Watch a Jeep Wrangler Conquer Moab’s Cliffhanger Trail

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One of the trails we recommend to Jeepers is Moab’s Cliffhanger Trail. The trail is one of the best off-roading and adrenaline-pumping Jeep Badge of Honor Trail. We have driven our Jeeps in Moab’s Cliffhanger Trail, and the trail offers breathtaking views and heart-pounding obstacles that will put your off-roading skills and Jeep to the test.

While planning and researching our next visit to Moab’s Cliffhanger Trail this Christmas holiday, we came across the Waypoint X Cliff Hanger Trail Jeep Wrangler expedition. We decided to share the video highlighting Moab’s Cliffhanger Trail’s breathtaking views of the interplay of sand, rocks, dirt, and smooth, slick rock that test the skills and resilience required by Jeepers attempting to conquer the trail obstacles with their Jeep Wrangler.

Waypoint X Jeep Wrangler

Waypoint X Jeep Wrangler used in the video is customized for off-roading; it has beaded wheels that support big All-Terrain Aggressive Tires, with a Jeep suspension that improves the ground clearance of the Jeep.

One of the things you will notice in the Video is the squeaking noises emanating from the Jeep wheels, which might be due to worn-out rubber joints in the rear end, the same sound we experience with custom Jeeps that have been modified for off-roading, Waypoint X team explains their squeaking noises are due to worn-out rubber joints. Still, we have had similar noises when our Jeep tie-rod ends, ball joints, seals, bushings, and wheel lugs are loose.

Waypoint X visited Cliffhanger Trail with an old Jeep Wrangler with suspension problems, but with the skilled team, the old Jeep can be tested, proving that old Jeeps driven with care can be off-roading machines. We don’t recommend attempting any off-roading with suspension issues, as suspension issues can impact your off-road performance and capability.

Waypoint X Cliffhanger Trail Experience.

As Jeepers who have attempted the Cliffhanger Trail, we expected an adrenaline rush adventure, especially when attempting the trail on an old Jeep; this is because we know the trail to be full of giant boulders, cliffs and demanding obstacles that would stress out the troubling suspensions of the Waypoint X Jeep Wrangler.

Waypoint X Jeep Wrangler, the Key Focus on the Cliffhanger Trail Experience.

Waypoint X video starts with the Jeep Wrangler attempting the first obstacle, which is called “The Gatekeepers.” the video shows the skills of the driver and the benefits of having bigger tires and suspensions when it comes to maneuvering tricky drops and descends of The Gatekeepers obstacle. The Waypoint X team shows the benefits of teamwork when clearing obstacles by using Trail spotters and finding innovative ways to navigate the obstacle.

One of the essential highlights of the video is the importance of having Jeep recovery accessories with you when off-roading. The Waypoint X team faced issues with their Jeep Wrangler when the power steering assist lines failed during their expeditions; the good thing is that the experienced team understood their Jeep expected mechanical problems and thank God they were prepared with spare parts and were able to replace the line and continue with their expedition.

Watching the old Jeep climb the big rocks spread over the Cliffhanger Trail is exciting. Its moments like this are edge-of-your-seat moments that offer exhilarating rock crawling reputations that will make you pack your off-roading gear and prepare your Jeep for a weekend off-the-grid; the steep drops of the trail require driver concentration and precision, especially when attempting steep climbs of the trail, the Waypoint X team don’t disappoint when it comes to showing off their skills in these 20 minutes breathtaking video.

The Video also highlights the Jeep’s final ascent of The Gatekeeper Obstacle. They use their trail spotters, and with the driver’s off-roading skills, the Jeep can steadily clear the obstacle’s final ascent.

Cliffhanger Trail Moab Map

We have attached a map of The Cliffhanger Trail in Moab, depicting the entire trail. This trail is a challenging 4.3-mile one-way route that typically requires 4 to 5 hours for a round trip. It has been rated as an 8 by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers. The Cliffhanger Trail is renowned for its demanding nature from the beginning, featuring a series of steep inclines and declines, many of which are 48 inches in height, composed of Slickrock ledges. The trail predominantly consists of rocky terrain, with occasional sections of sand and dirt.

Final Remarks.

If you are preparing to go off-road in Moab’s Cliffhanger Trail, we highly recommend making sure your Jeep doesn’t have mechanical issues; if your Jeep has a history of developing mechanical problems, we highly recommend carrying with your spare parts to solve unexpected hiccups that might arise during the expedition.

Having a spotter with you is highly recommended; you can join a group of Jeepers attempting the Moab’s Cliffhanger Trail and have off-road recovery assistant contacts with you. The video highlights the importance of always being prepared for the unexpected and the importance of teamwork and skills when off-roading with a Jeep.

Source: @waypointx via YouTube

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