Big tires for Jeep Patriot (Upgrade Guide)

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Do you have a stock Jeep Patriot and looking forward to buying big tires for Jeep Patriot? This article is a good reference for you and contains not only wheels and tire combos, but also a guide on upgrading you’re your Jeep Patriot tires.

According to our research, many Jeep Patriots have 16” and 17” inch rims on a stock Jeep Patriot, those wishing to upgrade their 16” tires can upgrade to bigger tires of 235/65/16, and Jeepers with 17” rims can upgrade to bigger tires up to 225/65/17 without experiencing any rubbing or modifications.

We noticed installing tires larger than 235/65/16 on 16” factory rims and 225/65/17 on 17” factory rims, you will need spacers, lift kits and pinch weld modification because the tires will not fit.

Check out our Metric to Standard Jeep Tire Conversion Chart to make sure you have the right tire size for your Jeep. For more information on our research on how big tire size you can install on your Jeep Patriot, we have prepared this Big tires for Jeep Patriot (Upgrade Guide) for you.

Big tires for Jeep Patriot Buyers Guide

As a word of caution before we start this topic, it’s important to note that if you still have the original stock rim, it’s safe to fit big tires up to 20 millimeters wider than stock. We recommend understanding the size of your rims and their size because the actual big tires you will get will be determined by the width of the rim.

For bigger tires for Jeep Patriot shoppers, we have designed a tire size marking infographics image below that will help you understand your current tire sizes and the tires you should upgrade, you will find the tire size marking on the sidewall of your Jeep Patriot tires.

Tire size infographic explaining tire sizes, the numbers on the image are 215/60r17, it sows 215 is the wall of the nominal section of the tire, 60 is the height of the tire sidewall as the percentage of the nominal section width, R is for radial construction, and 17 shows the diameter of the tire inner rim in inches.
Tire Size Chart

Use the “tire size chart” infographics image above to read your current tire sizes, and check beforehand the big tires for Jeep Patriot you are buying if they are compatible with your current Jeep Patriot wheels and rims size, making sure you are well informed about your current tires and upgrade compatibility will prevent you from buying tires that will rub against the calipers or side of your Jeeps wheel well, and also stuff the fender because some tire upgrades require a wheel spacer, Jeep lift kit installation and bigger rims to fit.

Quick Tip: We also have a Jeep Patriot tire size table below, to help you know your Jeep Patriot tire sizes

One important thing to know before buying bigger tires for Jeep Patriot:

There are two ways to install wider tires on a Jeep Patriot, plus sizing or upsizing.

Plus-Sizing: Plus sizing a Jeep Patriot involves increasing the width of your Jeep Patriot tire with a low-profile tire (rule: sidewall height of 5-10% for each 1-inch increase in wheel diameter), the benefits of plus sizing is that this will improve your Jeep Patriot handling and cornering.

Up-Sizing: Upsizing involves installing larger diameter tires on your Jeep Patriot wheels that are the same size or bigger. At Jeep Runner, we don’t recommend upsizing on a DIY situation because upsizing impacts the speedometer, Jeep safety, and fuel consumption.

Best big tires for Jeep Patriot (No Lift)

Big tires for Jeep Patriot

To help you decide we have listed the Best big tires for Jeep Patriot, that can fit your stock Jeep Patriot wheels and Rims. The Jeep runner team has done extensive research to help you out on narrowing down your research, several other queries and frequently answered questions will be found at the end of the article:

16-inch Jeep Patriot Rims Tires upgrade options (No Lift)

Jeepers who have downgraded their rims to 16 inches or have 16 inches from the factory can upgrade to bigger tires for Jeep Wrangler, however, according to our research, the biggest tires they can install on their 16” rims without rubbing issues, lift kits, spacers, and pinch weld modifications are 235/65R/16.

Here are our picks for top-rated Jeep Patriot bigger tires for 16’ rims that you can buy right now:

We tried 235/70R/16 on a Jeep Patriot but we had rubbing issues meaning that 235/65R/16 is the safest bet when upgrading to bigger tires for Jeep Patriot, after installing 235/65r/16 on a Jeep Patriot with 16 inches for testing, we had 0.7 inches increase in height, which was good to increase the Jeep Patriot factory ground clearance of 204 mm (Metric) or 8 in (Imperial)

You will also need to install wheel hub-centric rings to fit a small center bore (Hub Bore)

17-inch Jeep Patriot Rims Tires upgrade options (No Lift)

For Jeepers who own a stock Jeep Patriot with 17” rims, you can upgrade your tires to bigger Jeep Patriot tires of 225/65/R17 without any rubbing problem, or modification using wheel spacers or lift kits installations, after testing 225/65/R17 on our Jeep Patriot 2,0L CDRI we got zero rubs and we recommend upgrading your 205/60R17 tires to 225/65/R17 on your Jeep Patriot.

