Jeep Charger Types and Speeds

Jeeps can be charged using different electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) charging at different speeds. There are currently two main Jeep charger types, which include Jeep Level 1 Charger and Jeep Level 2 Charger which use a J1772 connector.

Although a Level 3 charger that uses Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) exists, they are mainly used in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) which bypassed the onboard charger to charge the battery directly, Level 3 charger contains a different type of plug connector (CCS connector) that doesn’t fit on a Jeep, the different plugs and sockets of the Level 1 Charger, Level 2 charger and Level 3 charger are shown in the image below.

Jeep Charger Types Illustration showcasing different charger levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Chargers. Included in the image are sockets and plugs associated with these chargers, Level 1 and Level 2 chargers are marked compatible with Jeeps, and Level 2 chargers are marked not compatible with Jeeps. Voltage specifications of 240V, 120V, and 480V is indicated below each respective charger, along with DC Fast Charging on the Level 3 charger are indicated as texts. Connectors such as J1772 and CCS connectors are depicted as images and text.

Since Jeeps only support Level 1 and Level 2 Chargers with J1772 connectors, this will be our main focus for this article, and we will highlight in depth the two types of chargers, how they differ, their application, their charging speeds, and costs.

Jeep Level 1 Charger.

When we got our Jeep 4xe, it came with a Jeep Level 1 charger that plugs into a standard 120 volts home outlet and was able to recharge our Jeep in 12 hours, the level 1 charger is ideal for Jeepers who want to charge their Jeep once a day due to its slow charging speeds, it’s even nicknamed the trickle charger and we recommend it for Jeepers who park their Jeeps for an extended period at home.

  • Range Per Hour: Approx. 4 km per Hour of Charge.
  • Charging Time: 12 Hours (Ideally Overnight) to fill up a 17-kWh Jeeps battery which offers up to 22 miles of electric range.
  • Location: Residential.
  • Cost to Charge: The cost to charge your Jeep with a Level 1 Charger depends on your energy provider rates, Jeep model, and your driving habits, for example, if you are charging your Jeep with a Level 1 charger at 120V using 15 amps, (resulting in a multiplication of 120 by 15, yielding 1800 watts, or 1.8 kW). [In terms of the billing, the consumption is calculated at 240 volts and 15 amps, resulting in 3600 watts, or 3.6 kW]. With a cost of $0.15 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), your charging costs will amount to $0.27 per hour, accumulating to $3.24 to charge your 17-kWh battery full in a span of 12 hours.

Jeep Level 2 Charger.

A Jeep level 2 charger offers higher AC charging by using a 240V outlet in residential applications, Jeep level 2 chargers can charge your Jeep up to six times faster compared to a Level 1 charger that is normally shipped with your Jeep. Jeep level 2 chargers puts out 32 Amps, 7.7 kW maximum (adjustable) of power and we recommend it for Jeepers who use their jeeps as a daily driver and commute more than 40 miles.

  • Range Per Hour: Approx. 18 km per Hour of Charge.
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours of fast charging to fill up a 17-kWh Jeeps battery which offers up to 22 miles of electric range.
  • Location: Residential and Commercial Use. (Level 2 Charger Home Installation Guide)
  • Cost to Charge: The cost to charge your Jeep with a Level 2 Charger also depends on your energy provider rates, Jeep model, and your driving habits, for example using a 240V with 32 amps will result in a charging session that consumes 7,680 watts (7.68 kW). Taking the same electricity costs that we used on a Level 1 charger of $0.15 per kilowatt-hour during the two hours it will take to fully charge a 17-kWh battery full it will cost you a total of $2.31. which is less by $0.93 cheaper compared to using a Level 1 charger.

Considering a Jeep Level 2 Charger, here is our Guide on the Best Jeep 4xe Chargers

Is it cheaper to use a Level 2 charger?

Yes, using a Level 2 charger proves to be notably cheaper. While charging with Level 1 costs $3.24, Level 2 charging amounts to only $2.31. This represents a substantial 28.7% cost reduction, making Level 2 charging the financially savvy choice for your Jeep.

Costs Calculation:

Difference = $3.24 (Level 1) – $2.31 (Level 2) = $0.93

Percentage Reduction = ($0.93 / $3.24) * 100% ≈ 28.7%

When comparing the expenses, it’s evident that charging with a Level 2 charger incurs $2.31, whereas utilizing a Level 1 charger results in a higher cost of $3.24. This means that by opting for the Level 2 charger, you save $0.93 per charging session.

In percentage terms, the cost reduction achieved by switching to a Level 2 smart charger is approximately 28.7%. This significant cost reduction further solidifies the Level 2 charger as the more economical and prudent choice for charging your Jeep.

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