Top 5 fishing rod holders for Jeeps

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We have listed some of the best fishing rod holders for Jeeps that you will find stocked online, and also offer guidance, explained mounting options, and explained some of the types of Jeep fishing pole holders to help you narrow down your search.

I grew up fishing in California, particularly in Clearlake, California’s largest inland lake, with most of its shore lined with docks, pilings, piers, and other man-made, fish-attracting structures, being a Jeep enthusiast and a Jeep Wrangler owner, I have owned various fishing rod holders for Jeep Wrangler. I use a hard case that I mount on the back bumper of my Jeep when off-roading to the lake for fishing.

We have listed some of the best Jeep fishing pole holders on this post that you can purchase on Amazon.

Jeep fishing rod holder

Different Types of Jeep Rod Holders

There are two types of rod holders available for your Jeep, they include enclosed cases and open racks rod holders secured with some clamps or straps on your Jeep.

Enclosed Cases Jeep Rod Holders.

Enclosed cases Jeep Rod holders offer the best protection for your fishing rods, you can buy Enclosed Cases Jeep Rod Holders with separate compartments for each fishing rod or a single fishing rod, they are often internally padded to protect the fishing rods when transporting them to your favorite fishing destination and to protect them from the weather.

Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier is one example of Enclosed Cases Jeep Rod Holders that you can buy for your Jeep, the best thing about Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier is that you can mount it on the rooftop f your Jeep, from or back side bumper, and at the back of your Jeep. It protects your expensive fishing rods and has a locking mechanism in case to prevent your fishing rods from falling off when transporting them.

However, the Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier is expensive, and it’s not easily removed after mounting it, and it’s a good option for frequent fishing trips. The weight of the fishing rod is 51 lbs. and can fit at least four fishing rods.

We recommend Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier because of its added security; you can lock the fishing rod holder on your Jeep with a cable lock or padlock (not included).

The cheapest option for Enclosed Cases Jeep Rod Holders is the RiverSmith 2-Banger Rooftop Fly Rod Holder, which is made of aluminum, unlike the Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier that holds four rods, the RiverSmith 2-Banger Rooftop Fly Rod Holder holds two rods.

It’s good for solo anglers and a good option if you go fishing with your partner or fishing buddy. RiverSmith Enclosed Cases Jeep Rod Holders have one door with one lock included in the package, the Fishing Rod Carrier offers two compartments for your fishing rods to prevent them from bumping into each other when transporting them, you can mount the RiverSmith 2-Banger Rooftop Fly Rod Holder on top of your Jeep roof carrier.

If you don’t have a roof rack, check out our guide on the best low-profile roof rack for your Jeep.

Open Racks Jeep Rod Holders.

Open Racks Jeep Rod Holders are the most common fishing pole holders for Jeep Wrangler, they come in different configurations and styles including flush mounted, removable, and clamp-on and they are less expensive compared to enclosed cases Jeep rod holders.

The major downside of open racks Jeep fishing pole holders is that they expose your fishing rods to weather, or each other when transporting them to your fishing destination. The reason we put this guide together is to help you choose the best Jeep fishing rod holder that you can mount on different locations in your Jeep, including some of the Jeep fishing rod holders that can fit inside of your Jeep.

Hitch Mounted Jeep Rod Holders

If you have a Jeep Gladiator, we would recommend the Jeep hitch-mounted fishing rod holder, this is a rod holder mounted on the Jeep hitch receiver of your Jeep Gladiator bed.

Extreme Max 3005.4275 Aluminum Pivoting Fishing Rod Holder is one of the best Jeep gladiator fishing rod holders that can be mounted on the trail rail system of your Jeep Gladiator, that’s the advantage a Jeep Gladiator owner has, being a Jeep gladiator owner gives you additional options to mount your fishing rods, for example, if you have a bed rack, you can opt for Enclosed Cases Jeep Rod Holders highlighted above or removable and clamp on Jeep rod holders that we will highlight below.

Check out our list of the best Jeep Gladiator Bed Racks available on the market today.

Removable Jeep Rod Holders

Removable Jeep rod holders can be mounted to any vertical surface on your Jeep, Jeep gladiator owners can mount them on their bed racks or trail rail system. They are easily removed and are good for occasional fishing trips. The disadvantage of removable Jeep rod holders is that they lack the strength to hold your fishing rods but provide a quick and easy way to mount your fishing rods on your Jeep.

Clamp-On Jeep Rod Holders

Clamp-on Jeep fishing rod holders are common with Jeep Gladiator owners, they can easily mount clamp-on rod holders on their trail rail system and bed racks, the advantage of clamp Jeep rod holders is that you don’t have to drill anything on your Jeep, they simply clamp on roof racks, bed racks, and trail rail system.

Clamp-On Jeep Rod Holders can be removed or relocated based on the location you need them to be, we recommend clamp-on Jeep rod holders for casual fishing outings with your fishing buddies.

Jeep fishing rod holder buying guide.

A Jeep offers many options to mount your fishing rod holders, however, to get the most performance and properly secure your fishing set-up you will need to know your Jeep model and the location you will need to mount your fishing rods before you purchase a Jeep fishing pole holder.

You will need to find easily accessible areas on your Jeep that are free from any obstructions, you should also make sure you understand how many fishing rods you would like your Jeep fishing rod holder to hold and transport, and the type of surfaces available on your Jeep, if you have a bed rack, roof rack, from or back bumper that you can mount your fishing rods holders.

You should ensure that the mounting placement of the Jeep fishing rod holders offers enough spacing between the fishing rods to prevent the fishing rods from bumping into each other when transporting them on your Jeep.

Mounting the fishing rods on your Jeep is simple and easy when you plan, we have provided this Jeep fishing rod holder buying guide to equip you with basic knowledge on various fishing rod mounting options and types of fishing rods available for your Jeep. Buying fishing rod holders for Jeeps is an inexpensive upgrade that brings real value to your Jeep and fishing experience.


Jeep fishing rod holders are often overlooked yet one of the most extremely useful Jeep accessories you will need if you go fishing in your favorite lakes and rivers. There are different types of fish rod holders available for your Jeep, and buying the right Jeep fishing rod holder will keep your Jeep organized and also secure your fishing rods when transporting them.

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