7 Best Jeep Gladiator Rooftop Tents in 2024

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A Jeep Gladiator tent is the key to transforming your Gladiator into a self-contained adventure machine. But with so many options, choosing the right one can be daunting.

We Tested the Top Picks!

After combing through features and specs, we weren’t satisfied with just theory. We got our hands dirty (or should we say, dusty?) and set up and tested several rooftop tents specifically designed for the Jeep Gladiator. While we can’t claim to have every single one on this list permanently attached to our Gladiator, we spent significant time with each contender.

This hands-on experience lets us tell you firsthand which features truly shine and which might not be worth the hype for Gladiator owners. We’re confident these tents earned their spots because they impressed us in real-world scenarios, and we’re stoked to share our insights to help you pick the perfect one for your next adventure.

Since the introduction of the Jeep Gladiator in the year 2018, and when we got our first Jeep Gladiator in 2019, we have loved our beast of a truck, and have used it for Jeep camping and off-roading.

The strength of the Jeep Gladiator lies in being an ultimate Overland truck due to Jeep Gladiator’s reliability as both an off-roading and Overlanding truck, for these reasons, there are several tents available in the market for the Jeep Gladiator, and we have compiled a list of the best of the best we thought we would share with our Jeep Gladiator readers.

Jeep Gladiator rooftop tent

But before jumping into the best rooftop tents for Jeep Gladiator, first look at what you should consider before purchasing a Jeep Gladiator roof tent.

What is Jeep Overlanding?

Considerations For Buying A Jeep Gladiator Roof Tent.

When comparing different Gladiator rooftop tents, you should consider the following before purchasing one:

How Many People Will Be Jeep Camping With You?

The Jeep Gladiator is a five-seat pick-up, and perfect for family, most people buy them for family camping and expeditions, and for these reasons, you must first understand that some Jeep Gladiator rooftop tents are bigger than others, some rooftop tents are meant for solo Jeep campers and some are meant for family camping and can fit more than two people.

What’s The Weight Of Your Jeep Gladiator Roof Rack?

When installing a rooftop tent on your Jeep Gladiator you will need a Jeep Gladiator rooftop tent rack, and a rooftop tent, for this reason, you must understand that both of these would not exceed 600-1,000 pounds if the roof rack is well-mounted.

The Jeep Gladiator cabin is rated only 150 lbs, if you will be placing a rooftop tent on your Jeep Gladiator it would be best if you put a tent over the bed of the Jeep Gladiator, this means you might need to purchase both a roof rack and a bed rack to fit a Jeep Gladiator roof top tent.

Check out our article on the best roof racks and bed racks in the links below:

Ease Of Use Of The Jeep Gladiator Rooftop Tent

There are two types of rooftop tents, hard-shell tents, and soft-shell tents, Jeep Gladiator hard-shell tents are easier to install and use than Jeep Gladiator soft-shell tents. This is because the Jeep Gladiator hard-shell tent is used as the roof of the tent, while the soft-shell tent has to be covered after every use.

Jeep Gladiator hard-shell tents are designed to be opened through the use of pistons, while the soft-shell tents have to be installed and set up just like you will set up a ground tent. This in short means it will take less time to set up a hard-shell tent than setting up a soft-shell tent.

Your Jeep Gladiator Rooftop Tent Budget.

I understand you have a budget for your Jeep Gladiator Overland Build, for this reason, you must understand that the more features a rooftop tent has, the more expensive it is, for example, hard shell tents are more expensive than soft shell tents and so forth.

7 Best Jeep Gladiator Rooftop Tents.

We have researched and reviewed some of the Jeep Gladiator rooftop tents available in the market, and this is what we found for your beloved Jeep Gladiator:

Best Premium Option: Rugged Ridge Outland Roof Top Tent

The Rugged Ridge Outland Roof Top Tent is one of the best rooftop tents for the Jeep Gladiator, it has a large sleeping area that can fit up to three people and a waterproof exterior, and it’s easy to set up on your Jeep Gladiator.

