The 10 Best Overland Fire Pits for Easy Campfires

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Overland fire pits are easy to set up and more efficient when it comes to burning wood, charcoal, or propane. This means an Overland fire pit is a budget-friendly Jeep kitchen or camping accessory that burns slower and hotter without producing much smoke.

What is Jeep Overlanding?

Your Overland campfire is a huge responsibility, and it’s your responsibility to understand Campfire safety for Overlanders, and a solution lies in a portable Overland fire pit that is easy to set up and uses without having to worry about digging holes or excessive smoke from your campfire,

Whether you are looking for the perfect Jeep Kitchen stove, a campfire to keep you warm, or just to create an ambiance for your Overland expeditions – we have the best Overland fire pits available on the market for you to choose from for your next Jeep Overland Expedition.

Camping with a Jeep Wrangler enjoying the warmth of an Overland Fire Pit

Top 10 overland fire pits

Here is our top ten list of the best Overland fire pits that use propane for your Jeep Overlanding, or Jeep Camping expeditions:

1. Biolite Fire Pit

The Biolite Fire Pit is the perfect Overland fire pit for your camping fire and cooking stove in one place. It will take you only 30 seconds to start a fire for cooking or warming yourself after setting up your Overland tents and Awnings. The Biolite Fire Pit gives you an option of either using charcoal or wood if you are camping in the woods, and don’t have a propane tank in your Jeep camping gear.

One of the most unique features of the Biolite Fire Pit is that it features an internal fan that you can run for 30 hours after charging it, considering most Overland meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare, you might need only a single charge for your Overland expedition.

The fan of the Overland fire pit can be controlled using your smartphone using the Biolite App which can control the fan speed that will control how fast you can cook, or how hot you need your campfire to be to fully personalize your cooking and Overland experience.

2. Winnerwell Flatfold Fire Pit

Most Overlanders have limited space to store their camping gear and accessories, if this is your case, the Winnerwell Flat fold Fire Pit is the best Overland Fire pit for you.

The Winnerwell Flatfold Fire Pit is a lightweight and small Overland fire pit that folds completely flat when not in use, you can store it on any flat surface in your Jeep, and won’t take much space. It’s made from aluminum making it lightweight, long-lasting, easy to clean, and corrosive resistant when it comes in contact with water.

The Winnerwell Flatfold Fire Pit uses wood or charcoal to provide a more natural fire experience while helping you keep your campfire safety in check. We recommend it to our readers because this Overland fire pit only weighs 10 pounds, and it’s easy to store in your Overland build, making it one of the best Overland fire pits on this list.

3. UCO Flatpack

On our hunt for an easy-to-store Overland fire pit, we came across UCO Flatpack is similar to the Winnerwell Flatfold Fire Pit design, it folds completely flat, however, it is made from solid stainless steel.

The UCO Flatpack Overland fire pit has a pop-up design, and you can use either wood or charcoal for a more traditional fire experience that you can use for camp cooking or warning yourself on a chilly night/day.

Most Overlanders have limited space for storage of their camping gear, the UCO Flatpack is a perfect solution that boosts fitting in a traditional backpack, and folds up like a book, that you can store on any flat surface. It’s also lightweight – if you are in the market for a small, foldable Overland fire pit, the UCO Flatpack is one of the best solutions for you.

4. Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

The Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 will improve your Overland experience by providing you with a smokeless fire experience. The Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 is excellent in retaining heat generated by burning wood, allowing you to less wood and cook fast than traditional fire.

What we love about the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 is its design, the Overland fire pit has lots of ventilation that lets air in the fire pit keep your flame strong and maintain it for as long as possible.

Campfire safety has also been considered in designing the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0, which features a removable ash tray for easy dumping of your ashes, this allows you to maintain your camping grounds and keep them from scattered or blown out ashes.

5. Fireside Outdoor Popup

The Fireside Outdoor Popup is an Overland pop-up fire pit that uses either charcoal or wood. We do recommend the Fireside Outdoor Popup Overland fire pit because it meets and exceeds the regulations placed by the forest service and BLM land regarding campfire safety.

The Fireside Outdoor Popup is well-designed and folds down for portability and transportation on your Overland vehicle. Because of its height, you will have no trouble using it on cleared grounds, and protect yourself and the camping grounds from accidental fires.

We recommend the Fireside Outdoor Popup for eco-conscious Overlanders looking for a small portable Overland Fire pit that takes less than two minutes to set up and use.

6. Heininger Portable Propane Stove

Heininger Portable Propane Stove is a portable Overland fire pit that uses gas for a smokeless cooking experience. The Heininger Portable Propane Stove is approved by CSA Approved  Overland fire pit that you can use during fire bans, meaning that you can cook anytime you want when Overlanding.

