Jeep Sky One Touch Leaking: How to Fix 2023

Is your Jeep sky one touch leaking? If you are one of the owners of a Jeep Wrangler with sky one-touch power top problems, I know your sorrows, and my suggestion is to repair the leak as fast as possible to avoid more damage to the interior of your Jeep.

Jeep Wrangler Sky One touch roof provides an open-air experience for Jeep Wrangler owners fortunate to have them in their Jeeps, however, the new Jeep Sky One touch has been reported to leak when it rains, in the car wash, and any place it comes into contact with water.

You should fix the Jeep sky one touch leaking problem as soon as you spot wet patches in your Jeep interior and upholstery, Jeep sky one touch leak is a symptom of a huge problem that your Jeep sky one touch is facing, we will highlight some of the possible reasons and how to fix them, if the leakage is not resolved you might require a professional to take a look at your Jeep sky one touch.

Jeep sky one touch leaking

Sky One-Touch Power Top Problems

One of the main reasons why the Jeep sky one-touch power top is leaking is due to some sort of physical damage, it’s also a sign that the sky one-touch power top has design problems during its manufacture since most Jeep sky one-touch leaking problems associated with physical dame this will be the main focus of this article.

The main reason why sky one touch might start leaking:

Below we will go over some common issues that might cause your Jeep one-touch power top might start leaking more detail:

Jeep Sky One-Touch Power Top Obstacle Detected

The Jeep sky one touch opens and closed automatically with the touch of a button located at the upper part of the windshield on the driver’s side. One of the problems that can cause your Jeep sky touch to leak is calibration issues where the sky one touch roof doesn’t close and open automatically, and the Jeep Infotainment system will alert you with a pop-up message “Power Top Obstacle Detected”

To fix the problem your will need to calibrate the sky one-touch power top, as shown in the video below:

Calibrating Jeep Sky One touch Roof will now let you close the roof completely and no water will leak into your interiors, back windows, Jeep roll bars, or upholstery.

Loose Jeep Sky One-Touch Power Top

Another reason why your Jeep sky one touch roof is leaking water when it rains, or in the car wash is related to a loose sky one touch seal or loose parts of the sky one touch becomes loose such as the plastic crossbar popping up.

To put the seals back together or to repair a loose part of the sky one-touch roof, you will need to open and remove the sky one-touch power top and repair it by tightening the loose parts, applying the seal, calking, or coating agent to the leaking locations and letting it cure.

To remove your sky one-touch power top, check out the video below:

Jeep worked on the engineering of the sky one-touch roof; however, leaks are common if damage occurs on the power-top roof.

Dents On The Sky One-Touch Power Top.

Dents on your sky one-touch power top are a common reason why the roof might start leaking, dents on the sky one-touch power top can be caused by many things such as overloading your roof, you might have some camping gears such as roof racks, roof tents, gas cans, kayak racks that are in contact with sky one-touch power top, and over time the weight can put the sky one-touch power top to give away.

Separation Of The Sky One-Touch Power Top Header Seal

Separation of the sky one-touch power top header seal and they are pretty common, some of the problems you will encounter include leaking water in the interior, and wind noise that increases as you increase your driving speed. The main cause of separations is usually moisture.

 If water gets behind the sky one-touch power top, and the water management system is not able to channel water out of the roof, it can start to decompose the glue holding everything together which over time will result in your Jeep sky one touch leaking.

You should inspect for any separation on the roof, and tighten the bolts which might be loose, it’s a rubber or fiberglass that is loose fix it up.

Sky One-Touch Power Top Sun Damage.

The sun might be one of the major reasons your Jeep sky one touch is leaking, the parts waterproofing the sky one touch are made of rubber and fiberglass/plastic and over time they might be disfigured by the weather, and over time might lead to your Jeep sky one touch leaking.

We recommend repairing the waterproofing features using a sealant, if possible, after applying a sealant we recommend coating the calk to protect the weak parts.

Heavy Jeep Roof Racks and Awnings.

Jeep Roof Racks and Jeep Awnings made from heavy elements such as steel are quite heavy and might speed up the separation of your sky one-touch power top and its frame, speeding up the rate of separation and sky one-touch power top leaking.

We recommend checking for any separations, and remove heavy awning or roof racks, and replacing them with aluminum roof racks and other gears on top of your Jeep.

Here are some of the top lightweight’s Jeep Awnings available for your Jeep:

Loose Sky One-Touch Power Top Bolts.

Another reason why the Jeep sky one touch is leaking is because of a loose bolt on the roof, a loose bolt and washer will let water into your Jeeps interior through the bolt hole, Jeep sky one touch leaking might be because the washers and the bolts are not seating properly on the roofing panel, and the waterproofing feature is no longer feasible.

One of the easy ways to repair a loose bolt and washer that is causing water leaks on the Jeep sky one touch is to tighten down the bolts with additional torque.

How to fix Jeep Wrangler Roof Leaks

Here is an in-depth video explaining how to fix leaks on your Jeep Wrangler including roof leaks, sky one-touch leaks, and door leaks – If you don’t know which parts of your Jeep JK/JL are leaking – and you just found water patches in your Jeep interior, this video will help you figure out possible vulnerable points your Jeep might leak water through …

Final Words.

We have just highlighted some of the common reasons why your Jeep sky one touch is leaking and how to fix the leak, the most common reason why your Jeep sky one touch leaks is due to a sealant that was installed in the factory failing or damaged. If fixing the sealant doesn’t fix the issue, it might be a loose sky one-touch part such as a bolt or sealant.

Other causes of a leaking Jeep sky one touch are a damaged sky one touch with dents or cracks in the fiberglass materials underlayment.

If you don’t find what caused the water leaks, dents, or separations, and you can’t repair the leak, we recommend contacting a professional mechanic, attempting to repair the sky one-touch roof rack might be risky and cost you a roof rack replacement if things go wrong.

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