30+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

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If you are considering Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping, the list of camping gears and accessories needed can be a little overwhelming for Off-Grid SUV Camping Beginners, you will need Jeep Grand Cherokee camping accessories that will determine what you are going to eat/drink and more important factors like where you are going to sleep.

There are a lot of cogs in the wheel to consider when planning or camping in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

But Overlanding in your Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t about the gears you will need for camping, It’s about the journey. Jeep has equipped the interior of your Jeep Grand Cherokee with comfort features such as luxurious wood trims, a premium Jeep infotainment system, and a Panoramic Sunroof for stargazing when camping in your Jeep, and ventilating your interior.

Sleeping in a Jeep Grand Cherokee is an efficient and flexible alternative to tent camping, especially if you are trying to save time on tent set-ups, or if you don’t have space for tents. Spending the night in your Jeep Grand Cherokee will offer you protection from outdoor adventure elements.

We have put together, our Jeep Grand Cherokee camping ultimate guide for beginners, which will cover all the tips and gears you will need to get started and to help make your next Jeep Grand Cherokee camping trip to be comfortable, organized, and enjoyable.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping Accessories.

You don’t need to lug a bunch of Jeep Grand Cherokee camping accessories to enjoy the outdoors and sleep out stargazing the stars in your SUV’s panoramic roof. It can just as fun as loading up your Jeep, hitting the road, and going Jeep Camping, this is great for Jeep Overland and Camping beginners, as well as Jeep owners who are just looking for a weekend getaway without roughing it up.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping Essentials.

To help you get started, we will first like to make it clear that some car camping accessories are essential to have before your first Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping adventure. The absolute essential Jeep Grand Cherokee camping accessories and gears would include:

Food & Water

Food & Water (For storing perishable food we recommend the BougeRV 12 Volt Refrigerator Portable Car Freezer 53 Quart Fridge, and The Lifesaver Jerry Can + Water Purifier which is a simple and advanced water carrier ideal for Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping beginner).

You should also have some method of purifying your water while out there, you can use methods such as chemical treatment or a Camping Stove (more on camping stoves later) for melting snow. As a starting point, we recommend the Lifesaver Jerry Can + Water Purifier which can remove chlorine, 99% of viruses, and 99% of bacteria, cysts, and parasites.

Camping Water Tip: It’s crucial to carry enough water for your Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping trip, we recommend having at least about 3 liters per person, per day.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior Mods

Simple Jeep Grand Cherokee interior mods will help improve your camping experience, camping interior mods includes installing storage bags, and sunroof, and privacy curtains in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, below we have explained in detail and recommended some of the products you can use on your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Organizer and Storage Boxes.

One of the most important Jeep Grand Cherokee camping accessories you will need when camping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is storage boxes and interior organizers.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Organizer

You will need Jeep Grand Cherokee organizers to maintain the cleanliness inside your Jeep, as well as your sanity since you will be owning lots of camping accessories that you will need to be organized in your Jeep. We don’t advise Jeep campers to overspend on Jeep organizers, since we recommend only packing important gear and accessories that you will use when camping to avoid a messy vehicle with unnecessary pieces of stuff.

The best organizers for Jeep Grand Cherokee camping are over a seat pick or a trunk organizer, our top picks below not only will they have your car looking clean and organized, but they will also genuinely help you organize and manage your Jeep Grand Cherokee camping accessories when out in the wilderness.

So, buckle up Jeepers, Campers, Overlanders, and Off-road warriors, here are the best Jeep Grand Cherokee organizers (only seat pick or trunk options since it’s the best options we recommend for Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping)

Best Jeep Grand Cherokee Trash Can

Best for Camping Accessories Storage

Best Jeep Grand Cherokee Trunk Organizer

Jeep Grand Cherokee Storage Boxes.

If you plan on camping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee more frequently, you will need to invest in a Jeep Grand Cherokee storage box for your camping gear and accessories storage when on a camping trip and also at home when not using your camping gear and accessories.

Some of the top Jeep storage boxes we recommend are Pelican Cargo Cases, Rubbermaid Action Packers, and Plano Sportsman’s Trunks:

For practical Jeep storage containers that you can use for your Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping accessories and gear storage check for storage boxes that are rugged and sturdy enough for outdoor use such as off-roading, camping, and Overlanding, they should also include airtight lids, they are large enough to fit small containers with small camping accessories,

The benefit of storage boxes over organizers is that they can be used to store large camping gear and accessories such as tents, hammocks, and other foldable camping gear.