The Heininger Portable Propane Stove is heavy than other Overland fire pits recommended on our list, this means you have to consider its weight not to exceed your cargo weight on your trailer or Overland build, it weights 22 pounds, a cooking stove is essential Overland equipment you might consider it due to its ability to keep your fire burning evenly during windy seasons.

The Heininger Portable Propane Stove uses 58,000 BTUs, boosts having an efficient propane use compared to other Overland fire pits, it’s worth noting that the span diameter of the Heininger Portable Propane Overland fire pit is 19 inches.

7. Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit

There is a reason the Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit is a great Overland fire pit, the fire pit uses an open flame cooking experience from wood that Overlanders can make use of, Open flames are good for grilling on the go, and also bring in the heat for warming yourself at the same time.

The Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit has a steel grate for grilling on the go, making it perfect for preparing Overlanding meals such as hot dogs, smores, and other simple and easy meals.

The design of the Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit cooking grate allows sitting to swivel at 360 degrees making it easy to use when hot, the height of the cooking grate can be adjusted to personalize how you cook and warm yourself during camping.

8. Primus Kamoto Portable Fire Pit

We have included the Primus Kamoto Portable Overland fire pit because of the foldable design that makes it easy to pack and store in your Overland vehicle, the Overland fire pit uses both wood and charcoal which makes it ideal for camping and Overlanding.

The Primus Kamoto Portable Fire Pit features a Swedish design with a large detachable square cooking grate, that you can use with your family for group cooking activities. Another great feature of the Primus Kamoto Portable Overland Fire Pit is the windbreakers on the side that makes sure your fire stays evenly spread out when cooking.

The Primus Kamoto Portable Overland Fire Pit also features air ventilation at the bottom, allowing for air to flow in the fire pit keeping your fire burning out all night as long as there is wood or charcoal in the fire pit. The ventilation at the bottom allows for the accumulation of ash in the ashtray to catch any ash that might fall from the fire pit.

9. Breeo Y-Series

The Breeo Y-series Overland fire pit is one of the best Overland fire pits in the market, it features double-sided walls that have bottom ventilation holes that let air in the fire pit.

The air holes at the bottom of the fire pit allow efficient col airflow into the fire pit, the manufacturer boosts the fire pit to being smokeless because of the design, such as the ventilation system, and the design.

You can use easily available wood, or charcoal on the Breeo Y-series fire pit, it allows you to have an open flame that is good for grilling on the go and cooking your favorite camping meals.

The Breeo Y-series Overland fire pit features a secondary combustion technology that traps hot air in the inner walls allowing it to remain hot for an extended time compared to other Overland fire pits highlighted in this post.

10. Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio

The last Overland fire pit on our list is the Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio Overland Fire pit, It’s one of the best Overland fire pits in the market, this is because its made of stainless steel and has a foldable design that makes it easy to pack in your Overland vehicle, easy to set-up and use, and features everything you will need to cook food when camping.

The Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio has a rectangular-shaped cooking grate that makes it easy to cook as a group, it only weighs 4.8 pounds, which is 1/3 less compared to propane tanks, and it features a rectangular fireplace and holding place that also traps ash. The fire pit is ideal for one-sitting cooking as the ash is not separated from the wood or charcoal when using it.

It’s perfect for wet and cold climates where making fire is difficult, and for these reasons, it lacks ventilation holes, it’s good in that it contains your fire making it an environment-friendly Overland Fire pit.

Overland Fire Pit Safety.

We have included a Video below explaining the hazards caused by fire pits, and safety precautions to take when using a fire pit from WPRI News Fire Pit Safety Feature:

Frequently Asked Questions.

We have some answers for your most frequently asked questions regarding Overland fire pits:

Is it worth getting a fire pit?

Yes! A fire pit is a budget-friendly Overland essential; you will need it to cook and keep yourself warm during the night, a fire pit also creates a unique ambiance when camping with your friends and you and your camping buddies can enjoy warm night storytelling or listening to music in off the grid.

It’s worth noting a fire pit creates a traditional fireplace experience and has many uses in your Overland expeditions.

What should you put in a fire pit?

You can use wood, charcoal, or briquettes in your Fire pit, some users also use other traditional alternatives such as corncobs.

What should you not burn in a fire pit?

You can use wood, charcoal, or briquettes in your Fire pit, some users also use other traditional alternatives such as corncobs.

What should you not burn in a fire pit?

It’s not safe to place plastics, garden weeds, magazines, or painted or treated wood, this will create too much smoke and will cause a fire that is not worth cooking with on your fire pit.

Can you just let a fire burn out in a fire pit?

We recommend putting out your fire when you are not using it, or when going to sleep, you can use anything from sand, water, or dirt to put out your fire. When camping you don’t want accidental fire.

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