Is a Jeep Spare Tire Cover Necessary?

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Jeep spare tire covers are one of the essential Jeep Accessories upgrades you should consider for your Jeep, they increase the longevity of your Jeep tires, and prevent a variety of issues we will discuss in this post. We will also highlight some of the best Jeep Spare Tires available in the Market, that will fit your Jeep Gladiator and Jeep Wrangler spare tire.

We recommend purchasing a Jeep spare tire cover for your Jeep spare tire, covering your spare tire will protect it from the harmful UV rays of the Sun and prevent discoloration of your spare tires, bruises from off-road obstacles, and harsh weather conditions, when off-roading in your favorite Jeep Trails, or when your Jeep is parked outside.

Best Jeep Spare Tire Covers

There are two types of Jeep spare tire covers available in the market today, hard shell tire covers and soft-shell tire covers.

Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover hard shell cover on a Jeep Wrangler JL

When shopping for the best Jeep spare tire, some of the factors to consider include your driving conditions, rear backup camera, and tire sizes, these are the top factors to consider to select a tire cover that can withstand your weather condition and fit your Jeep perfectly.

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Mopar Jeep Wrangler Tire Cover (Budget Friendly)

Mopar tire covers are specifically made for Jeep lovers, they feature a Jeep logo and are made from denim, the Jeep graphics logo is made from scratch resistance, and UV resistance. Mopar tire covers are specifically designed for 32-to-33-inch spare tires.

Jeepers can expect durability from the denim-made spare tire cover from the Mopar store and will fit perfectly on 32-to-33-inch tires without being loose or buggy. The elastic cords or string will tighten the cover around the spare tire.

Mopar Jeep Wrangler Tire Cover is dustproof and waterproof and will protect your spare tire from harmful weather elements.

Moonet Tire Cover for Jeep JL.

There are two types of tire covers available for your Jeep Wrangler, the first one is a Jeep Spare tire cover with a backup camera hole, and the second one is a spare tire without a camera hole, they both fit Jeep wranglers manufactured between the year 2018 and 2021.

If you have a bigger Jeep Wrangler tire, you can check out Moonet 30–32inch Spare Tire Cover, Moneet tire covers are all made from leather and are soft covers. We recommend Moonet spare tire covers for Jeepers who want to protect their Jeep spare tire throughout the year.

They are good for daily driving Jeeps that don’t off-road frequently as off-road Jeeps will get the leather covers torn when brushed with off-road obstacles, we also recommend Moonet spare tire covers to Jeeps when you want to park your Jeep for a long time.

If you have a backup camera on your Jeep JL, Moonet spare tire covers with a backup camera will be perfect for you, the spare tire cover is easy to install and will protect your spare tire and rim from rain, dust, and mud, they feature an elastic band that will prevent unnecessary movement of the cover when installed on your Jeep.

Boomerang 32″ Color Matched Rigid JL Tire Cover

For Jeepers looking for a hard-shell spare tire cover, Boomerang 32″ Color Matched Rigid JL Tire Cover is our top recommendation.

Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover hard shell cover is made of two parts, the outer ring that you will wrap around the treads of your Jeep spare tire, and the faceplate made from thermoplastic that protects the spare tire from damage, both parts are sewn together to make up the spare tire cover.

Boomerang Tire Cover is made for 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers with a backup camera and fits 32 inches tires. We recommend Boomerang tire covers for Jeep Wrangler intended for off-road purposes, the hard-shell cover made from the thermoplastic hard face will protect your spare tire from scratches and off-road elements such as tree branches, rocks, mud, and harsh weather.

Boomerang Tire Cover is also ideal for daily drivers who would like to protect their Jeep from all four seasons of the year elements. Compared to soft shell tire covers like Moonet tire covers, hard shells from Boomerang are long-lasting.

Should I cover the Jeep Spare Tire?

There are various ways to increase the longevity of your tires such as rotating your tires or covering your Jeep spare tire which is the most exposed tire to harsh weather conditions will also prolong the life of your Jeep tires, as you follow through with rotating them.

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Harsh weather conditions can damage your tires, so it’s your responsibility to protect your tires to extend their life and save you on tire replacement costs. We have also outlined some of the benefits of installing a Jeep spare tire cover on your Jeep below:

Covering your Jeep spare tire will protect them from the elements.

Various weather conditions are accompanied by elements that might damage your spare tire, such as snow during winter, dust and UV rays during summer, and water during the rainy seasons, if you don’t protect your Jeep spare tire from these elements your tires will start having sidewall cracks and weak tire treads that will lead to serious blowouts and risk of losing control of your Jeep when you use the spare tire on the road.

Weather-induced elements can also dull your tires making them fade to charcoal gray instead of their original black color, covering your Jeep spare tire will keep them looking good and new.

Covering your Jeep spare tire will also protect your spare rim.

Another additional benefit of having a Jeep spare tire cover is to protect your spare rim, weather conditions such as sunlight damage, dirt and dust, and water can contaminate your spare tire rim causing pits and discoloration of your Jeep spare rim.

Covering your Jeep spare tire will reduce your Jeep maintenance costs.

Jeeps are expensive to maintain, and there are lots of accessories you will need to purchase to personalize and customize your Jeeps, such as Jeep winches, air compressors, and other Jeep modifications accessories. Helpful accessories with low maintenance such as spare tire covers are a plus.

Covering your Jeep spare tire will deter theft of your spare tire.

Jeep tires are expensive, unlike the tires on the ground spare tires are attractive to thieves who might deem them easy to unbolt and steal. Most people use security locks to prevent thieves from removing the spare tire.

A spare tire cover can also work hand in hand with a spare tire lock to protect your spare tire from theft, if you have a hard-shell spare tire cover, some have a locking system in place that will protect your spare tire from being stolen. According to hot cars covering or disguising your items will prevent thefts of vehicle parts, accessories, and items.

Final Thoughts & Tips

It’s our belief you have read through our Jeep spare tire cover guide and that you have understood the many advantages of covering your Jeep spare tire covers, and also purchased some of the spare tire covers we have recommended in this post.

Before installing the spare tire cover on your Jeep as per the manufacturer’s instruction, it’s important to wash the tires and rims and remove the dirt and grim from them with a tire cleaner, you should then allow the spare tire to dry completely and apply tire protectant before covering them with a tire cover, this process will protect and extend the life of your spare tire.

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