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Our readers requested a Jeep level 2 charger installation guide to avoid future problems arising from charging station installation mistakes that will make your Jeep not charge and trigger charging service errors due to installation problems.

Buying an electric Jeep comes with a level 1 charger; the apparatus is called electric vehicle supply equipment or EVSE, as it is commonly known by Jeepers. This level 1 charger works on standard household outlet current at 110 or 120 volts; however, after purchasing the best Jeep level 2 charger, you will need a bit higher power levels of 220 to 240 volts.

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Jeep level 2 charger installation Steps.

Here are the steps we recommend to install a Jeep Level 2 charger at home.

Find a Certified Electrician

Seek the assistance of a certified electrician who has completed the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training program and has knowledge of electric vehicle infrastructure.

Determine your home’s eligibility.

Check with your municipality or Technical Safety BC to ensure that your home qualifies for a charger installation and whether a homeowner permit is required.

Confirm sufficient electrical service.

Ensure your home has enough electricity to support an EV charger to avoid voltage spikes or drop scenarios that might cause your level 2 charger to stop working. If an upgrade is needed, the local electricity department will be able to determine if your house’s electric system is eligible for a level 2 charger; in case you need an upgrade, you will need to obtain a permit from the local electricity department.

Check electrical panel space.

Verify if your electrical panel has enough space to accommodate a 50A 240v circuit breaker for the Jeep Level 2 charger. If not, seek help from a certified electrician.

Purchase a level 2 charger:

Choose and purchase a level 2 charger, ensuring it qualifies for any available rebates. Choosing a good Jeep smart charger is crucial. It will save you from maintenance and repair of your Jeep charging system, and house electric system issues in the long run, which might lead to more safety issues, high electricity costs, and fleet management issues. Jeeps are very sensitive to chargers, and you must buy a Type 1 or Type 2 Jeep Charger from a reputable brand.

Obtain an electrical permit.

Apply for an electrical permit from your municipality or Technical Safety BC. If you hire an electrician, they will handle this step.

Level 2 Charger installation.

Install the Keep level 2 charging station and have a safety officer inspect the electrical work before concealing or connecting any wiring. Some of the factors to note are that you will need a dedicated 50A 240v circuit breaker, wires that support a 40-50amp load, and a 240V 40amp outlet.

Level 2 Charger Installations Guide.

Level 2 EV charger installation involves running 240 volts from the breaker panel to the charging location; this requires attaching a double-pole circuit breaker to two 120-volt buses simultaneously to achieve the 240-volt circuit using a 4-strand cable.

The wiring process includes connecting a ground wire to the ground bus bar, a common wire to the wire bus bar, and two hot wires to the double-pole breaker. Sometimes, the breaker box may need to be replaced, or a double-pole breaker can be installed in the existing panel. It is crucial to turn off all power to the breaker box by shutting off all breakers, followed by the main breaker.

Once the correct circuit breaker is connected, the 4-strand cable is installed and secured to prevent damage to the electrical systems, especially if the installation is outdoors.

Finally, the charging unit is mounted at the desired location and connected to the 240-volt cable. The charging unit acts as a secure connection point for the charge current. It only allows electricity to flow when it detects a connection to the car’s charging port, as shown in the level 2 charger wiring diagram shown below:

level 2 charger wiring diagram for Jeep Level 2 Charger Installation Guide

As shown in the infographic image above, Level 2 charging stations necessitate a 40A, non-GFI type breaker for each charging outlet. This setup requires a 40-50amp load wire consisting of three wires: L1, L2, and GND. Two 40A non-GFI breakers are needed for dual outlet charging stations, with one assigned to each charging outlet.

The requirement for a 40A circuit breaker stems from the continuous output current from the charging station, which can reach as high as 30A. Therefore, a breaker with a higher rating is needed to accommodate this demand and ensure safe operation.

Given the technical complexity and potential risks involved in a Level 2 Jeep charger installation, it is highly recommended to hire a professional electrician. Local building codes often require permits and inspections by professionals, and electrical installation errors can damage your home and electrical systems. Electrical work is also hazardous, and it is safer to let experienced professionals handle it.

Grizzl-E level 2 charger installation for Jeep 4xe

The cost of professional installation can range from $200 to $1,200, depending on the company or electrician hired, and the price may increase for more complex installations.

Inspection and rebate application.

Has the installation been inspected by your municipality or Technical Safety BC? If an electrician performs the installation, they will handle the inspection. Finally, submit your application for an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Rebate. Your electrician should complete the contractor consultation form for the rebate application.

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