Best Shocks for Stock Jeep JK

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Looking for the best shocks for stock Jeep JK? We have got the lowdown on your best options to improve your off-road experience.

What you need is an entry-level or a budget boost suspension kit that offers about 1.5-2 inches lift, and provides additional height for the necessary ground clearance.

Buying Guide: The best shocks for stock Jeep JK are designed to offer 0-2 inches of additional lift, the shocks in this list offer an additional lift compared to your stock shocks, and accommodate the added height given to the springs, they also offer a comfortable ride and articulation when off-roading. For we have a more detailed buying guide after the review to help you make informed buying decisions on the best shocks for stock Jeep JK.

We have tested all the shocks in this list, and will only give you an honest review of our experiences using them, what we hate and like about each product and our verdict.

So, let’s find you some of the best shocks for stock Jeep JK

Best Shocks for Stock Jeep JK

Top 3 shocks for stock Jeep JK

Rancho RS5000X for Jeep JK

  • Ride quality is identical to that of the factory.
  • High-quality original
  • The price point is reasonable

Bilstein 5100 Series for Jeep JK

  • Endurance and comfort are integrated in a way that is unrivaled.
  • Structure of high quality
  • For the specified function, it covers all four shocks.

FOX Performance Series

  • Off-road performance has improved immensely.
  • Structure of high grade
  • All four corners are covered.

Best Shocks for Stock Jeep JK

In this review we are going to cover only the high-performance versions of shock absorbers available in the market, there are a lot of options that aren’t here, we have only reviewed the best shocks we have installed and tested on our stock Jeep Wrangler JK.

What are the best shocks for stock Jeep JK?

Rancho RS5000X for Jeep JK

Off-road performance is incredibly smooth, and the shocks are reasonably priced, despite being primarily designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

We installed the Rancho RS5000X on our Jeep JK, however, we had to clear coat them since we realized they had a thin coat of paint over them, they soak up bumps better than the stock shocks on a Jeep JK, they are also not harsh when cornering. Installing the Rancho RS5000X on our Jeep JK was one of the major improvements we have done to our Jeep JK, the Rancho RS5000X is easy to install on a Jeep JK, and you don’t need to change settings on different terrains.

Looking to enhance your off-roading adventures even more? Check out our related guides on the Rancho rs7000mt review

We recommend the Rancho RS5000X for your stock JK, and the price is a Grab based on the performance of the shocks and the features these shocks provide.

Rancho RS5000X on Jeep JK
Rancho RS5000X on Jeep JK


Primarily designed to resist severe temperatures
Off-road performance is incredibly smooth, and the shocks are reasonably priced.


The paint has a tendency to fade soon.

Bilstein 5100 Series for Jeep JK

The installation process is straightforward and user-friendly. Fits perfectly on the Jeep Wrangler JK. Long-lasting structure.

We have the Bilstein 5100 Series installed on our Jeep with a 2 inches lift, and they are comfortable and sturdy. The Jeep is used as a daily driver and occasionally hit offroad trails with it. On the pavement the Jeep JK handles great and cornering is not an issue, compared with the Rancho RS5000X they are much firmer than the Rancho RS5000X series shocks.

 We recommend the Bilstein 5100 Series for daily driver Jeep JK, if you plan to add on some aev springs and much bigger tires, the Bilstein 5100 Series is a great option.

Bilstein 5100 Series for Jeep JK
Bilstein 5100 Series for Jeep JK


Installation is simple and user-friendly. Perfect fit for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Durable, long-lasting structure


They’re not as comfortable as you’d think, they offer the same damping capabilities as the factory shocks

Bilstein 4600 Series for Jeep JK

Installation is simple and does not necessitate the use of any professional tools. Handle uneven terrain with ease while maintaining vehicle stability and an eye-catching, trendy appearance.

No products found.

The Jeep JK factory shocks are similar to the Bilstein 4600 Series shocks and offer the same damping capabilities, we didn’t notice any difference after upgrading to the Bilstein 4600 Series from the factory shocks.

If you are experiencing off-road shocks with the factory shocks of the Jeep JK we don’t recommend upgrading to the Bilstein 4600 Series as they offer similar rides and damping. If your Jeep JK factory shocks are worn out and you are normal on pavement, you can go ahead and purchase Bilstein 4600 Series shocks for your Jeep JK.

Bilstein 4600 Series on Jeep JK
Bilstein 4600 Series on Jeep JK


Installation is simple and does not require any professional tools. Handle uneven terrain with ease and maintain vehicle stability, as well as an eye-catching, trendy look.


The bushings that come with the kit are a waste and you will have to purchase quality ones.

FOX Performance Series for Jeep JK

They have excellent on and off-road performance and superb ride quality on any terrain; they also have a cutting-edge heat dissipation technique.

What we love about the FOX Performance Series for our Jeep JK is that they are rebuildable, When we experienced poor performance we called a shocks expert and he had them rebuild for us, this saved on expenses of buying new shocks.

FOX Performance Series on Jeep JK.
FOX Performance Series on Jeep JK.


Excellent on and off-road performance and offer a Superb ride quality on any terrain, they also have a Heat dissipation technique that is cutting-edge


They are difficult to install because some of the nuts are difficult to screw in.

Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Series

They perform admirably on difficult terrain, have above-average nitrogen and oil capacity, and are constructed of premium aluminum materials.

Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir is one of the best shocks on the market, we use these shocks when we want to heavily abuse our Jeep JK, they are made to withstand heavy damping for your Jeep JK. Despite being difficult to install and maintain, we recommend them for the following reasons:

  1. They offer great heat disbursement, this is because there is more hydraulic oil on the shocks that helps with heat disbursement, they also have aluminum bodies that also help in the disbursement of heat.
  2. You can also service the Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Series shocks with just some specialized tools and can offer more customization options by playing around with different valves to match the spring rates.

