Jeep Charger Extension Cord: J1772 Extension Cord

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A reader asked us if they could use a Jeep charger extension cord because they bought a Jeep charger and installed it, and after installation, they noticed the cable was not long enough to charge their Jeep; they have a wide garage, although the installed charger can charge the Jeep near the charger, it’s not able to charge the charger at the far end, and they have to move the charged Jeep to charge the next Jeep.

“According to Jeep’s owner’s manuals, the guidance is clear and direct: refrain from using extension cords for charging your Electric Jeep.”

— Important Notice

Summary of Recommended Jeep Extension Cords (J1772 Extension Cord)

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🥇 Best Choice Inteset 21ft 40amp J1772 EV Extension Cord, Made in USA – for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Carrying Bag, Ultra-Flex Cable, UL Listed Parts Check Price On Amazon
🥈 Runner-Up Lectron 40 ft / 12m J1772 Extension Cable Compatible with All J1772 EV Chargers – Flexible Charging for Your Electric Vehicle Check Price On Amazon

Risks Associated with Using a Jeep Extension Cord.

There is no clear explanation for why Jeep doesn’t want you to charge your Jeep with extension cords, so we asked an EV Charger Electrician why they think Jeep doesn’t recommend the use of extension cords, and they responded that Jeep doesn’t want to be liable for the problems caused by third party extension cords.

Here are four good reasons you should use a Jeep extension cord according to a qualified EV Charger electrician, and why make sure you plan your electric Jeep buying process and also Jeep charger purchase to make sure you get the required manufacturer-approved cord and length of your Jeep charger.

Fire Safety Hazards.

He explained that 3-5 electric cars catch fire when charging, and there has been an increase in home fires, with more than 3,000 homes catching fire due to electrical-related problems leaving more than 30 dead and 300 injured.


Charging your Jeep also requires more electricity and heavy-duty cords of 16-amps (3.7 kW) up to 80-amps (19.2 kW), while the common house appliances will need 15 or 20 amps. Therefore, EV chargers and cords should be thicker and heavy duty to handle more power than average or smaller gauge wires in typical extension cords.

Using a Jeep extension cord designed for these high-power needs of a Jeep charger can cause the Jeep extension cord to overheat, potentially causing house fires, electrical short circuits, damage to your Jeep charging system, onboard charger, or other safety hazards.

The length of the cable also affects how effective the Jeep charger can charge your Jeep, as both the wire gauge and the size of the extension cords jeopardize its ability to charge your Jeep.

Voltage Drops.

Another issue with using an extension cord is voltage drops; the longer the Jeep extension cord, the more voltage drops there will be; if you are using a Jeep level 1 charger that’s supposed to charge in 12 hours, it will take more time to charge with a Jeep 4xe level 1 charger extension cord due to the voltage drops, if you are also using a Jeep level 2 charger that’s supposed to charge your Jeep in 2 hours it will take more due to slow charging due to voltage drops.

Voltage drops also have effects on your Jeep battery and onboard charger; if you have a Jeep smart charger that can manage its load or your onboard Jeep charger requests more current than the extension cord can handle, it can lead to your Jeep extension cord overheating and other safety and electrical hazards.

Electric Shock or Electrocution.

Another safety risk associated with using a Jeep charging extension cord is electric shock; a Jeep charger is more volatile when connected to a Jeep extension cord, and rerouting the power supply from your Jeep charger power supply through an extension cord will compromise your power transfer, making inserts and removals of your Jeep charger plug even riskier.

Jeep Warranty Void.

Since Jeep doesn’t approve the use of extension cords, using them can void your Jeep warranty, Jeep recommends using only approved chargers to ensure safety and reliability, using a different charger or using an extension cord to charge your electric Jeep can not only be dangerous, but it can also invalidate your Jeep warranty whether you are on the Jeep Wave Program or the Jeep Extended Warranty, leaving you responsible for the damage and repairs needed by using a Jeep aftermarket extension cords.

There’s no beating around the bush.

With such risks and many factors to consider before purchasing an EV charging extension cord, automakers, including Jeep, advise against using extension cords, multi-outlet power strips, splitters, grounding adaptors, surge protectors, or similar devices.

Automakers recommend their chargers, which are tested and certified by relevant authorities such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), SAE International, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CE (Conformité Européene), NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and CSA Group, and having the Jeep charges installed by registered and certified EV charger installers.

Can I Charge My Jeep with an Extension Cord?

Yes, you can use a Jeep extension cord/ J1772 extension cord to charge your Jeep; however, you will need a 32amps extension cords that can charge at 7.2kw; standard extension cords for home use 10-20 amps and will lead to overheating, voltage drops, and so many other issues that can cause electrical and safety problems including voiding your Jeep warranty since Jeep doesn’t recommend the use of extension cords.