Not sure which one is right for you? Learn more about the Best Jeep storage boxes for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Sunroof Sunshade Mesh

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic sunroof allows you to enjoy the outdoors at night and day by soaking up the sights, sun, and stars, and also helps in keeping your Jeep well ventilated and lasts in the sunlight creating a sense of open space inside the Jeep that you want when camping in the wilderness.

However, the sunroof of the Jeep Grand Cherokee has some disadvantages attached to it when camping, despite having the little black screen that pop-up 2 (two) inches in Infront of the sunroof that only reduce noise and buffeting, you will need to invest in a Jeep Grand Cherokee Sunroof Sunshade Mesh that keeps out the bugs and controls the ventilation of your Jeep the natural way considering your Jeeps battery and gas.

We recommend buying a magnetic roof sunroof cover, two if you have a dual sunroof Jeep Grand Cherokee, like the ones highlighted below:

Installing a magnetic roof sunroof cover will allow you to open the sunroof at night when sleeping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee to prevent fogging up your windows due to condensation.

Condensation inside your Jeep occurs when the warm air inside your Jeep contacts a cold surface at night when locked up sleeping in your Jeep and you will notice fog and moisture in your windows and Jeep interior upholstery and accessories which can lead to mold build up inside your Jeep, the musty damp smell inside your Jeep, damp walls and health cause and effects of condensation such as allergic reactions, skin irritations, and respiratory problems, including asthma.

To prevent condensation when camping in Jeep Grand Cherokee, ventilation is key. We recommend opening your Jeep sunroof or windows wide enough to let air in and prevent animals from entering, install a sunroof mesh and make sure it is well installed without loose ends, in case of loose edges, stuff the edges to keep the bugs out of your Jeep.

How To Prevent Condensation In Your Jeep.

Avoid wet clothes, accessories, and gears when turning in for the night in your Jeep, keep all your water containers stored inside your Jeep closed tight, and lastly keep a Squeegee in your Jeep that you can use to wipe out the moisture in your Jeeps windows in the morning.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Privacy Curtains

Installing privacy curtains in your Jeep Grand Cherokee not only will it protect you from direct sun rays when camping in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, condensation during the night, but also increase your sense of privacy and personal space, some Jeep Grand Cherokee camper have Jeep window tints installed in them for this purpose, but we recommend installing privacy curtains that offer practicability and ease of use when camping in a Jeep.

We recommend Tallew Breathable Side Windows Sun Shades Covers that have a mesh design, allowing fresh air to enter your Jeep when sleeping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee to ventilate inside your Jeep and prevent condensation, the sunshades cover also prevents direct sun rays during the day protecting you from harmful UV rays and also keeps bugs away for a comfortable sleep.

Tallew Breathable Side Windows Sun Shades Covers will allow you to relax and sleep whenever you want, and also blocks out light and sound. Having privacy covers on your Jeep Grand Cherokee camper creates a nice, cozy bedroom-like feel improving your Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping experience.

Camp Lighting.

Camp lighting is one of the essential Jeep Grand Cherokee camping accessories you will need to pack for your next Jeep Grand Cherokee camping trip, you will use your light sources to be able to navigate through the wilderness at night; we recommend having a lantern, flashlight, and headlamp.

Camping Lantern.

You might also need a camping lantern for use inside your tent, especially if you have a partner camping with you, instead of using headlamps that concentrate the light in one place, a lantern is ideal for spreading the light in the whole tent.

We recommend the Starlight’s battery-powered LED option which is a rechargeable lantern that lasts for more than 6 days on a single charge making it ideal for Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping off the grid, where there is limited access to electricity and you would like to conserve your gas and car battery use.

The Starlight’s battery-powered LED option is waterproof and can be used when it rains or snows, and forms a good light source for use inside your tent or outside your tent in your Jeep awning.

Camping Flashlight.

In an emergency where you run out of power when camping, having a flashlight is imperative, unlike a headlamp, a flashlight is useful when in off-road recovery situations and you would like more control of your light beam, investing in a powerful flashlight can also allow you to send SOS and light beacons at night.

