Jeep Window Tinting + Complete Guide

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There is a lot of option when it comes to Jeep Window tinting, however, when we were looking forward to tinting our Jeep Wrangler, we found a lot of conflicting information online with every brand and tint manufacturer claiming their tint products are the best for your Jeep. That however is not the truth, and it’s really hard to find the best Jeep window tint.

Jeep Window Tinting Process

Our Jeep factory window tint percentage on the sides was 25% and on the rear 20% we had to increase the tint levels for privacy and protect ourselves from harsh glare and improve our visibility of the road during our off-roading and long Jeep trails on the scorching sun of California during the summers, for these reasons we went on a hunt for the best tint film for a Jeep and we are glad to have concluded our research and results presented in this blog post.

We have listed some of the best window tints available for your Jeep and answered some of the most common questions Jeepers ask when they are looking forward to tinting their Jeep windows.

Let’s find out the best Jeep window tinting film for you!

Best Jeep Window Tinting Film

At Jeep Runner, we took out a massive test and purchased 27 best-rated Jeep window tint films, and tested them on our Jeep Wrangler. Out of the 27 tints we purchased we can only recommend 6 tint options for your Jeep, to be the best overall.

MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint

The first Jeep window tinting film we recommend is the MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint, the premium window tint was pre-cut and was the easiest to work with, another added benefit of MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint was the fact that as advertised it blocks harmful UV (Both UVA and UVB rays) and IR when you are off-roading on your Jeep and would like to you and your passengers to be protected from our good friend the sun.

You can’t go wrong with a premium Jeep window tint priced at 60$ which guarantees you UV protection, Heat rejection, ease of installation, and durable tint film.

When shopping for MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint for your Jeep Wrangler, you have to purchase the 4-door truck version and other models such as a Jeep Cherokee, you have to order the 4-door sedan option, you can also inquire from the seller about the best version for your Jeep model to get a perfect cut tint for your Jeep windows. If you are new to Jeep tinting, precut is the best option to tint your Jeep windows to ensure a perfect fit without the hustle of cutting the tint film yourself.

If you are a professional window tinter, and you would like to tint several vehicles and save a buck, MotoShield offers tint rolls 100 ft long with a varying width of 20 or 40 inches. If you are not a professional window tinter, they give you a practice film so that you can see if you will be able to install the film yourself or if you will need help from a professional.

Having previously installed window tints before and comparing other versions of window tints we purchased for this project, the MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint fil is thick and the easiest and most forgiving to install, it took us about an hour to install the MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint on our Jeep Wrangler.

The reason we love this tint so much is that we got to test it over the summer, we went off-roading over the weekend on Pilot Rock OHV Trail in California when the sun was scorching hot, and we were not expecting much difference, but the MotoShield Pro Pre-cut Ceramic Tint made our Jeep Wrangler Cooler to a noticeable degree (even my wife noted how the Jeep was cool), we highly recommend this film to tint your off-roading Jeep or your daily driving Jeep.

Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film

We also recommend Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film because it is pre-cut and is one of the inexpensive tint films we could find for our Jeep, don’t let the price of this tint fool you, the Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film has a dark and matte finish from the carbon deposits used to make the tint film.

Lexen offers the cheapest Jeep window tint price at 40$ if you are on a budget, it’s better than other tint films retailing at the same price on the market.

No products found.

It’s worth noting that the Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film will not protect your Jeep the way ceramic tint will, but if you are on a budget and want an inexpensive Jeep tint, buying a Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film would be a good option that we recommend.

Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film is one of the most common and popular window tints available on the market because of the price and its key features and ease of installation. We purchased Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film and the packaging was impressive, Lexen uses the excess tint to prevent the tint to move inside the packaging and protects the actual tint you will use from being damaged when transporting.

We love the fact that the Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film came with a practice film that you can use to practice installing the tint on your Jeep, if you find it difficult installing the practice film you can consult a professional window tinter who will install the actual tint on your Jeep for you.

