Best Jeep JK Ball Joints in 2023

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We have compiled this list of the best Jeep JK ball joints, through our own experience and understanding of the function of ball joints especially on our Jeep trail-hitting Jeep JK, Daily driving Jeep JK, and Highway hitting JK.

Jeep JK suspension and steering components are wearable items, and eventually, the ball joints and some of the suspension and steering components will wear out, Jeeps JK that are heavily modified with lift kits and bigger wheels normally wear out their ball joints much quicker than factory stock suspension and steering kits.

upper Jeep JK ball joint location

For this reason, we understand when you want to replace your Ball Joints you want to replace them with the best Jeep JK ball joints in the market, to increase their longevity. Our list of the best Jeep JK ball joints consists of very well-built, strong, and durable ball joints compared to Jeep JK factory ball joints.

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Things to Look For When Buying The Best Jeep JK Ball Joints

When shopping for the best Jeep JK ball joints, we recommend looking for premium heat-treated steel, as ball joints movable parts on your Jeep JK suspension system they tend to wear out quickly, premium heat-treated steel; last longer and will reduce your Jeep JK ball joints replacement costs.

Jeep JK Ball Joint
Jeep JK Ball Joint

If you will replace the ball joints at home, you should have the right tools to complete the ball joint replacement steps highlighted below, we have included the steps and tools required to replace ball joints at home, and there is also a how-to video linked below to help you pick the right tools and follow through the step-by-step process when installing the best Jeep JK ball joints. You can also buy the Jeep JK ball joints replacement kit highlighted below.

Best Jeep JK Ball Joints.

Here is our list of some of the top-rated Jeep JK Ball joints:

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Jeep JK Ball Joints

Jeep JK Ball Joint Installation Steps.

Ball joints installation is a labor-intensive installation requiring at least 2 hours of your time to replace ball joints on a Jeep JK, when replacing Jeep JK ball joints we normally have to pull the entire axle, removing the breaks using special tools such as ball joints press.

The tools you will require are a 15mm wrench and a 14mm socket to remove Jeep JK calipers. You will also need to remove the caliper brackets with a 21mm socket, you will also need a crowbar to remove the axle nut, a Jeep JK axle nut requires a 35mm or a 36mm socket. You will also need to remove the wheel hub assembly, a Jeep JK consists of three nuts holding the Jeep JK wheel hub assembly, you will need a 13mm 12T socket to get them out.

From there you need to remove the tire axle that connects to the drive wheels, you will have an exposed nut at the top & bottom with a safety ring, you have to remove them, the top bolt with a safety pin requires a 718, you will also need to remove the drive link and the tire rod. To replace the top and bottom Jeep JK ball joint you will need a ball joint press.

Jeep JK Ball Joint Replacement Toolkit
(Editors Pick)

Orion Motor Tech Master Ball Joint Press Kit & U-Joint Puller Service Tool Set 21PCS – Upper and Lower Ball Joint Removal Tool Kit for Ball Joint Service with C-Press

The Orion Motor Tech Master Jeep JK Ball Joint Press Kit performs admirably for ball joints, and replacement on a Jeep JK making the job simple and efficient. You will not be disappointed if you purchase the Orion Motor Tech Master Ball Joint Press Kit. We eagerly await your feedback after you’ve used this tool kit on your Jeep JK.

Jeep Wrangler Ball Joint Replacement Cost

While not every Jeep JK owner might have replacement tools we have, some Jeep JK owners might consider getting their Jeep JK replaced by a reputable garage. Jeep JK ball joints cost $50-$60 dollars per ball joint, considering you want to replace both upper and lower ball joints the cost will be $100-$120 for the ball joints on one wheel. It takes two hours to replace both ball joints in one well so you should expect a total of four hours to replace all four ball joints. Jeep Wrangler ball joint replacement labor costs will range from $100 to $400.


Ball joints are vital components of a Jeep JK suspension system, there are two types of ball joints; a lower and upper ball joint both attached to the steering knuckle.

Jeep JK Upper and Lower Ball Joint location Infographics to help when buying the Best Jeep JK Ball Joints.
Jeep JK Upper and Lower Ball Joint location Infographics

Ball joints hold the wheel to the Jeep JK, the ball joints give the Jeep JK ability for the wheel to move up and down and also allow the wheels to be turned. Now for those of you Jeep JK fans who need ball joint replacement, understanding the functions of the ball joints in your Jeep JK will help you make a decision and only purchase heavy-duty greaseable ball joints.

Your Jeep JK ball joints are a crucial part of your Jeep JK suspension system, they connect your wheel to your suspension system, if you notice any signs of bad ball joints in your Jeep JK you should consider replacing them immediately, this is because bad ball joints will compromise other components of your steering and suspension systems. While replacing your Jeep JK ball joints it’s advisable to check your other components that might show signs of wear and tear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell if you have a bad ball joint?

It’s very easy to identify if you have a bad Jeep JK ball joint, the first signs will be a cranking or squeaking sound caused when your Jeep suspension system moves up and down, especially when you hit the trails, or when traveling on rough surfaces. The cranking or squeaking voice will be caused by the ball joint rubber boot that protects the grease inside the ball joint, when the rubber boot is worn out the grease will wear off and the ball joint will start to squeak when in contact with the ball joint socket.

Can I drive with bad ball joints?

You should NOT drive your Jeep with bad ball joints. A bad joint on your Jeep JK will cause your steering and suspension components to wear out, if you continue driving with a bad ball joint the worn-out suspension and steering components will make you lose control of your Jeep leading to a crash or injuries. It’s also worth noting that the more you drive with bad ball joints on your Jeep it will be much more costly to repair due to the increased number of worn-out steering and suspension components.

Should I replace the upper and lower ball joints at the same time?

We recommend replacing your lower and upper ball joints at the same time on your Jeep JK, you should also check your steering knuckle every time you are replacing your Jeep JK ball joints as they tend to wear out quickly, we have also noticed it’s a good idea to also check the condition of your brake pads since you will have to remove them when replacing your ball joints.

How often should ball joints be replaced?

You should expect a ball joint replacement after every 70,000 to 150,000 miles of driving, however since we modify our Jeeps with lift kits and bigger tires, our Jeep JK tends to wear off its ball joints much faster than most cars, we also hit the trails frequently on our Jeeps another condition that will cause your Jeep ball joints to wear out fast.


Here’s Why Your Ball Joint Failed

What Are the Dangers of a Bad Ball Joint?

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