We recommend the HOTO Zoomable LED Flashlight with SOS and Strobe features, the flashlight use s type C charger to charge it during the day and can be used o send SOS signals with just a click of a button, and can be used for protection and seeking help when in an emergency.

HOTO Zoomable LED Flashlight with SOS and Strobe is small enough to fit your Jeep Grand Cherokee glovebox compartment and has a 2600mAh large-capacity lithium battery that can last for more than 24 hours after a single charge, enough to last you for two days of use when camping.

The HOTO Zoomable LED Flashlight is an ideal off-road flashlight for its rugged design and materials, it has an aluminum surface that protects the flashlight from rust, sweat, and corrosion, and has no paint to prevent bumps and abrasion, making the flashlight one of the best flashlights to add on your Jeep Grand Cherokee camping accessories list.

Camping Headlamp.

A headlight is one of the preferred choices of camping, off-roading, and Overlanding light sources because it will keep your hands free when performing various activities such as cooking, vehicle recovery, or walking around your campgrounds.

We recommend the MIOISY 1200 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Head Lamp Flashlight for its premium quality 1200 lumens LED lights, 8 operational modes for outdoor camping light requirements, and its rugged heavy-duty design and materials ideal for off-road camping and use.

We always advise packing extra pair of batteries or buying a recharging headlamp like the MIOISY 1200 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Head Lamp Flashlight that will last for more than 10 hours after a single charge, enough for your night lighting needs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Awning.

There are two types of Jeep Grand Cherokee Awnings, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees Jeep Awning, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Awning is not necessarily a necessity but to improve the experience of your Jeep Grand Cherokee camping experience you will need a means of escaping the sun, or staying dry during a rainy day.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee Awning will create more room outside your car, check out our post on Best Jeep awning for Overlanding & Camping for a list of Jeep Grand Cherokee Compatible awnings if you are looking to invest in an easy-to-set-up waterproof awning for your Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping trips.

Other Essential Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping Accessories Include:

  • Portable Charger.
  • Knife
  • Coolers.
  • A place to sleep such as a Roof tent, Ground Tent, Mattress, etc.
  • A way to regulate your temperature (Fan, Blanket, Sleeping bag, etc.)
  • A first Aid Kit.
  • Communication devices in case of emergency

Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping Essentials (Summary)

Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping with a rooftop tent mounted on the roof

That it! That’s all you need to start camping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, if you are serious about Overlanding in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, or Camping for more days in your Jeep when off-roading, you will need to invest in more Overlanding gears to make your adventure comfortable. Let’s talk more about the Jeep Grand Cherokee camping accessories you might need to bring with you on your next adventure.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Outdoor Cooking.

All it takes Is a little time in the fresh outdoors to work up an appetite when you’re camping in your Jeep, our Jeep Grand Cherokee outdoor cooking will help you determine which utensils to bring on your camping trip.

Tip: When camping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, plan on keeping all your food secured in your Jeep, whether you are off-roading in your favorite Jeep trails or sleeping in your Jeep at night. Consider packing a cooler to prevent perishable food from spoiling.

Here are some great beginners options for Jeep Grand Cherokee Outdoor Cooking:

Camping Cast Iron Cooking Set.

One of the best beginner-friendly cooking gear you will need is a cast iron cooking set, all you will need with a cast iron cooking set is an open fire and you can cook whatever dish you want for lunch or supper.

We recommend getting yourself the Lot45 Dutch Oven Camping Cooking Set for its ability to retain heat when cooking in an open fire when camping, it’s also made from cast iron which makes it a durable set ideal for camping abuse when transporting and packing them in your Jeep.

The Lot45 Dutch Oven Camping Cooking Set is also ideal for beginners because it doesn’t require a huge upfront investment and can be used to prepare any culinary experience you want, its easily portable and doesn’t require much space in your Jeep, and it’s easy to set-up when you just want to prepare a quick meal.

The Lot45 Dutch Oven Camping Cooking Set is a quality cooking set that we have used over the years after trying out various knock-offs that don’t cope well with open fire.

Minimalistic Jeep Camping Kitchen.

If you are more into having a minimalistic Jeep camping kitchen that is easy to pack in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, we recommend the VBENLEM portable camping kitchen that keeps your Jeep’s kitchen organized, and it’s also easy to use and set up.

Considering your Jeep Grand Cherokee has slightly less cargo space compared with other vehicles, you will need a compact-sized and foldable kitchen that will fit in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, and that’s why the VBENLEM portable camping kitchen is a good option.

