Jeep JK towing capacity: 2023 Expert Guide

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Wondering what is your Jeep JK towing capacity? You’re in the right place.

The two-door Jeep JK model can tow up to 2,000 pounds, and the four-door Jeep JKU model can tow up to 3,500 pounds for safety reasons, it’s best to never come within 10% of that total.

The towing capacity of the Jeep JK makes it the perfect vehicle for a variety of tasks, from light-duty hauling to long-distance towing.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Jeep JK Wrangler’s towing capacity and what it means for your towing needs. We’ll also provide a few tips on how to make the most of your Jeep’s towing abilities.

Jeep JK towing capacity

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Understanding Jeep JK towing capacity

The Jeep JK towing capacity has been a topic of discussion among Jeepers, mainly concerning how much weight the Jeep JK can pull, and in this article, we will discuss the things you need to know when towing with your Jeep JK (two-door) and how much weight exactly you can pull with a JK with a towing capacity of 2,000.

Let’s say you want to tow a 1,000 pounds Jeep trailer, what do you need to know?

Jeep JK Towing Capacity = 2,000 pounds

Dry Weight of the Trailer (Empty) = 1,000 pounds

You will be safe towing the trailer with a dry weight of 1,000 pounds

Understanding Jeep JK Payload Capacity.

Payload capacity is the total weight the empty trailer can hold, let’s say the total weight the trailer can hold is 500 pounds. You can find the payload capacity of your Jeep JK on the driver-side door Jam of the vehicle on the label.

Let’s say the payload capacity of the trailer is 500 pounds.

Jeep JK Towing Capacity = 2,000 pounds

Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight Rating = 1,000 pounds (Dry weight of Trailer) + 500 Pounds (Payload Capacity)

Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: This is the maximum weight of the dry weight of the trailer, and its payload. You will be safe to tow a 1,500-pound Gross Vehicle weight rating with a Jeep JK towing capacity of 2,000.

Things that might affect your Jeep JK towing Capacity.

Curb weight

Curb weight is the weight that the Jeep JK has when in factory conditions. A Jeep JK is considered to be in good condition when its curb weight is near the manufacturer’s suggested weight. The curb weight of the Jeep JK is dependent on the year the Jeep JK was made, here is a list of the Jeep JK Curb weight:

Jeep JK (2 DOOR) ModelJeep JK Curb Weight
Base or SE3,759 – 4,262 lbs. (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)       
Sport or X / X-S or Sport S3,759 – 4,262 lbs. (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)       
Sahara (includes Unlimited trim)               3,876 – 4,211 lbs. (1,758 – 1,910 Kg)       
Rubicon (includes Unlimited trim)3,792 – 4,104 lbs. (1,720 – 1,861 Kg)       
Rocky Mountain Edition (2009)3,759 – 4,262 lbs. (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)       
Islander Edition (2010)3,759 – 4,262 lbs. (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)       
Mountain Edition (2010)3,759 – 4,262 lbs. (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)       
70th Anniversary Edition (2011)4,005 lbs. (1,817 Kg)      
Freedom Edition (2012)4,075 lbs. (1,848 Kg)      
Arctic (2012)      4,262 – 4,288 lbs. (1,933 – 1,945 Kg)       
Moab Edition (2013)      4,262 – 4,288 lbs. (1,933 – 1,945 Kg)       
Polar Edition (2014)        4,262 – 4,288 lbs. (1,933 – 1,945 Kg)       
Overland Edition (2013)4,217 lbs. (1,913 Kg)      
Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition              4,262 lbs. (1,933 Kg)      
Rubicon X Edition (2014)              4,262 lbs. (1,933 Kg)      
Willys Wheeler (2015)   4,075 lbs. (1,848 Kg)      
Golden Eagle (2017)       4,075 lbs. (1,848 Kg)      
Rubicon Hard Rock (2015)            4,104 lbs. (1,861 Kg)      
75th Anniversary Edition (2016)  3,951 lbs. (1,792 Kg)      
Backcountry Edition (2016)         3,951 lbs. (1,792 Kg)      
Black Bear / Black Edition (2016)               3,759 lbs. (1,705 Kg)      

When you add the Curb Weight of the Jeep JK and the Payload Capacity of the Jeep JK you get the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the Jeep JK.

Gross combined Weight Rating = Jeep JK Gross Vehicle Weight + Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight

The Gross Combined Weight Rating of the Jeep JK can be found on the manual of your vehicle.

You should not exceed the gross combined weight rating of your Jeep JK.

In our example, let’s say the Jeep JK has a GVWR of 2,500 pounds + a Trailer GVWR of 1,500 Pounds, you should not exceed the Gross Combined Weight Rating specified on the Jeep JK Manual.

Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight: The downward force from the trailer tongue to your Jeep JK hitch is known as tongue weight. In other words, it’s the weight of your loaded trailer that rests behind your Jeep JK back axle. The tongue weight of the trailer should be between 10-15%.


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