What Jeep Tires Should I Get For My Jeep?

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One of the most replaced and upgraded Jeep parts is your Jeep tires, this is because each Jeep is customized based on the owners’ preferences and how they plan to use their Jeep.

For example; if you want to off-road with your Jeep, there is a high chance you will replace your Jeeps factory tires with off-roading tires, if you are into Jeep mudding, you will need to replace your Jeep tires with Jeep mudding tires, and so on …

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Knowing how you plan to use your Jeep is the first step in determining what tires you should get for your Jeep. However, it’s not easy to choose the best tires, because of the various options available in the market today, and of course, the type of Jeep you have and its customization features.

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In this guide, we will help you choose which Jeep tires you should buy, and highlight a simple guideline for upgrading your Jeep tires.

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Can I put bigger tires on my Jeep stock rims?

Yes, you can fit bigger tires on a stock Jeep rim, however, you need to factor in your stock tire size, and lift to make sure the bigger tires will fit your Jeep perfectly.

Adding a bigger tire without knowing the size of your lift kit might force you to upgrade your Jeep’s lift kit, and the lift kits are not cheap to purchase and install. Understanding what type and size of a lift kit you have will help you determine how tall the bigger tire upgrade should be installed on your Jeep.

Will 33 tires fit stock Jeep?

Yes, you can install 33 tires on a stock Jeep, however, you must first check your lift kit and ground clearance to make sure you can fit 33 on your Jeep.

33 tires are mostly used by occasional and beginner off-roaders, who will drive their Jeeps mostly in towns but will occasionally hit their favorite Jeep trails over the weekend. If you don’t have a lift kit installed, you might need to purchase a lift kit to install 33 on your Jeep.

Can you fit 35 tires on a stock Jeep?

On most Jeeps, you will need to install 2.5 inches to a 3 inches lift kit to install 35 inches tires on a stock Jeep. Installing 35s tires on a stock Jeep will cause problems such as rubbing on your Jeep’s inner fenders.

Most people who install 35 tires on their Jeeps hit the trails more frequently, and off-road with their Jeeps, off-roading with 35 inches will need a lift kit to make sure the tires are given a maximum amount of clearance for the suspension play.

Can I put 37-inch tires on a stock Jeep?

You cannot install 37 inches tires on a stock Jeep, this is because you will need to upgrade your lift kit to 4 inches to fit 37 inches on a stock Jeep.

Most Jeepers who need to upgrade their Jeeps stock tires to 37 inches are involved in extreme off-roading and require high ground clearance to let their suspension and tires have enough playroom.

How much bigger can I go on tire size?

For daily use, you can upgrade your tires with 33, 35s, and 37 inches, however, we don’t recommend more than that for daily use of your Jeep. Bigger tires such as 38 and 40 inches are meant for strictly off-roading and they perform best on off-road driving.

You will need to install at least 6 inches of lift kit to install 40 inches tires, and at least 4 to 6 inches of lift kit to install 38 inches Jeep tires.

Best tires for a daily driver!

If you plan to use your Jeep every day in between off-road and city driving, you will need to choose tires that can handle both rugged roads and pavements. The best tires for daily driving are all-terrain tires, and work well in these conditions with minimum wear and tear.

Upgrading your Jeep tires with mud tires and using them on a daily will not be comfortable, mud tires are noisy and increase your fuel use, street tires on the other hand are not recommended off-road because they lack the traction needed for off-roading purposes.

Do all-terrain tires make a difference?

Most Jeepers buy all-terrain tires, but do they make a difference?

We recommend researching the type of all-terrain tires you are purchasing, all-terrain tires are good for pavement driving and off-roading, and are mostly recommended and marketed for beginners.

If in any case, you plan on using your Jeep in mud trails, you should not purchase all-terrain tires, there are Jeep mudding tires specifically made for these purposes.

What is the best mud tire for a Jeep?

The best mud tires for your Jeep should have some serious treads on the, the bigger the treads the easier it is for them to dig through mud without losing traction.

It’s also important to look for tread patterns on your Jeep mud tires, an aggressive tread pattern will help your Jeep crawl through mud where other types of tires will get stuck. Jeep mud tires vary from company to company, but the common characteristics among them are aggressive treads.

Do Jeeps need winter tires?

Yes! If you live in cold climates that include snow and ice, investing in a set of winter tires would be a good option. Winter tires are better in snow and ice compared to Jeep mudding tires and off-roading tires.

Jeep winter tires are specifically made to offer maximum traction in snow and prevent slippery driving by offering improved turning and acceleration. We also recommend investing in a good winch if you live in such places.


No matter how you plan on using your Jeep, you should research the best types of tires are well based on your climate, use of your Jeep, lift kit options, and the type of Jeep you have, increasing your Jeep tires will improve your Jeep off-road performance, but you might need extra Jeep accessories such as lift kits and body modification to fit bigger tires on your Jeep.

It’s important to note that the bigger the tire you plan on installing on your Jeep, the more medication you might need to have the bigger tires installed on your Jeep.

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