Jeep Rubicon Locker Problems [Troubleshooting Guide]

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If you have locker blinking lights and you believe you have Jeep Rubicon locker problems, we have narrowed down some of the causes that might cause a blinking light to occur and some of them might help you fix the problem.

The most common Jeep Rubicon Locker Problems are caused by electrical issues, mainly ground problems caused by the locker harness or internal wiring issues. When this occurs your Jeep Rubicon will signal locker problems, blink the lights of your dash, or engage intermittently.

Jeep Rubicon Locker Problems

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What causes Jeep Locker Problems

Jeep Rubicon locker problems may send the following signals:

Jeep blinking Locker lights

Your Jeep might blink your locker lights especially if the problem is related to electrical issues, that may be in contact due to wearing or other electrical issues. One of the things we recommend doing is unhooking your battery for a few minutes or taking the pressure of the differential which might fix the problem, if the Jeep Rubicon locker problems are not fixed read on more troubleshooting tips below for locker problems that might cause your Jeep locker lights to blink.

Jeep Service Locker message on DIC

You will get a service locker message on DIC if your Jeep ECU senses a disconnect from the harness on either the front or the rear of your differential, in certain cases when you get a Jeep service locker message on DIC the lockers will not engage. We recommend checking the harness plug and if there are signs of an oil leak on the harness or the plug.

Jeep Incorrect reading of your rocker status

Your ECM may be getting signals of issues with your rocker and will signal an incorrect reading of your locker status, the issue may be due to oil leaks on your differential that may be due to clogging or the pressure not matching the specifications. On a Jeep Rubicon without proper grounding, the engine light will Illuminate as a sign of lower power conditions in your transmission system.

Jeep Failure in one or both lockers.

One of Jeep Rubicon locker problems is the electrical or airing problems that might cause one r both of the lockers to fail, loss of power may be caused by poor connection or oil leaks on the lockers, and the locker with poor ground connection will cause a short and may be disengaging and trying to re-engage at times under load. You may need to check your drain plug and plug connectors if they are properly in place.

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Troubleshooting Jeep Locker problems.

Locker blinking lights might be caused by electrical issues if your Jeep Rubicon has:

Jeep Selenoid sensors filled with oil.

The Jeep Rubicon solenoid sensor is electrically powered. The solenoid can stop working if this system or its circuitry has a flaw that can lead to ground problems, the common flaw that can cause blinking locker lights is oil leaks. In addition, the Jeep Rubicon solenoid itself may have an internal electrical problem and start to perform irregularly or not at all. If the solenoid sensor is faulty you will need to buy a new one, the good thing is that you will not need to program it after or before installation.

Jeep Oil leak from the wiring harness

One of the common issues that can cause an oil leak from the wiring harness is il leaks from the plug above the transmission, you will notice oil patches in the wiring harness and the plus itself – you will need to replace the harness connector or the plug above the gearbox that is causing the O rings fails causing oil leaks that might cause electrical issues due to ground faults.

Jeep internal wiring.

Another issue that might be causing your locker blinking lights is coupling issues, if the internal wiring of your Jeep is not properly sheathed they might rub themselves in the coupler found in the differential, and it would be unsafe to drive your Jeep to incase of electrical coupling due to the possibility of connection shorting and ground problems.

Locker Plug Connector

One of the many behind-the-scenes causes of Jeep Rubicon locker problems is the locker plug connector, the pins of the connector may become loose from overstretching, abrasion, moisture, or extreme temperatures. The plug connector might also have poor initial production and the plug might stop working causing your locker light to blink. It’s also a good idea to check your wiring harness if it’s connected properly including orientation or has exposed wires.

Attached is a video detailing Jeep Rubicon Locker Problems caused by electrical failure and a possible fix:

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