We tested the Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film on our Jeep Wrangler, and we had to mold the film slightly on the rear window but it was easy and a perfect install. Over a month that we installed the Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film it did not shift colors or fade.

If you are on a budget and looking forward to a cheap high-quality window tint for your Jeep, we recommend the Lexen Carbon Pre-cut carbon tint film.

Diablo 2 Ply window tint film roll

Unlike the other tint films, Diablo 2 Ply window tint film is not pre-cut, you will have to cut your pieces to fit your Jeep windows. Diablo window tint films are economical and quality tint films that have been used not only on vehicles but also on residential and commercial properties windows.

Diablo 2 Ply Jeep window tint price is 90$ and the tint is big enough to tint all your Jeep windows.

We recommend Diablo 2 Ply window tint film roll because they offer darker shades of 35% and 5% which offer great privacy and block heat on your Jeep to a noticeable degree. The tint film is thicker compared to other tint film rolls we tested and the thicker the tint film guarantees you the durability of the film after installation on your Jeep.

We installed the Jeep wrangler tint and we can inform you the Diablo 2 Ply window tint film roll is easy to install and stress-free to work with. The Diablo 2 Ply window tint film roll is thick and strong which makes it ideal for off-roaders who brush their windows in tree branches and other debris during their weekend escapades. During installation, we had to mold the Jeep wrangler tinted windshield with a little heat to make sure the edges of the tint were well molded to prevent them from peeling off.

When tinting Jeep windows with Diablo 2 Ply window tint film roll, the only challenge we faces was cutting the pieces as the tint film comes in a roll, we also wasted a bit of the film trying to cut the perfect fits of tint for our Jeep windows, the mistake we made was using a blunt blade and after switching to a sharper blade we were able to cut through the tint film easily.

The tint roll is big enough and we had some pieces remaining after tinting our Jeep, the remaining tint roll was used to tint one of the most exposed windows to the sun in our car garage.

TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint

The TrueLine Jeep wrangler window tint cost 50$ if you have read our review of the above tint films you already know we fell in love with pre-cut tint films because of how easy they are to install. TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint is available in 1-ply or 2-ply grades and has various VLT shades of between 50% and 5% depending on your needs and requirements.

We recommend the 2-ply to tint Jeep windows, and for this reason, we are going to review the 2-ply tint film as this is what we purchased and tested, the TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint is well packed and the installation is pretty easy and straight forward. We recommend lots of soapy water, and a little patience when installing the TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint to mold the curves of the Jeep windows.

We also installed the TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint on our Jeep Cherokee, and we can tell you you don’t need to trim anything on the Grand Cherokee to fit the TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint on your Jeep tinted windows.

If you want a Jeep wrangler tint that doesn’t fade or get discolored after being exposed to the sun, we recommend the TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint, we have installed the Jeep wrangler tint on a daily driver and we will update the results here if anything changes regarding the TrueLine Automotive Pre-cut window tint.

MotoShield Pro for Windshield 70% pre-cut ceramic

If you are only looking for a Jeep wrangler tinted windshield with the lightest tint shades, we recommend the MotoShield Pro for Windshield with 70% pre-cut ceramic. This is a Jeep wrangler tinted windshield that allows maximum visibility while still guarding you and the front passenger against being exposed to the Sun UV rays, you will also have reduced heat inside of your Jeep.

The Jeep wrangler tinted windshield from MotoShield is a bit pricey at 50$, but the protection and windshield fit is so perfect and unmatched.

Like all the other Jeep wrangler tint films from MotoShield we have reviewed, the MotoShield Pro for Windshield 70% pre-cut ceramic is precut and made of high-quality materials, the installation of a Jeep windshield is not an easy install, because the dash of the Jeep is on the way of the windshield and might be a challenge to install the Jeep wrangler windshield tint.

