Best JK Lift Kit For 35 Inch Tires In 2023

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To help you add clearance and height to your Jeep JK with 35 inch tires we have reviewed some of the best JK Lift kit for 35 inch tires available in the market today.

Jeeps come trail-rated from the factory, however, when you need to upgrade to 35-inch tires on a Jeep JK you will need a 2 or 2 and ½-inch lift kit to enhance your jeep’s performance and style. We recommend a 2 or a 2.5-inch lift kit with 35 inches tires for improved street handling, and full suspension articulation on off-road trails.

If your goal is to install 35s-inch tires on a Jeep JK to give it a tougher beefier look, and you are just staying on the road, you can get away with installing a lift kit, however, if you want to hit the trails occasionally you will need a lift kit to solve clearance issues and rubbing of the tires on the fender flare, especially on the rear of your Jeep JK which we have noted on our Jeep JK with Stock Lift, you will also notice some rubbing on the front bumper and the body of the Jeep JK.

Why Do You Need A JK Lift Kit When Using 35-Inch Tires?

When using a bigger set of tires such as 35s on your Jeep JK you will need a lift kit to go off-road and on-road without clearance issues, getting a lift will also help you solve rubbing issues with 35s on the Jeep body in the rear wheels. If you have 13, 14, or 15 wide tires you will have rubbing issues on your Jeep JK.

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Which Lift Kit Should You Buy?

Best JK lift kit for 35 Inch Tires

The type of lift kit you should buy for your Jeep JK depends on the application of the lift kit, do you need a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit? A Jeep JK for a daily driver who hits the trails occasionally with 35s we recommend a suspension lift kit.

A Jeep JK suspension lift will improve road performance, provide room for your 35-inch tires, and increase ground clearance under the frame.

We have reviewed and comprised the best JK lift kit for 35 Inch Tires available in the market. Find out all about our top lift kits below and choose the one that suits your lift needs and wants.

Best JK Lift Kit For 35 Inch Tires

Things To Look For When Buying The Best JK Lift Kit For 35 Inch Tires

2.5-inch lift with 35-inch tires on a Jeep Wrangler
2.5-inch lift with 35-inch tires on a Jeep Wrangler

Jeep JK 2- or 2.5-inch lift kit Installation Costs.

The installation costs of a 2- or 2.5-inch JK lift kit (Spacer lift) are between $200-$400 and the cost of a 2- or 2.5-inch JK lift kit (With Shocks and Coils) installations ranges from $350-$500 installed in a legit Garage.

Jeep JK Body Lift

A Jeep JK body lift is as simple as unbolting the Jeep JK body mount, jacking up your Jeep JK one side at a time, and replacing them with Jeep JK body lift mounts.

Jeep JK Suspension Lift

A Jeep JK suspension lift kit of 2 or 2.5 inches combined with 35 inches allows us not to lift our Jeep high and also keeps our Jeep JK center of gravity low, a 2 or 2.5 suspension kit gives our Jeep style and performance enhanced. We normally install high-quality shocks that offer the most amount of travel per shock.

A Suspension lift replaces your Jeep JK springs and shocks increasing your ride height, in case you have 35s on your Jeep JK a suspension lift will solve rubbing issues and also enhance your jeep performance off-road.

Jeep JK Leveling Kits

Leveling kits in general lift the Jeep, you can choose to level your jeep JK in the front or the back. For a Jeep JK we recommend 2 or 2 and ½ – when buying leveling kits to get that desired ground clearance without issues when using a 35-inch tire, you should know that leveling kits don’t come with extra components which you have to buy yourself.

Leveling kits normally retail at $150 to $200 depending on the brand and additional components. We normally take 3-4 hours to install a Jeep JK leveling kit with just some basic tools depending on the brand, some brands require us to remove the whole suspension system and some are easier to install.

In case you are interested in learning how to Install the best JK lift kit for 35 Inch Tires, watch this:


This sums up our list of the Best JK lift kit for 35 Inch Tires available in the market today. This is a comprehensive guide for both beginners and experts in need of a Lift kit for their JK with 35 inches tires, we have mentioned the problems you are likely to face with not lifting and how a lift kit will solve these problems we have also highlighted some of the best lift kit sizes you will need on your Jeep JK with 35 inches tires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I lift my Jeep JK?

You should upgrade your Jeep JK if you have replaced your stock tires with 33, 35s, and 37 tires. You should also Lift your Jeep JK if you plan to hit off the trails. Lifting your Jeep JK allows your Jeep JK to have enough ground clearance, and suspension travel and also fit your 33-, 35s- and 37-inches tires without rubbing issues. Some people also install lift kits on their Jeep JK just because they like the beefy structure of a lifted Jeep JK.

What size lift do you need with 35-inch tires on a Jeep?

On our Jeep JK we stall lift kits ranging from 2 to 2.5 inches when we upgrade to 35 inches tires, this is to solve the common issues that happen with 35 on stock lift such as rubbing issues on the body of the Jeep and fenders, especially on the rear wheel when off-road. On a Jeep JK, we normally use 2.5 inches lift kits when using 35 inches tires.

Does lifting a Jeep cause problems?

Lifting a Jeep doesn’t cause any issues when you use a good lift size, we recommend using 2- and 2.5-inches lift kits on a daily driver Jeep, raising your Jeep too high will cause your Jeep will cause you jeep to have a rough drive, this is because there will be vibration in the drive line caused by the shortened wheelbase caused by improper pinion angles. The taller the lift kit used the more you will experience such issues.

Can I run 35s on stock JK rims?

Yes, you can install 35 inches on stock JK rims if your Jeep JK doesn’t leave the pavement, however, if your Jeep hits off-road you will experience rubbing issues on the control arms and the fenders.

Is 2-inch lift enough for 35-inch tires?

Yes, 2 inches lift kits are enough for a solid front axle suspension of a Jeep JK on 35 inches tires, we recommend getting a 2-inch suspension lift in case you want to hit the trails on the weekends to avoid rubbing issues.

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