The Rugged Ridge Outland Roof Top Tent would be an ideal rooftop tent for a couple and solo Jeep camping. You can also fit the rooftop tent in your other camping SUVs such as the Jeep Wrangler and other Compact SUVs.

Rugged Ridge is one of the leading Overland manufacturing companies, and for these reasons, they have rooftop tents that are compatible with other Overland accessories available in the aftermarket to help you get more out of your purchase. You can fit a Jeep Gladiator awning alongside this tent, and your Overland Solar panels.

Pros: Can fit up to a group of three camping, and fits most compact SUVs for multi-use purposes.

Cons: It’s rather expensive, and it’s not easy to set up, being a three-person tent it’s not ideal for solo Jeep campers.

Best for Families: Smittybilt Gen 2 Overlander Tent XL

If you camp with your family the Smittybilt Gen 2 Overlander Tent XL Jeep Gladiator rooftop tent is ideal for you, the roof tent can fit up to four people, and it will also save you from lighting up your tent as it has LED Lights included and placed strategically for a bright night when camping.

The features of the rooftop tent include an aluminum ladder and mosquito nets on doors and windows that shield you from mosquitoes and other insects when you sleep.

Another great feature of the Smittybilt Gen 2 Overlander Tent XL is that it’s big enough to fit a king-size mattress, and can fit all your bedding and sleeping accessories for easier packing and management, this will free up your Jeep Gladiator bed rack and cabin for other Overland gears and accessories storage.

The Smittybilt Gen 2 Overlander Tent XL is a soft-shell Jeep Gladiator rooftop tent, which is ideal for keeping your rooftop lightweight, it’s also waterproof and keeps rain and other elements of water from getting into contact with your beddings.

Pros: The Smittybilt Gen 2 Overlander Tent XL is large enough for the family, and can be used as a storage option.

Cons: The Smittybilt Gen 2 Overlander Tent XL is a soft-shell rooftop tent and it’s not easy to install and set up.

Best for Couples & Solo Jeep Camper: Emergenci Rooftop Tent

Emergenci Rooftop Tent is ideal for Solo and Couple Jeep Gladiator campers, they are easy to set up and takes less than a minute due to its pop-up design, which pops up to create a living space for up to two people.

Emergenci Rooftop Tent gives you an option of either a triangle or a rectangle pop-up rooftop tent that you can fit on your Jeep Gladiator based on your personal preferences. The rectangular rooftop tent gives you ample headroom around the entire tent while the triangle one doesn’t. however, both rooftop tents will give you enough room to hug out and enjoy a game of cards while viewing the outside through the tent’s large windows.

Emergenci Rooftop Tent uses a 280TC 2000 waterproof lattice cloth that is strong and waterproof, the 280TC 2000 waterproof lattice cloth is breathable and prevents condensation buildup inside the tent.

Pros: It’s an easy-to-set-up rooftop tent, ideal for solo campers.

Cons: not ideal for a family since the Jeep Gladiator is a family truck.

Best Jeep Gladiator Soft Shell Tent: Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent

Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent is well designed to make sure it fits the needs of any Jeep Overlander; the tent features a plate base with an anti-condensation mat that protects the tent from condensing after sleeping in it.

We listed the Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent as an ideal Jeep Gladiator rooftop tent as it can comfortably fit up to three people, the Jeep Gladiator is a family truck, so the rooftop tent would be an ideal soft shell rooftop tent overland accessory for any young couple.

Despite being a soft-shell Jeep Gladiator rooftop tent, it features a strong 360g stitched fabric tent cover protected by covered aluminum poles that are sturdy and long-lasting, the aluminum supports are good for keeping your Jeep Gladiator roof lightweight.

The Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent also features internal storage compartments to help you keep your rooftop tent organized, you can store your camping torch and protection equipment in the storage compartments for easier reach. The tent also has large windows that keep the light in and allow you to see through them for a night of sky viewing or watching the sunsets and sunrise while camping in your Jeep Gladiator.

The Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent is available in shades of three, blue, olive green, and haze gray which are all good for camouflage camping.

Pros: It features one of the strongest aluminum support systems, and offers plenty of storage compartments inside the tent.

Cons: It’s not easy to install and set up, and it’s not as spacious compared to other three-person tents in this post.

Best Budget Option: Campoint Rooftop Tent Annex

The Campoint Rooftop Tent Annex rooftop tent is one of the best Jeep Gladiator rooftop tents that gives the best bang for your buck, for those who want the cheapest option for a Jeep Gladiator rooftop tent that is big enough and spacious.

The Campoint Rooftop Tent Annex comfortably fits a young couple and a family of three, it can comfortably fit up to three people, making it an ideal Jeep Gladiator rooftop tent.

The tent also features an Annex that can be added on the side of the Jeep Gladiator for added privacy and to protect the entry from insects, you can also use the annex to provide camping shade as you cook, clean, and hang out with your camping buddies.

The tent features large windows protected with a mosquito mesh that protects insects and other elements from entering your tent.

Pros: Includes a storage bag, and has sturdy support.

Cons: Difficult to install and set up, it’s not aerodynamic and loud when it’s windy.

Biggest Options: Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 with Annex, Haze Gray

According to Thule, the Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 is a specious tent ideal for up to four people, it’s one of the largest rooftop tents made by Thule, and it’s made for 600D rip-stop ventilate coated poly-cotton material that protects its occupants from harsh weather making it ideal for Jeep Camping and Overland expeditions.

The Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 with Annex, Haze Gray is ideal for beginners as it’s easy to set up and contains all the necessary features of a camping tent including an annex. The roof of the tent contains roll-up windows and doors, with bug covers. The tent is supported by three pillars that offer support from the center extending outwards.

Being a haze gray rooftop tent, it will allow you to camouflage with nature as you Overland with your Jeep Gladiator, offering you the privacy and protection that you will need with your family.

Pros: Ideal for family, features lots of windows, and has an annex

Cons: Lacks in features, it’s a soft shell meaning that it’s hard to install and set up, and reduces your gas economy due to its large size.

Best Jeep Gladiator Lightweight Rooftop Tent: iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini

The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini is one of the lightweight rooftop tents that we own, we have installed it on our Jeep and it fits up to two people, on its large floor plan and a spacious flip design. The rooftop tents fit our Jeep Gladiator perfectly, and it’s easy to install and set up.

It’s a well-crafted Jeep Gladiator roof tent that is aerodynamic and would save you in gas for these reasons, it’s also lightweight and durable having used it for the last 2 years.

All the windows are large enough to let in light and feature a bug mesh that will protect you from bugs attracted to your lights when camping at night, the screens are also waterproof and are covered by a roll-up cover that is easy to set up and holds using the straps provided.

iKamper has large and smaller rooftop tents, depending on your tent space requirements, however, the rooftop tent is ideal for a young couple looking for a place to sleep when camping and off-roading in their Jeep Gladiator.

Pros: the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini is easy to install and set up, and it features a hard shell that is aerodynamic.

Cons: It’s relatively small for a family, and it’s also expensive.

Final Thoughts.

There are so many Jeep Gladiator rooftop tents claiming to be the best rooftop tents for Jeep Gladiator, It is important to understand your needs and requirements such as if you are looking for a family or solo camping tent, your budget, and the features of the tent you seek.

After understanding your Jeep Gladiator roof tent requirements, you should balance them with your budget and the weight limits of your Jeep Gladiator rack system.

A good Jeep Gladiator roof tent will ensure you have a good night’s sleep and be relaxed and ready when you wake up in the morning, it will also protect you when sleeping at night off-road, and it will also help you conserve your gas mileage by being aerodynamic when mounted on top of your Jeep Gladiator, and to top it all it should add value to your Jeep Gladiator camping expeditions.

Hopefully, we have provided enough information, and you will be able to choose the perfect rooftop tent for your Jeep Gladiator, and soon your beloved Jeep roof will have a tent.

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