We dint want to mess up installing the MotoShield Pro for Windshield 70% pre-cut ceramic Jeep windshield tint, so we used lots of soapy water (which we recommend), and took time to alight and squeegee out all the soapy water we had used. We also recommend using a microfiber cloth to soak the soapy water and use it to wipe your windshield and dashboard.

James installed the MotoShield Pro for Windshield 70% pre-cut ceramic and was complaining of neck and shoulder burnout the next day after installing the MotoShield Pro for Windshield 70% pre-cut ceramic which we joked about being a good sign we installed the Jeep windshield tint film perfectly and with care.

If you only want a Jeep wrangler tinted windshield, the MotoShield Pro for Windshield 70% pre-cut ceramic is better, safer, and easy to install windshield tint and for sure reduced the heat and sun glares from the sun when off-roading and daily driving your Jeep, the heat difference is highly noticeable with this Jeep wrangler tinted windshield.

Jeep Window Tinting Guide.

If you are looking forward to tinting your Jeep windows, we have laid out what to look out for in the perfect Jeep Wrangler tint and getting the perfect suit spot for a Jeep wrangler window tint cost.

Jeep Window Tinting
Tinted Jeep Wrangler

Jeep window tint price

Depending on your budget the Jeep window tint price is the first thing to consider when tinting your Jeep windows, when it comes to Jeep tinted windows you get what you pay for, we recommend ceramic Jeep window tins films, however, they are a bit expensive compared with carbon films, but they are superior and offer maximum protection.

Ceramic Jeep tinted windows block almost 70-80% of the heat and around 99% of UV rays, as we all know Jeepers spend a lot of time in the scorching sun when off-roading, and being exposed to UV rays is not good for your skin.

We recommend installing a Jeep tint to protect yourselves from UV rays and reduce the heat on your Jeep when off-roading, if you are on a budget, we have listed the cheapest high-quality Jeep window tint that costs the half price of the decent ceramic tint films on the market.

Window tinting laws.

Window tinting is measured by Visible Light Transmission, after installing a Jeep window tint, often referred to as VLT %. We have made a visual representation of how VLT % on your Jeep window tint and how it will affect your visibility in the image below:

(Image Placeholder)

To understand which VLT percentages are allowed in each state, we have also made this map below showing the visible light transmission allowed in each state in the United States, the VLT percentages are shown as Front Windows/ Rear Windows.

Each state in the United States has laws regarding the VLT allowed on your Jeep, which is the amount of light visible in your Jeep Cabin, Higher VLT such as 70% on your Jeep tinted windows means a lighter Jeep Window tint, while low 20% tint Jeep windows mean darker window tints.

It’s important to understand the tint laws in each state and the required VLT percentages to prevent being stopped by the police and having your tint removed because it goes against the required VLT % Levels.

TIP: Under certain medical conditions the state may allow you to install a darker shade that will prevent you from your medical condition, it’s important to have a written note from your physician before going to the state offices to allow a darker shade installed on your Jeep.

Precut Jeep tint or Rolled Jeep tint.

Depending on how you want your Jeep window tint delivered to you, you can choose to buy Precut Jeep tint or Rolled Jeep tint. Precut window tints are more expensive than rolled window tints, if you want to install the tint on multiple tints, we would prefer a roll-out tint because of the economy side of it, but if you want an easy-to-install vehicle tint, we recommend going after the pre-cut Jeep tint.

We prefer pre-cut Jeep tint as you can see from the recommended best Jeep Window tints list above because of the ease to handle and install them on our Jeeps. Some window tinters prefer having the roll-out window tint so that they can have some extra room and materials to work with during the installation process, and gives you room to make tinting mistakes during Jeep tint installation.

Jeep UV protection

Jeep was made to explore the natural terrains, and this also means the driver is exposed to high UV rays from the sun, for this reason, we recommend having Jeep tinted windows since more than 95% of skin cancer is caused by being exposed to UV rays, and our enjoyable off-roading adventures expose us to such risks. All window tints protect us from UV rays but some do a better job than others, so check out our list above for the best Jeep window tints available in the market today.

