’s similar to your phone protector, however, it’s specifically made and designed to fit your Jeep windscreen. A windscreen protection film will reduce the chances of damaging your Jeep windscreen from debris and pressure changes which are the factors that cause your Jeep windshield to stretch, crack, or chip.

Keep your Jeep Windshield Clean.

It’s important to keep your Jeeps windshield clean at all times or clean them after your off-roading or Overlanding adventures, we recommend using Invisible Glass Reach and Clean combo set that includes the Invisible Glass Reach and Clean tool, and the Invincible Glass Cleaner, the cleaning tool helps clean all the parts of the interior and exterior of your Jeep windscreen easily.

Final Thoughts.

Replacing Jeep Windshield with Corning Jeep gorilla glass windshield is beneficial compared with replacing with a traditional Jeep windshield, this is because Corning Jeep gorilla glass is three times stronger than regular windscreens, offering protection against road debris, weather, and chemical elements that might damage your Jeep Windshield.

The costs of replacing the Jeep windshield range from $500 to $1000 based on our research.

However, the costs of Corning Jeep gorilla glass are almost 50% higher compared with regular Jeep Windshields, however, the new technology of Corning Jeep gorilla glass is not available for all Jeep models, and its easily available for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiators manufactured between 2007 to present for the Jeep Wrangler, and All Jeep Gladiator years if you own other Jeep models, it’s difficult to get Corning Jeep gorilla glass windshield replacements.

One of the important factors to consider when replacing Jeep windshields is the insurance, with third parties favoring aftermarket OEE windshields over OEM windshields, and Jeep not covering cracks and tears of windshields under their warranty.

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