Jeep 4xe is not Charging: Troubleshooting and Solutions 2023

When charging your Jeep 4xe is the only way to get to work. Your Jeep 4xe is not charging, you are in one of the most frustrating situations where your Jeep is just a massive paperweight when the battery is below 1% or dead, and the panel state of charge indicator indicates problems with charging or nothing at all.

In our last post about the best Jeep 4xe chargers, we spent time testing and reviewing the top chargers available in the market today, including the #1 Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger, #2 JuiceBox 40 Smart charger, #3 ChargePoint Home Flex charger, and the #4 MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger all of which we had purchased for the purpose on testing which one amongst the four chargers is the best if you are still wondering which is the best one read more here.

If you have purchased the Jeep smart chargers we recommended or using the charger that came with your Jeep and your Jeep 4xe is not charging, or have been using your Jeep 4xe charger for a while. Suddenly your Jeep 4xe is not charging, so don’t worry; we have analyzed some common problems that will lead to your Jeep 4xe not charging and some of the solutions we have to help you fix your Jeep 4xe not charging.

If your Jeep 4xe is not charging, there are three main culprits; the first common one is the source of your electricity, followed by your charger, and finally, your Jeep 4xe.

Jeep 4xe is not Charging – Check these first!

Here are some of the most common problems to help you diagnose your issue.

Incorrect insertion of the Jeep 4xe charging head.

When the charging head is inserted at the incorrect angle, and the con pin connecter is not making proper contact, then your Jeep 4xe will not charge; when testing various EV chargers, we found that Jeep hardware and software for charging have a low tolerance to errors during charging such as spec supply, voltage, waveform, etc. which might be impacted by not correctly inserting your Jeep 4xe charging head.

Close-up of Jeep 4xe charging port and charger connection that you need to check when your Jeep 4xe is not charging

The simple solution is to start the charging process again, remove the Jeep 4xe charging head from the port, close the charging hatch, and start the process again. If the first solution doesn’t work, you might have dirt or debris that might prevent current flow in the charging port. We recommend inspecting the charging port or the Jeep 4xe charging head for any debris and removing them; another standard solution after trying all three solutions is to try and restart the Jeep 4xe.

NEMA plug-sharing circuit breaker with other devices

Another common issue is that you might have other devices sharing the circuit breaker with your Jeep 4xe charger. Another standard diagnostic is if your circuit breaker trips when charging your Jeep 4xe, which might also mean your connection is overloaded. You might also notice that your charging head will start overheating, and flashing yellow lights will start blinking on the EVSE, which means there is a grounding or overheating fault.

For this reason, your Jeep 4xe might start and stop charging or completely stop charging; we recommend first making sure that your charge power rating matches or exceeds the breaker capacity; we recommend a 50A 220v breaker connected to a level 2 charger.

If you are sharing a circuit breaker, we recommend that we use the Grizzl-E with a dedicated 50A 240v breaker, with adequately sized wires rated 40-50amps load, connected to a 240V 40amp outlet, and the charger charges perfectly.

We use an outlet tester to make sure the outlet is fine, and there is the correct power supply to the Jeep 4xe charger; this is all the item you need to make sure your outlet and wiring connection is working as they should:

Random voltage spikes or drops when charging your Jeep 4xe.

Another common problem is voltage spikes or drops when charging your Jeep 4xe; we first recommend checking what voltage you are getting; we use a Kill-A-Watt and will let you know how much power is being used by your home Jeep 4xe charger.

Test your Jeep 4xe home charger voltage

Now if you have a problem with voltage spikes or drops, which frequently happens with home chargers, you might experience a family of error codes (P0D-27) with the Jeeps 4xe system trying to protect itself from charging issues that may arise due to spikes or drops of voltage, some of the error codes reported to us include High Voltage System Interlock Circuit A (P0A0A), Implausible Data Received from TCM (U0402), HVIL Circuit Low (P0A0A, P1E73, P1E74)

The solutions to these errors are first seeing what voltage you are getting and making sure there are no significant voltage spikes or drops occurring in your home charging system, especially if you are using a Jeep charger extension cord; if you have tested with a Kill-A-Watt and the voltage is out of specs, contact the utility company to address the issue.

If your Jeep has thrown some error codes during the incident, you will need to clear the codes yourself using an OBD2 Scanner; we use the OBDLink MX+ that can connect to your phone or tablet; we recommend it for its compatibility with the 4xe and many of its module which enhance diagnostic of Jeep 4xe issues.

To avoid such errors and protect your Jeep 4xe charger and Jeep 4xe from low voltage issues, we recommend adding a portable RV Surge protector to protect your Jeep 4xe against voltage fluctuations. We use Progressive Industries RV Surge Protectors available in 50amps and 30 amps depending on your Jeep 4xe charger, which might be a level 1 or 2 chargers.

We highly do recommend a surge protector that will protect you from high repair and replacement costs of Jeep 4xe charging systems that voltage fluctuations can damage; the Progressive Industries RV Surge Protectors will protect your Jeep 4xe charging system against voltage fluctuations, power surges, and incorrectly wired shore powers which can cause dame to your Jeep 4xe charger, Jeep 4xe charging system and many other accessories in your Jeep 4xe set-up.

Problem with your Jeep 4xe Charger.

If your Jeep 4xe is not charging, there may be a problem with your Jeep 4xe charger, the charger you are using might not be supported. You will also find that some chargers are app-controlled, and you might have switched off smart charging capabilities or have a charge timer set preventing your Jeep 4xe from charging.

If you think your charging problem is emanating from your home charging set-up, we would recommend narrowing down the issue by trying to charge your Jeep outside of your home set-up; you can also contact the electrical contractor who installed the Jeep 4xe charger in your home for warranty services, which will identify issues with the charger set-up, and electricity issues.

Problems with your Jeep 4xe charging system.

Well, some Jeep 4xe owners realize they can’t charge their Jeep 4xe. On the infotainment system, there is an error saying “Service Charging System” service charging system message is a message indicating that your Jeep 4xe charging system will need to be checked; it will prevent both level 1 and 2 chargers from charging your Jeep 4xe.

Common problems that we have found that occur before the error message is triggered include FORM, CHOC, and P0E15 issues, and you will need to check through an OBD2 reader to check what could be the problem and the exact error code triggered; we use the OBDLink MX+ in such situations, and mostly you will need to clear the codes errors or replace IDCM charging module, fuses, pins in the connector harness, etc.

If this error pops up, you will have to use the OBDLink MX+ or any other OB2 scanner to check what is triggering the Service Charging System error, try clearing the errors with the scanner, and try charging your Jeep, if the error doesn’t clear and pops up after a few minutes you will need to make sure a damaged charging system component doesn’t trigger the error, we advise you at this stage to visit a Jeep dealership near you for a check-up if they find a component of the charging system was damaged, note the charging stations you have visited in the past few days, and avoid them and any related charging stations using the same chargers.

Final Thought.

Troubleshooting why a Jeep 4xe is not charging can be challenging; use the guides above to narrow down your problem, which might be classified into three categories, your home electric set-up, your Jeep 4xe charger, and your Jeep 4xe; however, it’s important to note that most issues are not easily disguised and troubleshooting the problem might need a check with your Jeep dealer, especially since you already have a Jeep warranty for such cases.

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