Best Jeep JK Coolant (Expert Review 2023)

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The best Jeep JK Coolant use HOAT (Hybrid Organic Additive Technology) and OAT (Organic Additive Technology), these two coolants should never be mixed, or a chemical reaction will make them gel or ruin the seals.

As we all know your Jeep JK engine converts fuel into heat and mechanical energy, However, excessive heat will damage your Jeep JK mechanical components. Your Jeep JK has a cooling system that regulates the heat inside the engine to prevent such scenarios from happening. The Jeep JK cooling system uses coolants that are specifically designed to keep temperatures inside the engine at optimal levels.

Some Jeep JK understand they require coolant for their Jeep JK cooling system but don’t know what’s the best Jeep JK coolant to be used.

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So, let’s find you some of the best Jeep JK Coolant.

Best Jeep JK Coolant

Things to look for when buying:

Year of your Jeep JK: The year of your Jeep JK will determine the type of coolant you will use, the Jeep JK from the year 2012 down use HOAT Coolant, and from 2013 and above use OAT Coolant. Make sure you understand this when purchasing Jeep JK Coolant.

Jeep JK Coolant Color: You should also check the color of your Jeep JK coolant before purchasing, OAT (13+) is always purple in color and is rated 10 years 150k miles, while HOAT (12-) is orange and is rated 5 years 100k miles.

This should always be on your mind when purchasing Jeep JK coolant, as a very innocent move can cause Havoc in your Jeep JK cooling system, now that you understand how coolants work and what to look for when purchasing coolants for your Jeep JK, let’s find you the best Jeep JK coolant available in the market.

A full Jeep service involves extra additional checks on your Jeeps components in comparison to basic servicing, checking on wear and tear, Jeep oil, filters, and belts alongside your coolant are recommended.

Best Jeep JK Coolant

MOPAR Antifreeze

Depending on the year of your Jeep JK, there are two types of Mopar antifreeze available, the first one is the MOPAR HAOT antifreeze and the MOPAR OAT antifreeze, from the year 2012 and below get the Engine Coolant MOPAR Antifreeze/Coolant 5 Year/100,000 Mile Formula HOAT (Hybrid Organic Additive Technology) or equivalent for your Jeep JK

refilling Mopar coolant on Jeep JK

For a 2013 and above Jeep JK, get the Engine Coolant MOPAR Antifreeze/Coolant 10 Year/150,000 Mile Formula OAT (Organic Additive Technology) or equivalent meeting the requirements of Chrysler Material Standard MS-12106.

Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Ready-to-Use Anti-Freeze Coolant

Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Ready-to-Use Anti-Freeze Coolant is specifically for 2012 Jeep JK and below, it uses HOAT (Hybrid Organic Additive Technology) with a 5-year/ 150, 000 miles guarantee.

Valvoline, unlike other coolants on the market, contains a unique ingredient known as Alugard Plus. This additive is in charge of the chemistry that occurs in an attempt to protect your Jeep JK.

When it comes to protection, this universal coolant has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-scaling inhibitors. You can rely on it to protect your Jeep JK engine for a long time. Your Jeep JK cooling system will be safeguarded against overheating and freezing when you use the MaxLife Valvoline Universal Coolant.

This anti-freeze/coolant is available in concentrate or 50/50 RTU. For your Jeep JK, the ready-to-use antifreeze model is ideal. Aside from Alugard Plus, the bittering agent in this coolant is denatonium benzoate.

ZEREX G05 Anti-freeze coolant

ZEREX G05 Anti-freeze coolant is specifically for 2012 Jeep JK and below, it uses HOAT (Hybrid Organic Additive Technology) with a 5-year/ 150, 000 miles guarantee.

ZEREX G05 Anti-freeze coolant contains nitrates that prevent your cooling system and engine from imploding bubbles that direct pressure towards the cylinder liners, creating cavities through which the coolant of your Jeep JK can enter and mix with oil, damaging the engine of your Jeep JK.

What we like about ZEREX G05 Anti-freeze coolant is that it’s from the same company that manufactures Chrysler’s OE G-05 coolant.

How much coolant does a Jeep JK need?

Jeep JK Cooling systemQuantityFluid Type
3.8L Cooling System13 Quarts50/50 Antifreeze/Water
3.6L Cooling System (2013-2018)10.5 Quarts50/50 Antifreeze/Water
3.6L Cooling System (2012)13 Quarts50/50 Antifreeze/Water

Some antifreeze is already premixed with water and you don’t have to add water, some antifreeze is concentrated and you need to add water to achieve the right level of cooling your engine requires, in case you buy concentrated or premixed Jeep JK Coolant, the table above will help you understand how much coolant you need to purchase for your Jeep JK.

What happens if u MIX Coolant colors?

Either you’ll gel up or the seals will be ruined. A lot of these coolants have a special lubricating oil in them to keep the seals which making contact with the cooling system, but when you remove that lubricant, the rubber-type seals harden, crack, and leak, for instance, the seals for the bearings in your water pump, which could potentially cause the pulley to lock up.

How often should you change the coolant in a Jeep JK?

Depending on the type of coolant you are using for your Jeep JK, you can flush or replace it when your coolant has reached 10 years or 150k miles for OAT Jeep JK coolant or 5 years or 100k miles for HOAT coolant.

You should also replace or flash your Jeep JK coolant if your Jeep JK cooling system is not working efficiently, your Jeep JK Cooling system should be inspected regularly and abnormal temperatures are one of the symptoms your coolant system is not working efficiently, overheating can be a very costly affair and you should inspect your Jeep JK cooling system and change your Jeep JK Coolant.

You should also change your Jeep JK coolant when fixing or replacing your Jeep JK thermostat especially if the thermostat had rust, we recommend you leave the radiator off and start the engine for five minutes to allow your coolant to circulate throughout the engine, and refill it if necessary.

If you had mixed OAT and HOAT, we recommend you to flash your Jeep JK coolant as this will lead to a reaction causing some plasticky substances that will clog up your Jeep JK Cooling system components such as the water pump, head, etc. The reaction can also lead to gelling of your coolant and damaging the seals of your entire Jeep JK cooling system.

If your Jeep JK coolant has been contaminated with non-distilled water, we recommend you to flash or replace your coolant, this is because non-distilled water has minerals that can form deposits on your Jeep JK cooling system and radiator, over time the buildup of the deposits can lead to overheating of your Jeep JK.

When you have a clogged heater core, we recommend you flash your Jeep JK coolant, the heater core is part of your Jeep JK air conditioning system, and for it to work it relies on the coolant you are using to deliver heated air inside your Jeep JK or for defogging – you will notice you have a faulty heater core if weak or no airflow. So, drain your Jeep JK coolant before installing a new heater core, transfer the parts working from the old heater core, and reinstall or replace the mounting clamps, hoses, and heater drain tubes.

In case you are interested in learning how to flash coolant in your Jeep JK, watch this:


Now that you have reached the end of our article regarding the best coolant for your Jeep JK, we are sure you have gained ample knowledge regarding how coolants work when you should change your coolant, and the best coolant for your Jeep JK available in the market, you can now make an informed decision regarding the topic to aid in your purchase.

So, the next step that you need to take is to go through the list of coolants we have listed above and take a careful look at their specifications, then and only then will you be able to make an informed decision based on your vehicle year and coolant requirements.

Also, be sure to share this informative post with your Jeep family and friends, especially those who own a Jeep JK, the more people who can benefit from the information we have provided the better.


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