Many Jeep Owners Are Ignoring Factory Warnings About Using Extension Cords.

We visited some of the home installations with extension cords. Before we highlight the Jeep extension cords they are using, we were able to get so much information and guidance that they have considered before the installation of the Jeep extension cords.

What Do You Need to Know?

The first thing that you should know, if you haven’t purchased a Jeep charger, you should first make sure you are buying the right length. Jeep charging cables are available in different sizes of 3M, 5M, and 10M, with aftermarket Jeep charging cords reaching more than 15M, choosing a Jeep charger with a longer extension cord gives you more flexibility. Still, you should be able to handle some of its issues, such as storage of the heavy cord options and the high costs associated with long Jeep charging cords.

A visual representation of the Jeep Charger Holster Dock, featuring a Plug Dock for neat charging plug storage and a J-Hook providing convenient cable storage.

Designed for Jeep Level 1 and Level 2 Chargers, this purpose-built accessory eliminates the need for DIY solutions, Its J-Hook holster accommodates Jeep charging cables of 3/5/10m or more, perfect for aftermarket Jeep chargers with extended cords. Unlike makeshift solutions, our Dock provides superior protection, shielding your Jeep charger plug from dust, water, and outdoor elements during storage.

Get a 32A Jeep Extension Cord.

A Jeep charger uses 32 amps (7.7kW) of maximum power; for these reasons, you will need an extension cord that can deliver 32amps of energy; we recommend choosing a Jeep extension cord that can charge at 7.2kw for these reasons you will need a 32A Jeep extension cord, 16A extension cords exist and are cheaper. However, they are only able to charge at only 3.6kw.

Choose the Right Length of a Jeep Extension Cord.

Before purchasing an extension cord, we recommend ensuring you understand the length required and only buy a cable with the size necessary; this way, the Jeep extension cord you purchase will be practical and easy to use and store. It is also important to note that the Jeep extension cord has length affects how much power you are likely to lose due to voltage drops due to resistance.

A Longer Jeep extension cord will have a high current resistance, and running current through the cable will cause a voltage drop in proportion to the length of the line, as shown in the table below:

J1772 Extension Cord Length (M)Voltage Drops (%)

That’s why it’s recommended that you know the extra length needed and only purchase a Jeep extension cord and nothing more.

Choose the right Jeep Extension Cord Cable Quality.

With so many extension cables, there are so many aftermarket Jeep extension cords available in the market today; the first thing is to make sure your purchase a J1772 Extension Cord; this is because Jeep chargers use a standard J1772 (J Plug), also known as SAE J1772 connector.

After making sure the cable has an SAE J1772 connector, you should also make sure the line is made from better materials and stronger protections that will make the cable durable and provide more robust protection against everyday Jeep charging, making them easier to use on routine charging and storage mainly due to the long extension cords. For example, after using high-quality Jeep chargers on our Jeeps, we noticed that high-quality Jeep chargers remain flexible in cold conditions, and low-quality cables become stiff and unwieldy in low temperatures.

Water getting into the terminals and your Jeep is also a common issue that you should avoid when choosing a Jeep extension cord; water getting into the terminals over time will cause corrosion and poor electrical connections; one way to prevent this problem is to make sure you opt for a Jeep extension cord that has caps to prevent water and dirt when the cable is in use or when stored.

Consult an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) professional.

To set up a long-term, at-home charging station, consult a licensed electrician and an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) professional. Turn off your EV completely before every charging session when charging yourself at home.

Choose a Jeep Extension Cord with Functional Accessories.

If you are purchasing a Jeep extension cord, you should make sure it has the proper storage and usage accessories; accessories such as brackets, straps, and storage bags are essential for the use and storage of the Jeep extension cord when it’s not in use, you can use the straps and brackets to store the Jeep extension cord in your garage and also use the storage bag to keep your Jeep extension cord in your Jeep trunk.

As we all know, there has been a rise in EV chargers; getting a lockable docking unit or a storage unit alongside your Jeep charger would be an added advantage, as high-quality Jeep extension cords are expensive.

Best Jeep Extension Cords Recommendations.

Now that you have read through some of the guides we got from Jeepers who have installed Jeep extension cords, it’s time to highlight some of the Jeep extension cords they use for their Jeeps and, afterward, highlight some of the safety precautions they take when using their Jeep charger set-up with extension cords. So, make sure you also read the safety measures highlighted after the Jeep extension cords recommendations section.

We visited Jeepers who have installed Jeep extension cords in their home or workplaces, interviewed them, and got to experience how the chargers and extension cords are set up by different individuals based on individual needs; we also invested 3 hours per Jeep extension cord to get a first-hand review of how long the Jeep extension cords to take to charge a Jeep from low battery to complete, and similar hours to learn more of the set-up and Jeep charging process using an extension cord for both Jeepers with an average level 1 charger and Jeepers using a level 2 charger.