The minimalistic Camping kitchen is easy to transport in your Jeep Grand Cherokee and has enough space to store your cooking spices and utensils when you set it up.

Compact Camping Stove.

Just when you were content with your Jeep camping kitchen set-up, this little guy comes along, a compact stove is essential for Jeep camping beginners, if you are not a fan of cooking in an open fire you will need a gas stove that is portable and easy to store in your Jeep cargo space.

We recommend getting yourself the Eureka Ignite Camp Stove, it’s a gas-powered camping stove that you can easily pack in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, durable, and easy to set up and use.

We recommend the Eureka Ignite Camp Stove for its portability in your Jeep Grand Cherokee and its rugged features such as a wind protection cover that will protect cooking frames from the wind. It’s also easy to use and cooks evenly compared to other camping stoves we have ever used for camp cooking.

Portable Camping Fire Pit.

If you want a great outdoor experience, and believe that’s what Jeep Overlanding is all about, then we also feel the same, that’s why we recommend considering the Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio that will improve your camping experience by warning you and your camping partner and also use it for cooking for your meals.

The Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio is light and portable and will easily fit in your Jeep Grand Cherokee Cargo space, it features a foldable grill that makes it easy for packing and store in confined spaces.

Owning a fire pit improves your outdoor experience, we have a list of some of the best camping fire pits that we recommend to expand on your search for the perfect camping stoves.

Sleeping in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

One of the most essential gears you will need when camping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee are your sleeping gear, you should invest in heavier, cushier mats, pillows, and blankets to make your outdoor sleeping set-up as comfortable as possible.

Tip: One of the factors to consider when purchasing sleeping gear is that cars are hot during the day and cold during the night same as your tents, buying insulated or temperature-rated gear such as sleeping gear is recommended.

Not sure which sleeping gears are right for you? Here are our top sleeping gears that are perfect for the Jeep Grand Cherokee based on how easy it is to pack them in your cargo space, and set-ups and are comfortable to guarantee you a comfortable night.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping Tent

There are a lot of different Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping Tent options, if you have the right kind of set-up, you can be looking at installing a rooftop tent on your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We recommend buying a tent that is designed to fit your Jeep Grand Cherokee, some of the best rooftop tents that will perfectly fit your Jeep Grand Cherokee include the Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent, Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent or Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 with an Annex.

However, if you are just starting, you may be looking for a budget-friendly sleeping set-up and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Tailgating tent might be the right sleeping arrangement for you. Tailgate tents are budget friendly compared with rooftop tents and offer more freedom and easier access, after a day of driving around, you might want an easier sleeping setup for the night and a tailgate tent offers just that, an easier and comfy set-up.

Standard tailgating tents you will find for your Jeep are 10×10 ft and will work well for a solo camper or a family camping set-up, its important to note that some camping grounds have restrictions on how large your tailgating tent should be, so be sure to check out those restrictions before making a purchase.

Some of the perfectly fitting tailgate tents you can purchase for your Jeep Grand Cherokee include; Rightline Gear 6-Person SUV Tent Attachment for Camping, which is 8 by 8 by 7.2 Feet, KAMPKEEPER SUV Car Tent, Tailgate Shade Awning Tent for Camping, and Cocepazys tailgate Tent

A tailgate tent will offer you a perfect place to sleep outside your Jeep Grand Cherokee, while still being able to access your Jeep’s cargo space where you will have your camping gear and accessories.

Some of the features we have used and you should use when selecting the best Jeep Grand Cherokee tailgate tent include how easy it is to use the tent, the speed at which you can elect the tent, the size of the tent should be large enough to fit your sleeping gears such as mattresses and the number of people who you camp with, and lastly, the features of the tailgate tent should be beneficial and offer versatility on your investment.

The price range of a tailgate tent for your Jeep Grand Cherokee can range from $200 for a simple tailgate to $800 for a larger tailgate tent with more features.

A tent is an essential camping gear you should consider purchasing if you are a beginner to Overlanding or Camping in your Jeep, and buying the right kind of tent from the start is important as there is a likelihood you will use the tent again.

Camping Mattresses

Now that you have purchased a sleeping tent, you will want something to put on your tent, buying the right mattress for your sleeping needs is essential as it will protect you from cold grounds and will smooth over any Jeep Grand Cherokee sleeping platform you might have installed in your Jeep.