Jeep IR Rays protection.

When off-roading or rock crawling with your Jeep, you will feel the heat, especially in the summer, this heat is not from the visible lights of the sun protruding through your Jeep windscreen, but infrared from the sun penetrating through your Jeep windows. We prefer using ceramic Jeep tinted windows to prevent IR Rays that will reduce the heat inside your Jeep.

Jeep metallic window tints.

Jeep metallic window tints are window tints made by using tint films made by laminating small metallic particles between two layers of film, Metallic window tints are good than ceramic and carbon window tints, but s Jeepers are not always the best types of window tints that’s why we have not recommended them in this list, and we will explain why:

  1. Many Jeepers have various kinds of gadgets installed in their Jeeps, such as GPS Navigation, and Uconnect streaming services, and you might have your mobile phone with you in your Jeep. Metallic window tints on your Jeep might affect the reception and connectivity of these devices and we recommend ceramic and carbon Jeep window tints that don’t affect their connectivity and reception.
  2. Metallic window tints are also illegal in most states because they are the most reflective compared to ceramic and carbon Jeep window tints.

Benefits of tinted Jeep windows

There are various reasons Jeepers tint their Jeeps, in this section of the post we will highlight the top reasons Jeepers in their Jeep and why we recommend tinting your Jeep windows:

Jeep exterior mods.

If you want to modify your Jeep exterior, the number one modification is using Jeep window tints, tinting your Jeep windows will make your Jeep look 10 times better, you can watch some YouTube videos or just google and see some of the beautiful Jeeps with tint windows.

Jeep UV Protection.

The benefits of tinting your Jeep windows are to protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays. Being off-roaders we get exposed to harmful UV rays that are the leading causes of cancer, your Jeep windows don’t protect you from UV rays this is why we recommend having your Jeep windows tinted.

UV rays also damage your Jeep’s interior especially the plastic and leather parts of your Jeep, tinting Jeep windows will block 99% of UV rays and protect your health and also the interior of your Jeep upholstery.

Jeep Heat Reduction.

One of the most irritating things that can affect your mood when off-roading with your Jeep, or just daily driving your Jeep is the heat inside the Jeep Cabin, the heat inside your Jeep is because of the IR Rays penetrating through your Jeep windows.

Having Jeep tinted windows will reduce the heat by up to 70% especially after using a good ceramic tint, which will make the interior of your Jeep much cooler on the inside. Having a tint on your Jeep will also improve your Jeep AC performance efficiency, and your Jeep sensors will love the temperatures in your Jeep reducing the amount of work needed to cool down your Jeep hence improving your MPG since your AC uses both battery power and fuel.

Privacy on your Jeep.

Tinting your Jeep will improve your Jeeps privacy, tinting your Jeep windows allows you to see the outside of your Jeep but people outside your Jeep will not see the interiors of your Jeep, tinting your Jeep means having to worry less about your belonging inside your Jeep during camping, off-roading or when having your car parked.

Shatter proofing your Jeep windows.

We recommend shatter proofing your Jeep windows using the best Jeep window tint films, this is because, during an accident, which is common when off-roading or rock crawling with your Jeep, the window tint will hold the glass shards together and prevent them from shattering in your direction causing injuries.


After taking in all the information regarding Jeep window tinting, we have provided you with above, and have already purchased the best Jeep tints we have recommended, the video below will make be of much help to you and will help you learn how to install a Jeep window tint film on your Jeep Wrangler.

Now that you have reached the end of our article on Jeep Window tinting, we are quite sure that you must have gained ample information regarding Jeep window tints. If you read through our best tints list, and the guides provided in this article, this means you are ready to choose the best Jeep window tint, once your Jeep window tint film arrives get back to this article and read our guide on installations and likely problems your will face with each specific Jeep window tint.

We also urge you to share this article with some of your friends who are looking forward to tinting their Jeeps windows.

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