Choosing the right tire can be a tedious task due to the availability of many brands and tire types, that’s why we have listed the following best bigger tires for Jeep Patriot for owners who have stock 17” Rims and want to upgrade from 205/60R17.

Here are our picks for top-rated Jeep Patriot bigger tires for 17’ rims that you can buy right now:

After upgrading to 225/65/R17 we did notice a slight difference in our Jeep Patriot mileage, and the speedometer has an increase of 5MPH, we recommend using a ScanGauge – SG2 which will update you with a real-time speedometer after customizing it to fit your bigger tires Jeep Patriot.

Tires larger than 225/65/R17 on your Jeep Patriot that came with 205/60R17 will need a possible wheel spacer, Lift kit, or cutting off the fender liner and bashing down the pinch weld mod with inches for tire clearance.

17-inch Jeep Patriot Rims Tires upgrade options (With Lift)

If you have a Jeep Patriot lift kit and 17-inch rims you can install 225 70 17’s on your Jeep Patriot, 225 are a little bit taller but the 235s are wider which means you will also need a Wheel spacer because the wider 235s will rub on the struts – big tires for Jeep Patriot are good for handling and Jeep off-roading because of improved traction due to increase of contact surface.

Tip #1: Installing wheel spacers without knowing what you are doing might make the rubbing issues worse because sometimes wrongly installed spacers might increase the arch towards the struts making the new wheels move back and forth further than in the factory, we recommend having a wheel expert to install your spacers, lift kits and wheel upsizing so that they can check your rim and tires combo alignment.

Tip #2: It’s important to note that upgrading your Jeep Patriot tires to bigger ones with a lift kit or spacers might void your warranty whether you are on a third-party warranty or Jeep extended warranty.

Jeep Patriot wheel sizes

Stock Jeep Patriot wheel sizes are just normal touring tires, which are great for driving on the highway and the city. Having driven them ourselves we can say that these stock wheels have great traction on dry and wet surfaces, and are comfortable when in rough terrain, the only thing that makes Jeepers look for big tires for Jeep Patriot is that factory Jeep Patriot wheel sizes don’t offer much traction for off-roading.

Listed below are some of the Jeep Patriot wheel sizes, that came installed on the last 2017 Jeep Patriot.

Jeep Patriot Options PackageTire SizeWheel (Rim) Size
SUV 4D High Altitude 2WD 4 Cyl.P215/60TR1717 X 6.5 in.
SUV 4D High Altitude 4WD 4 Cyl.P225/60TR1717 X 6.5 in.
SUV 4D Latitude 2WD 4 Cyl.P215/60TR1717 X 6.5 in.
SUV 4D Latitude 4WD 4 Cyl.P225/60TR1717 X 6.5 in.
SUV 4D Sport 2WD 4 Cyl.P205/70TR1616 X 6.5 in.
SUV 4D Sport 4WD 4 Cyl.P205/70TR1616 X 6.5 in.

Jeep Patriot Tires size & Upgrade Options.

The table below shows different Jeep Patriot tire sizes, their respective bigger tire options, Tire sizes you will need lift kits/ spacers, and the common issues on why you will need lift kits or spacers on extremely bigger tires.

Stock TiresBigger Tires (Option)You will need a Lift Kit/SpacersIssues
215/60R17225/65/R17225/70 17’sRubbing
225/55R17225/65/R17225 70 17’sRubbing
215/65R17225/65/R17225 70 17’sRubbing
235/65R17225/65/R17225 70 17’sRubbing


Want to upgrade your Jeep Patriots stock tires to bigger Jeep Patriot tires, Jeep Runner team (James and Mark) consists of an expert in tires plus sizing, up-sizing, lift kit installation, and everything Jeep that’s why we started this blog for Jeepers to share our knowledge and expertise.

We hope this article has been helpful and you have found the best bigger Jeep Patriot tires, with the right size, type, and tread style to improve your ground clearance, handling, and off-roading.

Frequently asked questions

Will 235 65 r17 fit on a Jeep Patriot?

Yes! you can fit 235 65 r17 on a Jeep Patriot with 17-inch rims without rubbing, lift kits, or mods, however, these are the biggest tires for Jeep Patriot that can fit a 17-inch lift without modifications, spacers, and lift kits.

What rims will fit a Jeep Patriot

You can have 16 inches rims with 205/60R16 to 235/65R/16 on a Jeep Patriot, you can also install 17 inches rims with 215/60R17 to a maximum of 225/65/R17 without plastic trimming, rubbing, or scrubbing.

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