We recommend the Rightline Gear Air Mattress, the mattress has a thick mattress that is less likely to get punctured or leak air, the high-quality designs make the Rightline Gear Air Mattress durable, its also one of the lightest air mattresses that can be compressed and will fit your Jeep Grand Cherokee cargo space.

The Rightline Gear Air Mattress is a multipurpose mattress that is higher off the ground than other air mattresses that can be used in your camping tent or a tailgate tent for your Jeep and also use to sleep inside your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Sleeping inside a Jeep Grand Cherokee Tip: It’s important to park your Jeep on flat surfaces and sleep with your head towards the front of your Jeep, if you park at an angle, make sure to position the Jeep so that your head is above your feet, this will give you more elbow room, and also to protect yourself in case you have a tailgate tent installed.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Recovery Gear

To be self-reliant and confident in your travels, you will need to invest in recovery gears that will get you unstuck or get you out of sticky situations you might encounter when driving or Overlanding in remote areas. For Jeep camping beginners you don’t need a lot of recovery gear, just essential equipment that is handy in case you get yourself in a sticky situation.

So here are a few of the essential recovery gear you will need for your next Jeep Grand Cherokee Camping expedition:

Jeep Grand Cherokee Winch

Unlike the Jeep Wrangler which has ample winch installation points, your Jeep Grand Cherokee offers little room for winches, however, you can have a hidden winch installed inside your front bumper and strongly supported by your Jeeps frame, make sure to make minimum holes in your Jeep frame when installing the winch to prevent your Jeep frame from rusting, or use a sealant to seal the surfaces perforated.

We recommend purchasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee winch mount, that will allow you to install any kind of winch available on the market. One of the best winch mounts that can fit Jeep Grand Cherokees and have used it ourselves is the Rough Country Hidden Winch Mount that supports Jeep Grand Cherokee manufactured between 2014-2022.

After purchasing the Rough Country Hidden Winch Mount, you now purchase a winch to install on your Jeep, we recommend the Smittybilt X2O GEN2 10K Waterproof Wireless Winch with Synthetic Rope that can fit perfectly your modified Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The winch’s Overall Dimensions are 22.3″L x 5.4″W x 9.4″ H which fits perfectly inside your Jeep Grand Cherokee front bumper.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Recovery Strap and Soft Shackles

If you are wondering whether to buy a recovery strap or a tow strap, we have a solution for you, we recommend buying a recovery strap and soft shackles that combined make a tow strap. This is a budget and will offer you more recovery options than buying recovery straps and tow straps.

One of the best recovery straps we have used on our Jeep Grand Cherokee is the ARB Tree Saver Strap, which you can use to unstuck yourself by tying it on trees you will find off the grid, or other recovery vehicles that want to help you, and the Bubba Rope Gator-Jaw Pro Synthetic Soft Shackle. Both items can be purchased through the links below:

With the ARB Tree Saver Strap, Bubba Rope Gator-Jaw Pro Synthetic Soft Shackle and a quality recovery winch such as Smittybilt X2O GEN2 10K Waterproof Wireless Winch with Synthetic Rope recommended above you’re not just keeping yourself covered when With camping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, but also you will be able to assist others while on Jeep Trails and off roads.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Tire Repair Kit

You should always have a spare tire with you when camping in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, we recommend purchasing the Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit as your Tire repair kit, not only does the repair kit come packed in a rugged plastic box ideal for camping, if features all the tools you will need to repair a flat tire, and offers much stronger strings that are ideal for rough roads that you will frequent when camping.

Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit will permanently patch and plug unwanted holes in your Jeep Grand Cherokee much more quickly in case of a tire puncture when camping in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s a low-cost accessory that you should have in your camping Jeep Grand Cherokee that will save you from the struggle of replacing a flat tire, or worse having to go back home instead of enjoying your camping trip.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Jerry Can.

You might need to carry excess fuel to last your camping trip travel needs, normally in off-road adventures, you will have no access to gas stations which might be few or far between, and having a Jerry can with extra fuel always ensure you are well prepared unless you own a hybrid Jeep Grand Cherokee that you can find Jeep Charging stations deployed in remote areas and off-road Jeep Trails.

For more details and an informative post on the best Jeep Jerry cans, please head over to our previous post on the Best Jeep Jerry cans for off-roading and Overlanding.

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