We recommend the Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Series shocks since we are very happy with them on our Jeep JK, just make sure you mount them well and keep the reservoirs protected.

Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Series
Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Series


They have excellent performance on difficult terrain, have above-average nitrogen & oil capacity, and are made of premium aluminum materials.


Concerns about quality control

Jeep JK Shock Absorbers Buying Guide.

Users upgrading their stock Jeep JK are mostly first-timers to Jeep upgrades, we recommend you buy the correct kind of shocks that are designed and tested on the Jeep JK, there are three kinds of shocks that you can install on your Jeep JK depending on your budget, needs and performance requirements. They include Standard shocks, Gas shocks, automatic level control shocks, air shocks, and overload shocks.

We will highlight each type of shock so that you can make an informed decision regarding the best shocks for stock Jeep JK.

Gas shocks on Jeep JK.

When it comes to gas shocks on Jeep JK, we prefer mono-tube gas shocks over twin-tube shocks, this is because the Jeep JK is made to be abused on off-road terrains when upgrading from stock shocks, mono-tube shocks are a better option.

Gas shocks however appear stiff to some Jeep JK drivers, that’s why there are different gas shocks differentiated using deflective disc valving methods, that improve the quality of your Jeep JK ride. When installing Gas shocks, most Jeep JK Shock builds have adjusted compression, rebound, and bleed circuits.

The reason we don’t recommend twin-tube gas shocks for the Jeep JK to newbies, despite them being good for daily driving Jeep JK, Twin tube gas shocks offer poor performance when subjected to off-road terrains, and they tend to cavitate much quicker than monotube gas shocks.

Standard shocks on Jeep JK.

The dampening provided by standard shocks is provided by the valving system and is adjustable with a spanner wrench for changing the rebound and compression of the shocks.

As we have mentioned in the Gas shocks regarding the twin-tube shocks, they are a good definition of standard shocks, they define how the standard shock works, and how the standard gas shock works by forcing the piston within the shock absorber, the problem with this a standard shock, air bubbles can be forced down into it when this happens, hydraulic oil flows into the orifices decreasing the performance of the standard shock.

Standard shocks are just basic shocks with no special features, they last for about 100k miles. If you are looking to upgrade your stock Jeep JK shocks we don’t recommend going for standard shocks.

Heavy-duty shocks on Jeep JK.

Heavy-duty shocks are mainly purchased by Jeep JK owners who are going to carry heavy loads in their Jeep JK, this is because they have a very stiff ride until a heavy load is applied to them. If you are frequently off-roading with all your gears in the Jeep JK and they increase the weight of your Jeep, we would recommend you go for heavy-duty shocks on your Jeep JK.

The reason we don’t recommend heavy-duty shocks on a daily driver Jeep JK is that they will offer a stiff ride, Heavy-duty shocks are made with larger center-shafts, beefed-up attachment points, and larger diameter shocks, these features make heavy-duty shocks stiff, and soft when there is a heavy load applied to your Jeep JK.

Automatic level control shocks on Jeep JK.

Also called self-leveling shock absorbers, these Shocks are a new breed in the shock absorbers catalogs, they make use of the mechanical energy generated during the first stages of movement, and adjust themselves accordingly. They also level the Jeep JK based on the load.

We have had self-leveling shocks on our Jeep JK, after a while we noticed various effects of the shocks that we think you should know, the first issue we encountered is the accelerated wearing of our Jeep JK tires, the tires would wear out much faster and uneven, we also noticed an increase of fuel use due to the automated changes in aerodynamics provided by self-leveling shocks, and lastly based on research is that the self-leveling shocks tend to strain the axle.

The increased expenses are the only challenges we have faced with self-leveling shock absorbers, if you don’t mind them, well automatic level control shocks on your Jeep JK will offer a luxurious ride.

Air shocks on Jeep JK.

Air shocks are old-school mods, however newer air shocks manufactured lately offer automated control features, that air is added to the shocks in order to dampen your Jeep JK. We have never installed air shocks on our Jeep JK, and therefore we don’t have any experiences to share regarding air shocks, just wanted you guys to know they exist, thou we have never used them.

Overland shocks on Jeep JK.

Overland shocks are also known as coil-over shocks, we have installed them on our Jeep JK, they are one of the shocks we install on our Jeeps, and they have a spring coil fitted outside the shock cylinder.

Overland shocks are common on rock crawlers and off-roaders that stiffen the reflex action of the shocks.

Jeep Expert Guide: Overland shocks are not a buy-and-install type of shocks, they require trials and errors to get the perfect valving of the spring rates. For a daily driver, we don’t recommend overland shocks, but stock-style coil springs, if you are comfortable with a bit of welding go for it!


Buying the best shocks for stock jeep JK can be a daunting task because there is a wide range of high-performance shock absorbers in the market for your Jeep JK/JKU. We recommend only high-performance shock absorbers we have installed and tested because as off-roaders we understand that shocks are a vital component of your Jeep JK suspension system.

Shocks on your Jeep JK are designed to absorb the rebounding energy generated by your suspension springs, they maintain a flat ride for the driver and his passengers, as it absorbs the shock in uneven terrain.

Some aftermarket shock absorbers not on this list have a hard time keeping your stock Jeep Wrangler JK steady when off-roading, this is especially true when you have upgraded your tires to 33s or 35s, and they will mess the quality of your ride.

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