Jeep Wrangler Bolt Pattern Comprehensive Guide

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You will need to know your Jeep Wrangler bolt pattern if you want to rotate your Jeep Wrangler tires, change them due to wear and tear, or just because you want to upgrade your Jeep tires or Jeep wheels.

The number and spacing of the lug holes on your Jeep’s Wrangler wheels are indicated by the lug pattern, sometimes referred to as the bolt pattern. The number of lug holes and the diameter of the circle made by those holes creates make up the two numbers that make up the Jeep Wrangler bolt pattern.

Jeep Wrangler Bolt Pattern

Both the JK & the JL Jeep Wrangler bolt patterns are 5×5 inches, meaning five lug nuts with 5 inches of spacing between the center of the five lug nuts. Older Jeep Wranglers such as the TJ and the YJ have 5 x 4.5 – meaning five lug nuts with a five-inch spacing.

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The table below shows Jeep Wrangler bolt patterns, including their wheel size, wheel offset, lug nut size, hub center bore, and the torque requirements to tighten the lug nuts.

Jeep Wrangler ModelBolt PatternOEM Wheel SizeWheel OffsetLug Nut SizeHub Center BoreFt/Lbs. Torque
YJ Wrangler5 x 4.5 inches15-16 inchesM1/2 x 2071.5 mm75-85
TJ Wrangler5 x 4.5 inches15-16 inchesM1/2 x 2071.5 mm75-85
JK Wrangler5 x 5 inches17-18 inchesM1/2 x 2071.5 mm75-85
JL Wrangler5 x 5 inches17-18 inchesM14mm x 1.5 inches71.5 mm85-95
Jeep wrangler wheels with bolt pattern

Jeep Wrangler YJ Bolt Pattern

Jeep Wrangler YJ has a 5 x 4.5 inches bolt pattern, their factory size wheels are 15-16 inches with a lug nut size of ½ x 20, and the hub center bore is 71.5 mm. you will normally require 75-85 ft/lbs. to torque, a ½ inches lug nut size.

Jeep Wrangler TJ Bolt Pattern

Jeep Wrangler TJ has a 5 x 4.5 inches bolt pattern, with a factory wheel size of 15-16 inches their lug nut size is ½ x 20 with a hub center hole of 71.5. you will need a 75-85 ft/lbs. torque to tighten a lug size of ½ inches.

Jeep Wrangler JK Bolt Pattern

Jeep Wrangler JK bolt pattern has a 5 x5 inches bolt pattern, a JK factory wheel size is 17-18 inches, and a JK lug nut size is ½ x 20 with a hub center hole of 71.5 mm. you will need a lug wrench with 75 – 85 ft/lbs. to tighten a lug nut of ½ inch.

Jeep Wrangler JL Bolt Pattern

Jeep Wrangler JL has a 5 x 5 inches bolt pattern, you will normally find a factory JL with 17-18 inches wheel size, their lug nits are 14mm x 1.5 inches with a hub center bore of 71.5. you will require a lug wrench with 85-95 ft/lbs. to tighten a 14mm lug size.

How To Measure a Bolt Pattern

To measure a bolt pattern, in case you don’t know what type of Jeep you have from the table above, we have made an infographic image below to help you understand how to measure your bolt size correctly with a ruler or measuring tape.

How to measure a Jeep Wrangler bolt pattern infographics
How to measure a Jeep Wrangler bolt pattern

The first step involves counting the number of lug nut holes (as shown in the infographics image above), in our case they are numbered in green from 1-5, this is normal on a Jeep Wrangler. To measure the bolt pattern circle (in red) diameter made by the studs given the odd number, the trick is to measure from the outside edge of the stud (Numbered 3 in Green) to the center of the stud on the opposite side (Numbered 1 in Green), skipping one stud (numbered 2 in green).

In our case, the bolt pattern is 5 (Number of studs in green) x 5 inches (Distance between 1-3 in Green)

How To Torque Jeep Wrangler Lug Nuts.

How to torque Jeep Wrangler lug nuts.
How to torque Jeep Wrangler lug nuts.

We have included an infographic above that shows how to properly torque Jeep Wrangler lug nuts, from the image below, you should tighten lug nut (1) to its proper torque, skip the next lug nut (2), tighten lug nut number (3), skip lug nut number (4), and tighten lug nut (5), skip lug nut number (1), and tighten lug nut number (2), skip lug nut number (3), and check if the lug nuts are properly torqued in that sequence.

Reference your Jeep Wrangler owner’s manual for factory specifications of proper wheel torque. Over torques lug nuts can sheer off and can cause your Jeep to lose control when driving or off-roading.

We have included a video below that explains how to measure your Jeep Wrangler bolt pattern:

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