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One of the incentives for those of you who are considering purchasing a new Jeep is the Jeep Wave Program, for qualifying Jeep models and trims (2016+), there are a lot of benefits to the Jeep wave program.

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There are a lot of reasons someone would go out and purchase a Jeep there is a tremendous American history behind the Jeep, off-road capabilities of the Jeep, technology and luxury, Jeep wave program coverage that offers original parts and accessories replacements, and a whole host of different reasons that an individual might go out and purchase a Jeep.

What is the Jeep Wave Program?

Jeep wave Program also known as the Jeep Wave customer care program offers Jeep owners support, Maintenance, VIP treatment, Premium discounts, No charges same day rentals, and trip intervention coverage for specific Jeeps (2016 and newer Jeep Models), and its free for the first 12 months with an enrollment program of $150 for 12 months after expiration.

For all 2021 and newer Jeeps, Jeep owners benefit from the following benefits and perks within the first 36 months with no mileage limitations:

Jeep offers the first 36 months of coverage (no mileage limitation) coverage

  • Three Complimentary oil changes and tire rotations
  • Three-year unlimited mileage warranty
  • 24/7 owner support and roadside assistance via phone or online
  • VIP access to Jeep brand events around the country
  • Same-day rental coverage
  • Trip interruption coverage up to $1,000 per occurrence
  • Six months trial of onX Off-road elite

The Jeep Wave program should not be confused with the Jeep Wave Hand Signs, where Jeep owners wave at each other, click the link to learn more on the Jeep Wave, Jeep Wave Guide & Rules.

Jeep’s that benefit from this special program includes 2016 and newer Jeep wranglers & Gladiators, all trims of Jeep Grand Cherokee – Overland, Summit, SRT®, Trailhawk®, Trackhawak®, and High-altitude trims; Cherokee, Compass, and Renegade -Trailhawk trim.

The Jeep Wave program is one of the examples the Jeep manufacturer treats new Jeep owners with respect and offers the red-carpet treatment to Jeep owners who use their Jeeps as their primary vehicles.

Being a member of the Jeep Wave program gives you a six months subscription to the onX off-road elite for all Jeep, and All Jeep Wranglers Types from the year 2015 and newer.

Jeep Wave Program Benefits and Perks Explained.

The Jeep Wave program started in the year 2015, The Jeep Wave Program is currently used by owners of all Jeep models, having first been popularized by owners of the CJ, YJ, TJ, and JK. Jeep wave benefits and perks include:

VIP access to Jeep brand events around the country

Jeep has partnered with over 150 premium retailers through their Jeep saving networks that include, dining at your local restaurant, travel and hotels destinations, and gift cards; talk about a sweet deal, The Image attached below shows part of an email we received offering us up to $500 savings through the Jeep Wave Saving Network:

email from the Jeep wave program with a $500 saving through Jeeps saving networks
email from the Jeep wave program

How to access your Jeep Wave program account, go down to Savings, Network part, and it will redirect you to QVC where you will be able to access a bunch of merchandise listed as MSRP and on sale.

Three Complimentary oil changes and tire rotations.

Being a new Jeep owner, you will benefit from three complimentary oil changes and tire rotations, we recommend getting oil changes for your Jeep after every 7,500 to 10,000 miles depending on your driving habits, twelve months, or 350 hours of your Jeeps engine running. Being a member of the Jeep Wave Program, you will be able to get free oil changes to your Jeep whenever you need to change your oil.

Looking forward to changing your coolant? We recommend the HOAT (Hybrid Organic Additive Technology) and OAT (Organic Additive Technology) coolants for your Jeep, read more on the best coolant for your new Jeep.

The average cost of a Jeep oil change is approximately $45 and $75; however, the cost can be higher depending on the oil type, being a member of the Jeep Wave program ensures you get the right oil type in your engine and save your up to $135 to $225 or higher on every oil change depending on the type of oil you will use.

24/7 owner support and roadside assistance

Being a member of the Jeep wave program, you gain exclusive Jeep owner’s support via phone or online for up to 5 years or 60,000 miles, the supports include Jeep related questions, and service scheduling support, Jeep wave inquiries are channeled through 1-844-533-7928 (1-844-JEEP WAVE), or visit their account page at, and use the Live Chat option.

24/7 Owners supports is beneficial to new Jeep owners, and would save a lot when it comes to automotive consultations, this is a sweet deal considering Jeep consultations through a reputable mechanic cost $95 to $8406, with an average of $256.

Same-day rental coverage

Being a member of the Jeep wave program offers you same-day rental coverage when you are not able to use your Jeep while it’s being repaired by Jeep or its approved dealerships. So instead of the servicing interrupting your busy schedule, you will be able to rent a new vehicle and continue with your busy schedule.

We inquired about the same-day rental reimbursement and were told the cover applies to Jeeps being repaired and might not include routine maintenance that would take time and require an overnight stay at Jeeps dealership where same-day coverage doesn’t apply.

Trip interruption coverage up to $1,000 per occurrence

Trip interruptions give Jeep Wave program members peace of mind through access to up to $1,000 in trip interruption coverage that covers meals, lodging, and emergency transportation.

You should consult with your Jeep dealership regarding different unforeseen events that would qualify for reimbursement for trip Interruption benefits through the Jeep wave program.

Six months trial of onX Off-road elite

The six months onX Off road’s Elite Jeep Wave membership is one of the perks we love about the Jeep Wave Program, as Jeep owners we mainly use our Jeeps for off-roading, onX Off road’s GPS mapping technology has over 550,000 miles of trails and 500,000 recreational points you can enjoy with your new Jeeps, with the six months trial of onX off-road Elite you can start planning your next Jeep trip and view Jeep trails you never knew existed their difficulty levels, and photos.

The onX off-road Elite is an onX Off-road feature that is available for $99.99/yr and offers amazing off-road benefits including Aerial, Hybrid, Topo Base maps, Customize Waypoints, Tracking, Localized Weather, Sync content to the cloud, Saved Offline Maps, Featured Trails, Trail Status, Photo Waypoints, 3D Maps (iOS only), Government Lands, Property Boundaries, Landowner Names and Lot Information you may find value bale when off-roading with your Jeep.

Here is a short video explaining more on the Jeep Wave:

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