How to clean Jeep soft top windows?

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If you own a Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, JK, JL, or JT with a soft top, we will show you how to clean Jeep soft top windows without scratching them, we will also show you how to restore Jeep soft windows in case they have scratches on them.

Jeep soft-top window cleaning and restoration is a delicate process, soft-top windows are easy to scratch when cleaning them, and we will also show them how to fix Jeep soft-top window scratches.

How to clean Jeep soft top windows

What are Jeep soft top windows made of?

Jeep soft-top windows are made of plastic or vinyl, while the soft-top cover is made of Polyester, cotton, or cotton sateen. Understanding what your Jeep soft top window is made of is crucial to determine the dos and don’ts of the elements that make up a Jeep soft top.

You have to clean and maintain your Jeep soft top to ensure they will last, despite the soft being made of heavy-duty and weather-proof materials over time, they take a beating from the sun, rain, snow, wind, and dirt. Therefore, knowing how to clean and restore Jeep soft top windows will ensure you have your Jeep with soft top windows looking good for years to come.

How do you clean Jeep’s soft top windows without scratching?

 To clean Jeep soft top windows, you will need a cleaner and a protectant, you will also need a soft terry cloth or cotton rag to clean and dry your soft top windows, and a bucket full of water.

Best cleaner for Jeep soft top windows

We recommend Bestop cleaners and protectants because they will save you a lot in terms of money, and will do a great job compared to other types of cleaners, not only is the Bestop cleaner the best cleaner for Jeep soft top windows, you will use the Bestop cleaners and protectants to clean your Jeep soft top windows, Soft top Cover, tonneaus, Bikini tops, and other fabric accessories in your Jeep.

We recommend buying a Bestop cleaner and protectant combo pack, it’s a kit with all the accessories you will need to clean your Jeep soft top.

Step-by-step process on cleaning Jeep soft top windows.

Here is a step-by-step process of cleaning Jeep soft top windows, the whole process will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

  1. Remove any build-up dust using a Vacuum cleaner, if your vacuum cleaner has a soft brush nozzle, use it to clean between the windows and the fabric cover.
  2. Dip your soft terry cloth or cotton rag into the bucket full of water, and use it to dab both sides of your soft top windows without applying pressure.
  3. Lather up your soft top Windows: After getting both sides of your Jeep Soft top windows wet, you will need to add the Bestop Jeep Cleaner to the bucket of water and use the water to clean the windows with your soft terry cloth or cotton rag.
  4. Rinse & Dry: Get another soft terry cloth or cotton rag to wipe the soft top windows, don’t apply pressure on the windows, you just need to dab the cloth or cotton rag on the windows.
  5. After the windows are dry, apply the protectant to your clean cloth or cotton rag, and apply it on both sides of your Jeep soft top windows.

Top tip! When cleaning your Jeep soft top windows, make sure you remove the dirt and grime between the windows and the fabric cover, you can use a soft brush to clean the seams of the soft top windows and the fabrics, you don’t need to be too hard on it. We also recommend using lukewarm water.

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning Jeep soft top windows.

Now that you have learned the best way to clean your Jeep soft top windows, and the materials you will need in the cleaning process, we will show you some of the silly mistakes people do when cleaning their Jeep soft top windows, making them foggy, yellow of getting scratches on them:

Here are the mistakes you should avoid when you clean Jeep soft top windows:

  1. Avoid using too much pressure when washing or wiping your Jeep soft top windows, applying too much pressure when cleaning your Jeep soft top windows will get them scratched and may cause damage to the seams connecting your soft top windows and the fabric covers.
  2. Don’t clean your Jeep soft-top windows with a stiff and brittle brush, this will cause scratches to your easy-to-scratch plastic or vinyl soft-top windows.
  3. Don’t use WD40 cleaners, they are meant to clean ceramics not plastic or vinyl, other high-density cleaners such as varnish removers and white spirits should be avoided.
  4. Do not use bleach to clean your Jeep soft top windows.
  5. Do not use scouring pads to clean your Jeep soft top windows.
  6. When using multi-purpose Vinyl or plastic leaners, do not use too much of it.

Most people use their home cleaning detergents to clean their Jeep soft top windows, as this seems natural, however, they may do more harm than good. You made a costly investment when you purchased a Jeep with soft-top windows, and now you have to commit to maintaining and cleaning them.

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