Jeep Frame Rust Treatment & Body Rust Repair.

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One thing that Jeep owners complain about is Jeep frame rust, which makes them a high-maintenance SUV or truck to own, most people resort to rhino lining their Jeeps to protect them from rust, and they also make sure to use a heavy-duty type of paint that is resistance from scratches and abrasion.

Despite the efforts of maintaining your Jeep, some owners still complain of rust on their Jeep frames and other parts of their Jeeps. Some Jeep owners also complain of rust on their door panels and hinges, and on the Jeep body, the paint peels, flakes, bubbles, and get blisters.

Are Jeeps prone to rust?

Yes, Jeeps are prone to rust because of how we use them, we use our Jeeps for off-roading and Overlanding in extreme temperatures, especially during the summer, and winter seasons, this is because they are the perfect vehicles to use during these conditions.

Most Jeeps are used as daily drivers, or off-road vehicles and can be a target of rusting on exposed metal surfaces that lack moisture-proof finishing, using your Jeep in extreme weather conditions also accelerate the rusting process and rust spread if you do not maintain and take care of the exposed parts of your Jeep.

In this post we will highlight why Jeeps are prone to rust, and what to do when your spot rust on your Jeep. We will help you protect against the spread of the rust to other parts of your Jeep, and preventive measures you can use to conquer rust.

Jeep Frame Rust Treatment & Body Rust Repair.

Do Jeep frame rust?

Yes, Jeep frames rust! This is because they are prone to be exposed to water, road salt, and other dirt you might collect when off-roading or Overlanding. The elements sit on the frame for a long and over time the frame will start rusting and eats the Jeep’s frame and body.

If you are buying a used Jeep, we recommend inspecting the Jeeps frame to make sure there are no rust on the frame and the undercarriage of your Jeep, rust is an expensive problem to repair and can cause more problems as the rust starts to spread on the rest of your Jeep parts. If you own a Jeep with a rust problem you should keep your eyes on the rust parts and fix them as soon as you spot them.

Rust on your Jeeps frame and body is caused by iron oxide, a chemical reaction when your Jeep’s metal body and frame get exposed to oxygen and water, corrosion and rust on Jeep frame and body are common, and one way to spot Jeep rust problems is to check the floor, frames, undercarriage and the beds.

Once rust starts t set on your Jeep, it’s an issue and will spread to the rest of your Jeep parts just like an infection unless you treat the rust problem.

Why do Jeeps rust?

When Jeeps are bought from the factory, they have minor issues such as exposed seams, gaps, and metal-to-metal joints, the metal on the Jeeps frame and body have contours that trap water in case of rain or during a car wash, and when water gets in touch with exposed metal parts it starts to rust.

The most prone Jeeps are off-roading Jeeps, they are exposed to various kinds of elements such as mud when Jeep mudding, abrasive elements when off-roading in your favorite Jeep trails, and also mall crawlers are also prone to rust attacks because they are always parked in shades and water doesn’t dry up quickly.

Customized Jeeps are also prone to rust issues, most custom Jeeps have their factory parts removed and replaced with aftermarket parts, some of the aftermarket parts are not a perfect fit and might leave some gaps that might lead to the metal parts of your Jeep exposed, it also takes some time to finish customizing your Jeep to the desired state, and the exposed metal area as you wait for Jeep parts is prone to rust.

How do I fix rust on my Jeep?

Can you repair a rusted Jeep frame and rusted body? Yes, you can repair a rusted Jeep frame and rusted Jeep parts, we will go over a step-by-step process that will help you repair a rusted Jeep frame and Jeep body, we will also list down tools and suppliers you will need to repair a rusted Jeep frame and body.

Supplies and tools you will need to fix rust on a Jeep.

Read through the list of tools and supplies you will need to fix rust on your Jeep, the entire process of fixing the rust on your Jeep might take a few hours or longer depending on how serious the rust is on your Jeep.

Personal safety tools and supplies.

You will need protective eyewear, a dust mask or a respirator, gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants, if you have an overall that would be better.

Products you will need to fix rust on your Jeep.

You will need rust-removing spray or gel, wax and grease remover, applicators, primer, and some paint.

Tools you will need to remove rust on your Jeep.

You will need a clean rag, masking tape, an electric drill with a wire brush, a sanding block, sandpaper, and fine-grit disks.

For stripping rust and pain on your Jeep, we recommend purchasing a 3M 7771 Stripper Brush, 4″ Diameter disk that will fit a standard drill you have in your home, this will make it faster to remove paint and rust on your Jeep:

If you need to remove rust and paint using a sanding disc, we recommend purchasing a HongWay 300pcs 2 Inches Sanding Discs Pad Kit from the Hongsway store:

You will use the sanding disk to sand down your fillers, or smoothen up rough surfaces on your Jeep frame and body when fixing up your rusted parts. The kit has a 1x ¼ inch metal shaft that can fit your home drill.

When it comes to repainting your rusted Jeep parts, clean the surfaces before applying any protective paint on top, we recommend purchasing Dupli-Color Prep Grease and Wax Remover:

The Dupli-Color Prep Grease and Wax Remover will help you get a quality paint job done and protect your metal surfaces from future rust contamination.

How do I fix rust on my Jeep?

Here is a step-by-step process for fixing the rust on your Jeep.

  1. Wear your safety gear.
  2. Clean your rusted parts and dry the surfaces with a rug.
  3. Use masking tape to mask the area you are working on.
  4. Use the rust removal kit to remove rust on the metal surfaces.
  5. Sand the area with rust using the sanding disk.
  6. Use the wax and grease remover we recommended in the tools you need section.
  7. Allow the rusted parts to dry.
  8. Sand the area again removing dust and cleaning elements on the surfaces.
  9. Apply body filler on large areas of rust.
  10. Prime the clean surfaces.
  11. Apply paint on the surfaces to prevent rust in the future.

Get Some Professional Help

if large parts of your Jeep Frame are covered with rust seek professional help, rusted frames require welding and reinforcements to repair them, and you will also require your Jeeps body to be lifted to expose the Jeep frames contaminated with rust, so it might not be a DIY job for everyone.

How to prevent your Jeep from rusting.

If you don’t have rust problems on your Jeep, or you have just fixed a rust issue on your Jeep, its wise to know there are measures you can take to prevent your Jeep from rusting in the future:

Store your Jeep in your Garage.

You will need to store your Jeep after use in a protected area away from harsh weather such as rain and sun, you might need to clear up your garage space in order t keep your Jeep safe and safe from rust-inducing elements.

Dry your Jeep after washing it.

You will need to take time to let your Jeep dry after cleaning it, you will need to park your Jeep in a shaded place with enough airflow, for some time before making its way to your garage. You can try using moisture-absorbing packs or a dehumidifier on your Jeep’s interior.

Repaint your Jeep.

You will need to watch out for rust issues on your Jeep, if you see bubbles on your Jeep paint it’s a sign of rust forming on the metal surfaces, and air might have gotten into the Jeeps metal surfaces, it’s important to inspect your Jeep once a month for rust issues, and fix them as soon as they are spotted to minimize the damage and repair costs.

Application of fresh paint is one of the best ways to prevent rust on old and rust-affected Jeeps.

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