All Jeep extension cords in this guide have a J1772 (J Plug) and are specifically designed for electric Jeeps, and they have the proper ratings and certifications to handle the high-power demands required when charging your Jeep.

Best j1772 extension cord: Jeep Charger Extension Cord

At our heart is to make sure safety is our priority. We only recommend investing in high-quality gear to Keep your Jeep running like a dream, and for these reasons, only two J1772 Extension Cords made it to our list of the best Jeep charger extensions. They Include:

Inteset J1772 Extension Cord, Made in USA

Our first Jeep extension cord that most Jeepers install we visited was the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord Made in the USA. We recommend it for the versatility of the installation options offered by the J1772 Extension Cord manufacturers. Having seen over five Inteset J1772 Extension Cord Jeep charging set-ups, we are thrilled to guide you through the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord features that will offer flexibility in your Jeep charging processes.

Before purchasing the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord, you should know two essential versions of the interest extension cord: the first versions use 40amps, and the second version use 48amps.

If you are looking for an extension cord for the standard cord/ 12-amp level 1 charging cord that comes with your Jeeps, we recommend the 40amp Inteset J1772 Extension Cord. However, if you are looking for a J1772 Extension Cord for your Jeep Level 2 charger with Jeep innovative charging capabilities, we recommend a 48amps Inteset J1772 Extension Cord; both extension cords can deliver at least 32-amps (7.7 kW) and, ideally, 40-amps (9.6 kW) of power.

When it comes to sizes, there are different sizes available depending on your specific needs; you can choose between 12ft, 20ft, 21ft, and 30ft which all have additional amps capabilities.

Why We Picked the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord

Now let’s talk about the set-ups of various Jeepers using the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord; most Jeepers are using 40amps versions for their level 1 charger; however, almost all Jeepers with a Level 2 smart charger are using the 48amps versions; however, all the 40amps and 48amps versions are compatible with both level 1 and level 2 chargers.

Inteset J1772 Extension Cord Plug

Depending on your Jeep charger extension requirements, the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord offers flexibility in terms of cable lengths with 12ft, 20ft, 21ft, and 30ft cords; most Jeepers have chosen the perfect size for their charging cables, and they understand that you don’t need extra cable due to voltage drops, careful planning was done, and we spotted shorter 12ft, 20ft, and 2ft on tight garages, and longer cables of 30ft on distant charging stations.

Level 1 chargers require a 120V, and a Level 2 charger requires 240V outlets; using those calculations, we can get the voltage drops of the different lengths of the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord summarised in the table below (we used the resistance per unit of 0.000394 ohms/foot of the high-quality copper conductors used on the cables.

Cable LengthCurrent (A)Resistance (ohms)Jeep Level 1 Charger Voltage Drop (V) at 120VJeep Level 1 Charger Voltage Drop (%) at 120VJeep Level 2 Charger Voltage Drop (V) at 240VJeep Level 2 Charger Voltage Drop (%) at 240V
12 ft40 A0.004728 ohms0.5674 V0.4728%1.1348 V0.4728%
20 ft48 A0.007152 ohms1.0118 V0.8432%2.0236 V0.8432%
21 ft40 A0.005232 ohms0.8424 V0.7020%1.6848 V0.7020%
30 ft40 A0.007092 ohms1.0642 V0.8868%2.1284 V0.8868%
30 ft48 A0.008511 ohms1.2817 V1.0680%2.5634 V1.0680%

All Jeepers are comfortable with the Voltage drops caused by the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord, which are minimal and well within acceptable limits; the 40amps and 48amps extension cords offer exceptional performance without compromising on safety; we asked if the extension cords heat when under load, and no one had a problem of the cable overheating when charging their Jeeps both for Jeep level 1 charger and Jeep Level 2 chargers. The time it takes to charge the Jeep using the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord is so similar to using the chargers without the extension cords that no one notices the difference in speeds.

The Inteset J1772 Extension Cord is as hardy as the Jeeps and made from high-quality UL-listed parts such as the J-1772 Plug with Cover, J-1772 Receiver with Cover, and the Flex-Cable Made in the USA. All these parts are designed with durability in mind. The plug and receiver firmly latch on the Jeep and Jeep charging stations to prevent accidental disconnects offering seamless compatibility. The caps protect against dust and water contamination when the charger is not in use to protect the terminals, the flex cable, and the rigid plug, and the receivers resist wear and tear, and most chargers look new despite months of use indoors and outdoors (IP65).

