Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Issue Troubleshooting & Fix

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Jeep Cherokee service shifter issue is common in Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it’s a known issue with a technical service bulleting regarding the issue. Jeep Cherokee owners will get a ding sound, a service shifter message (“Service shifter” warning indicator) displayed on their cluster, and their cluster lights will illuminate red (Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)).

If this happens to you, an easy fix includes stopping your Jeep Cherokee, turning off the engine, and then restarting, the error message will disappear, and we recommend taking your Jeep Cherokee to the dealer for diagnostic.

Why Is My Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Light On?

Various factors, including a bad shifter, PRNDM Bezel, shift bezel electrical harness, software-related problems, faulty electronic wiring to the shifter or brake lights, grounding issues, outdated software, or shifting quality issues in a Jeep Cherokee are some of the reported issues that can trigger a Jeep Cherokee service shifter error.

Potential solutions to address Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Error issues include updating the software, inspecting and repairing the shifter wiring, and resolving any problems with the brake lights. Consulting a professional mechanic is recommended for accurate diagnosis and appropriate solutions tailored to the specific concerns of the Jeep Cherokee.

Some of the most affected Jeep Cherokee models affected by the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter issue include:

2016Cherokee 75th Anniversary Edition
2015-2018Cherokee Latitude
2018Cherokee Latitude Plus
2015-2018Cherokee Limited
2016-2018Cherokee Overland
2015-2017Cherokee Sport
2015-2018Cherokee Trailhawk

Our experience with the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter

We experienced a service shifter problem when Overlanding in our Jeep Cherokee; first was the ding sound, followed by the service shifter message and the warning lights; we stopped the Jeep and used an OB22 scanner to diagnose the problem, we used the OBDLink MX+ link below to check for the code errors.

These were the errors that we got after scanning our Jeep Cherokee

Error CodeDescription
U1465-00Implausible Driver Shift Request Signal Received
P1C86-1DPRNDL Display – Circuit Current Out of Range

We called our mechanic, who confirmed the errors we got from OBDLink MX+, he said that this is a common issue and we have to replace the PRNDM shift bezel. Since we were replacing the PRNDM shift bezel, we had to replace the shift bezel electrical harness, too; we were advised if we replace the parts, we must make sure Dielectric grease is applied to the electrical connectors of the harness before reassembly.

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How We Picked and Tested

We recommend the OBDLink MX+ based on the pros and cons highlighted above. We bought various Jeep OBD2 scanners to test them on our Jeeps, and the OBDLink MX+ was one of the most reviewed and highly rated Jeep OBD2 scanners on Amazon.

How much did fixing Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Error cost?

The cause of the Jeep service shifter problem on our Jeep Cherokee was a bad PRNDM shift bezel which requires the shift bezel electrical harness to be replaced, too, we ordered the two parts from Mopar Online Parts, and the Shifter Bezel  (5YD27LS5AA) did cost us $105.66.

replacing our Jeep Cherokee PRNDM shift bezel to fix the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter issue

The shift bezel electrical harness (68413957AA) cost us $13.61, bringing the total to $119.27 for the parts. Our mechanic, who is skilled in Jeep electrical and body systems, replaced the parts at $50, bringing the total cost of fixing the service shifter problem to $169.27; the whole process took him 0.4 hours to fix the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter problem.

Our Jeep Cherokee shift bezel electrical harness that we replaced when fixing Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter issue

Here is a video by MotorCity Mechanic showing how to replace the 2015-2018 Jeep Cherokee PRNDM shift bezel:

It’s important to note that when ordering the parts, the bezel PN depends on your trim level; we recommend making sure you know which is the right bezel PN depending on your trim level for your Jeep Cherokee trim.

To narrow down your research, here are the parts not required and match them with your Jeep Cherokee trim:

Part No.Description
5YD27XSAAA (AR)LHD-PRNDM BEZEL (Silver Anodized)
5YD28XSAAA (AR)RHD-PRNDM BEZEL (Silver Anodized)

For the Jeep Grand Cherokee, these are the parts required based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee trim:

Part No.Description
04670682AGESM, Lower Shifter
68253107ACESM, PRNDM (Base model)
68286830ADESM, PRNDM (SRT model)

How To Fix the Service Shifter Message on A Jeep Cherokee?

Now that you have learned what we did to fix our Jeep Cherokee service shifter problems, we contacted other Jeep Cherokee owners who have owned their Jeep Cherokee for more than five years and have, in one way or another, experienced the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter issue and how they fixed the problem.

ESM Lost Communication With TCM

Most of the respondents told us they got the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter after their ESM Lost Communication With TCM, the ESM connects with the shifter, and you can easily find it under the cup holder of your Jeep Cherokee, unfortunately after fixing the ESM, you will need to flash both ESM and TCM after replacement.

Their Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter issue was caused by ESM’s Lost Communication with TCM, which can be narrowed down further to Faulty Transmission Control Module (TCM), Transmission Control Module (TCM) harness being open or shorted, Transmission Control Module (TCM) circuit poor electrical connection, or Faulty Electronic Shift Module (ESM).

Suppose this happens to be the case with our Jeep Cherokee. In that case, we recommend visually inspecting the TCM wiring harness and the connectors looking for damaged components of the Transmission Control Module, which might be dirty, broken, corroded, bent, or pushed out; you should also visually inspect the wiring-shifter jumper connectors pins and socket.

The OBDLink MX+ will give you the following error codes if your ESM has lost communication with TCM.

Error CodeDescription
U1465-00Implausible Driver Shift Request Signal Received
U1466-00Implausible Driver Shift Request Signal Received on DPT CAN
U1267-00No Valid Data from ESM On CAN-C or CAN-DPT


We have summarized the meaning of the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Error, symptoms, possible causes, and fixes of the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter issue; the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter red light means that you will need to drive to the dealer or a Jeep electronic specialized mechanic since you could be having shifter problems in your Jeep Cherokee.

Potential causes of Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter warning message and light include a faulty shifter bezel, bad electronic wiring including fuses and grounding, damaged shift bezel electrical harness, or malfunctioning lights.

To diagnose and fix the issue, we recommend visually inspecting the TCM wiring harness and the connectors, followed by computer checks. You can also use an OB2 scanner such as OBDLink MX+, most of the error codes related to the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter will need you to replace the shifter bezel and its wiring harness.

We highly recommend seeking help from a trained mechanic if you consider DIY Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter solutions since you might need flashing both ESM and TCM after replacement.

You can drive with the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter warning, but we highly recommend using this opportunity to address the issue promptly by driving to a dealer or reputable mechanic near you; the cost of fixing the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter issue might cost you anything between $150 to $1,000 depending on the problem at hand, Jeep warranty coverage might apply.

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