We also found out that most Jeepers use their extension cords as portable extension cords, and 90% of Jeepers store their cables in their Jeeps and use the inteset carrying bag with the charger. The Inteset J1772 Extension Cord designs make it easy to handle and store, and the UL Listed Flex-Cable, Made in the USA, is easy to loop and stretch, considering the cable management required when using extension cords. It doesn’t stiffen in cold weather.

One thing we noticed is that you will need cable management when using the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord and also when storing it; Jeepers who have purchased the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord buy the extension cords accessories as an add-on, such as the Inteset EV Charger Plug Dock and J-Hook for SAE J1772 Connector EVSE Electric Vehicle that offers a convenient plug wall mount in the plug dock, and hanging point for the cables in the J hook to reduce tripping hazards and provide a clean cables management option in your garage.

All Jeepers using the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord recommended it. They say that the extension cord has seamlessly integrated into their Jeep charging routine, solving their main problem from its versatile length options, performance, friendly design, and availability of additional accessories.

Lectron J1772 Extension Cable

The second-best Jeep charger extension cord is the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable, it could have been first, but it lacks in terms of length options compared to the Inteset J1772 Extension Cord, Made in the USA; the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable is only available with the 20ft/6m or the 40ft/12m options and supports up to 40amps Jeep charging.

Almost all Jeepers know someone who uses the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable; ever since extension cords became a topic on Jeep forums, the first and most recommended product was the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable; although extension cords are not standard, some Jeepers swear on the convenience and the efficiency of the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable.

We verified the compatibility of the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable with Jeep Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, bridging the gap seamlessly between your Jeep and the charging station.

The downside to the cable is that Lecron offers only two length options, 20ft and 40ft options, Jeepers who want anything in between are left with no choice and have to purchase an extra lengthy cable, this is something that we saw on a garage where only a 30ft extension was required, but now the owner has to deal with an extra 10ft of charging code and an increase in voltage drops due to the unnecessary long cord.

Lectron J1772 Extension Cable
The second-best Jeep charger extension cord
Lectron J1772 Extension Cable The second-best Jeep charger extension cord

If you require only 20ft or 40ft cable, this is the suitable cable for you; if you need anything apart from this Jeep extension cord length, we recommend looking for a Jeep extension cord length variety from Inteset J1772 Extension Cord.

One thing that caught my eye was that the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable is only available with the 40 amps capacity; it will still work with Jeep Level 1 and Jeep Level 2 chargers allowing for rapid and efficient charging whether you need the 20ft or 40ft Jeep extension cord.

There were a lot of subpar J1772 Extension Cable, but what made us include the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable is the serious conductivity for security and build quality. The inlet of the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable has silver-plated inlets which, unlike copper, don’t overheat. It offers excellent conductivity, which means efficient charging without compromising overheating. Jeepers report no significant drop in charging speeds when using the cable with a level 1 and 2 charger.

Most Jeepers we interviewed and visited use the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable daily for more than three hours, and all Jeepers have no complaints about the charger, even some admitting they abuse the Jeep extension cable all the time, thanks to its ABS plastic and IP66 waterproofing rating the Lectron J1772 Extension Cable is ideal for both indoors and outdoor Jeep charging.

For cable management, Jeepers use the Lectron EV Charger Nozzle Holster, Alloy Steel, Dock, and J-Hook Combination for J1772 Connector and recommend purchasing the charging extension cord accessory for more accessible plug and extension cord management when the Jeep extension is not in use.

The Lectron J1772 Extension Cable easily integrates into Jeeper’s Jeep charging routines, and Jeepers rarely notice the difference, just the newfound convenience and freedom of eliminating charging stations’ length limitations.

In Conclusion, Don’t Do It

As we don’t have a Jeep extension cord installed; we visited Jeepers who have installed and use Jeep extension cords in their garage to charge their electric Jeeps at home and workplaces; our visit was to mainly research the Jeep extension cords they are using, why they recommend it, the problem they face with the Jeep extension cords, and finally their daily Jeep charging processes to mitigate the risks and ensure a safe and reliable Jeep charging experience.

We also asked why they are using Jeep extension cords despite the risks of using EV extension cords. Most Jeepers said that they use extension cords to charge their Jeeps when they can’t reach the nearby power outlet due to another vehicle blocking the charging point, fleet management of their Jeeps using an intelligent charging feature, not able to relocate the Jeep electrical charging outlet due to one reason or another are some of the common reasons given by Jeepers using Jeep extension cords.

If you have to use a Jeep extension cord, we have provided some of the guides recommended by Jeepers using extension cords to ensure safe and reliable operations. We have also highlighted some of the Jeep extension cords they use, making your research more straightforward since the recommended Jeep extensions have the right J1772 (J Plug) and are specifically designed for Jeeps, with proper ratings and certifications to handle high power demands.

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